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  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Ship PTF for WXS

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Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale     *
    *                 V8.6.0.1 for z/OS.                           *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: APAR PM82267 addresses various defects  *
    *                      in IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale V8.6.0.1 *
    *                      z/OS.                                   *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    APAR PM82267 fixes various defects in IBM WebSphere eXtreme
    Scale V8.6.0.1 for z/OS.
    APAR    Description
    ------- --------------------------------------------------------
    PM82429   WXS client Authentication issue with
    PM77861 After application server failover, HTTP session
            binding listeners might not be called back properly.
    PM77948 The TargetNotAvailableException exception
            occurs when you set the RequestRetryTimeout
            value to 0 and use COPY_TO_BYTES.
    PM78407 The HTTP session creation time WebSphere
            eXtreme Scale is incorrect after
            application server failover.
    PM78385 When entries of object properties are
            removed with the ClientSecurityConfigurationFactory.
    PM77540 Session creation within a data grid agent
            causes an exception and a client timeout
            when data grid security is enabled.
    PM79085 Startup failures may be seen when using
            very large topologies.
    PM77477 The xscmd command might not connect
            if one of the catalogs is unavailable, even
            with multiple catalog endpoints defined.
    PM80587 The xscmd command, -c showMapSizes, does not
            retrieve all addresses.
    PM80450 Query data grid console shows the first
            50 characters of a key and truncates the rest.
    PM77272 The command, xscmd -c suspendBalancing, which
            is used to suspend balancing is not working correctly.
    PM77266 A workspace conflict causes containers to not start.
    PM77856 Reduce synchronization for HTTP sessions that have
            been retrieved from the remote data grid to
            eliminate deadlocks.
    PM77443 The management concentrator does not remove
            listeners on closed or failed JMX connections.
    PM77893 Orphan threads are not cleaned up after stopping
            the server with the ServerFactory.stopServer() method.
    PM78395 An OptionalDataException is seen while running a
            query against a liberty server.
    PM78397 Unnecessary synchronization limits XC10 performance.
    PM78414 .NET Client non-English messages are not
            displayed in non-English environment.
    PM78470 ClassnotfoundException on the channel framework
            when running client with third party JDK.
    PM78492 SpecialKeys are displayed for dynacache grids when
           using XIO.
    PM78825 ObjectMap output format is ignored by HashIndex
            find methods when XDF is enabled.
    PM78827 When an unsigned 64-bit integer is used within
            a class in a C# application an FFDC record
            is generated.
    PM78841 Monitor console is slow to retrieve statistics.
    PM78867 Embedded catalogs and remote standalone WXS
            containers using XIO receive catalog service
            endpoints with a port of 0 defined.
    PM78869 Running xscmd -c showNotificationHistory
            command against a list of catalog servers
             may result in inconsistent message results.
    PM78875 When using COPY_TO_BYTES CopyMode and eXtremeIO,
            both serialization plug-ins are available
            on the BackingMap.
    PM78876 ObjectMap.clear() API or agent calls in a
            client located in the same JVM as the
            container server, timeouts may occur.
    PM78878 xscmd -c showReplicationState  stops
            returning data when a container is dropped.
    PM78936 Running XIO with COPY_TO_BYTES map fails with
            assertionerror when using map collections
            with the -ea JVM argument.
    PM78938 Users are required to provide more security
            parameters than should be required.
    PM78945 Application may get stale data from
            MapGlobalIndex API because the global index
            update process is default to asynchronous.
    PM78950 An XS catalog server throws java.Io.IOException
            in remote JMX listener during startup, while
            continuing to process requests.
    PM79151 When using XIO and COPY_TO_BYTES the readobject
            method the readobject method is not invoked.
    PM79165 Access Denied exception running XIO and Security
            enabled on WAS85 WXS clients.
    PM79166 Catalog server will not start up on 8600 cf1
           after rolling upgrade from 8503 to 8600 cf1.
    PM79168 XC10 upgraded mixed collective fails to initialize.
    PM79169 xscmd -c showmapsizes is not working with XIO
            on Liberty.
    PM79276 Import/export conflicts between traditional
            WAS packages provided by WXS and packages
            provided by Liberty.
    PM79317 xscmd -c showReplicationState command not
            returning data after inserting for over
            20 minutes when security is enabled.
    PM79338 The file channel-outbound.Xml or
           channel.Xs.Xsd was not loaded properly.
    PM79445 Time-to-live eviction fails when you change
            the time-to-live value from no timeout to
            having a timeout.
    PM80420 Using AdminTasks scripting to configure
            catalog service domains may cause catalog
            servers to not appear started.
    PM81026 ClassNotFoundException hides original exception
            when using XIO transport.
    PM81046 Write behind with MMR domains LoaderException,
            KeyNotFoundException with "delete over delete
            is not allowed"
    PM81177 Agent calls or use of the clear API hangs
            when AvailabilityException is expected for
            XIO transport.
    PM81179 With initial state set to preload the grid
            spends a short time in online state.
    PM81708 StateManager.getObjectGridState() fails
            with TargetNotAvailableException repeatedly.
    PM81901 Session run time fails to insert data into WXS
            grid for was 6.1.0.X embedded catalogs
            and containers.
    PM82120 xscmd -c showmapsizes fails to display data
            after session data is entered into grid with
            security enabled.
    PM82123 xscmd in Liberty is throwing the below
            error for every command.
    PM82129 Console monitor connects to catalogs but
            fails to display statistics when ORB
            ports are used.
    PM82133 Grid statemanager fails when called before
            grid is up.
    PM82135 When starting a catalog server with
            ObjectGrid trace, a NullPointerException
            will stop the catalog from coming up.
    PM82149 When starting catalog server cluster,
            it results in a ClassNotFoundException
            and the second server hangs.
    PM82148 Tracing in WXS+Liberty's xscmd tool does
            not work.
    PM82147 When running an app in same JVMas
            container/catalog, if a failure occurs,
            a reconnection may not happen.
    *** NOTE ***
    Additional information about the APARs listed above can be
    found in RETAIN or by using the APAR search facility located
    at URL:

Problem conclusion

  • APAR PM82267 fixes various defects in WebSphere eXtreme Scale
    for z/OS  V8.6.0.1.

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  • R860 PSY UK91526

       UP13/02/15 P F302

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More support for: WebSphere eXtreme Scale

Software version: 860

Reference #: PM82267

Modified date: 04 March 2013

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