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IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Fix Pack for all platforms.

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Notice: Please read the important information included in this document in the Known side effects section .

WebSphere Application Server Liberty content is provided as below: IBM HTTP Server and Web Server Plug-ins Announcement:
Support for using Java SE 6 with WebSphere Liberty ends in September 2017. See removal notice . After the end of support, the Liberty kernel will be recompiled and can no longer run with Java SE 6. If you continue to use Java SE 6 on earlier fix packs after the end of support date, you could expose your environment to security risks.

Java SE 8 is the recommended Java SDK because it provides the latest features and security updates.

A change introduced by this Fix Pack might negatively affect existing product function. Evaluate these APAR(s) for the potential impact in your environment. You can refer to the APAR(s) listed below for description of the problems as well as corrective actions. Last updated 06/12/2018.
APAR Impact Description
PI92764 Medium Message CWWKS3005E issued when a Federated repository is configured
PI93411 Medium Saving changes to member's configuration files via Admin Center's Server Config tool will get applied to the controller instead
PI94947 Medium Update of composite component within an ui:repeat does not work


WebSphere Application Server Liberty Fix Pack can be applied on any 8.5.5.x level or onwards.

IBM Installation Manager Version 1.8.5 or later is required to install Liberty

More Information

To check for status of the product and service repositories for Installation Manager, see this .

Installation Instructions

Detailed system requirements US English 100
Readme for Multiplatforms US English 100
Fix list for Application Server Liberty US English 100
SDK 8 Supporting Software US English 100
SDK 7.1 Supporting Software US English 100
Java SDK Versions by fix pack US English 100

Download Package

Archive packages
Archives with all features (JAR install) Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Liberty Core runtime environment and all Liberty features that apply to the edition All, except z/OS wlp-core-all-
Liberty (base) runtime environment and all Liberty features that apply to the edition All, except z/OS wlp-base-all-
Liberty Network Deployment runtime environment and all Liberty features that apply to the edition All, except z/OS wlp-nd-all-

Convenience ZIP files with Java™ EE 7 or OSGi applications (ZIP install) Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Liberty Kernel All, except z/OS
Liberty with Java EE 7 Web Profile All, except z/OS
Liberty with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 64-bit Linux PowerPC 64-bit Linux PPC
Liberty with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 64-bit Linux PowerPC Little Endian 64-bit Linux Power PC Little Endian
Liberty with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 64-bit Linux x86 64-bit Linux x86
Liberty with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 64-bit Linux on z 64-bit Linux on z
Liberty with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 64-bit Windows 64-bit Windows
Liberty with Java EE 7 Full Platform All, except z/OS
Liberty with Java EE 7 Application Client All, except z/OS
Liberty with OSGi Applications All, except z/OS

Edition-specific archives (JAR install) Instructions
Removal notice
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Liberty Core Runtime All, except z/OS wlp-core-runtime-
Liberty (base) Runtime All, except z/OS wlp-base-runtime-
Liberty Network Deployment Runtime All, except z/OS wlp-nd-runtime-
Liberty Express Runtime All, except z/OS wlp-express-runtime-
Liberty for Developers (IPLA) Runtime All, except z/OS wlp-developers-ipla-runtime-
Liberty Extended Programming Models All, except z/OS wlp-extended-
Liberty Extras All, except z/OS wlp-extras-
License upgrade archives Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Liberty Core License Upgrade All, except z/OS wlp-core-license.jar
Liberty (base) License Upgrade All, except z/OS wlp-base-license.jar
Liberty Network Deployment License Upgrade All, except z/OS wlp-nd-license.jar

Directory-based repository Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Directory-based Repository of Liberty Features and Addons (for offline use with installUtility) All

Cloud packages
OpenShift cartridge and Liberty Buildpack
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Liberty Buildpack Instructions Linux x86

Installation Manager packages
Local repository files for Installation Manager (IM) install Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Liberty Core All, except z/OS
Liberty (base) All, except z/OS
Liberty Network Deployment All, except z/OS
Liberty for z/OS z/OS
Liberty Web Enablement for IBM i IBM i
Liberty Express All, except z/OS
Liberty for Developers All, except z/OS
Liberty ILAN All, except z/OS

SDK packages

Known Side Effects

  • See Database changes for Java Batch in
  • There is a behavior change in from IBM SDK V8 SR4 FP10. With this release, the name of the ZipEntry instance returned from always ends with / for any zip directory entry. To revert to the previous behavior, set the system property to "false". See here for details.

Technical Support

Contact 1-800-IBM-SERV (U.S. only) or visit the WebSphere Application Server Support site

Problems (APARS) fixed
PI47094, PI48971, PI50018, PI52665, PI53319, PI53419, PI54746, PI54756, PI55373, PI56811, PI56315, PI56374, PI56819, PI56833, PI56919, PI57228, PI57255, PI59273, PI57488, PI57546, PI57567, PI61253, PI57951, PI58016, PI58080, PI58092, PI58155, PI58523, PI61175, PI58309, PI58310, PI58311, PI58316, PI58386, PI58426, PI59813, PI58457, PI58468, PI58692, PI58664, PI58918, PI58779, PI58800, PI58841, PI59004, PI61319, PI59010, PI61320, PI59123, PI59235, PI61321, PI61176, PI59415, PI59422, PI59436, PI59443, PI59320, PI59519, PI61177, PI59633, PI59640, PI59665, PI59677, PI61936, PI59757, PI59782, PI59818, PI59906, PI61322, PI61323, PI61178, PI60256, PI61324, PI60496, PI60749, PI62052, PI60781, PI60821, PI60837, PI60941, PI60966, PI61051, PI61906, PI61451, PI61371, PI61468, PI61400, PI62053, PI61621, PI61594, PI61622, PI61628, PI61971, PI61895, PI61807, PI62355, PI62013, PI62015, PI62022, PI62078, PI62155, PI62240, PI62385, PI62453, PI62450, PI60797, PI54666, PI51122, PI58920, PI59999, PI55889, PI52696, PI58029, PI55413, PI53321, PI54459, PI58875, PI59258, PI60769, PI61412, PI61592, PI61645, PI61651, PI63821, PI63709, PI63571, PI62639, PI64472, PI62640, PI62609, PI62626, PI62722, PI62392, PI67220, PI62861, PI66520, PI63135, PI63212, PI63471, PI65637, PI63520, PI63929, PI63436, PI63542, PI63871, PI64004, PI63930, PI63949, PI67388, PI66423, PI64065, PI64195, PI66522, PI64318, PI66992, PI64790, PI67093, PI64494, PI64714, PI64718, PI64823, PI64812, PI64806, PI64899, PI66523, PI66570, PI66524, PI65205, PI65456, PI65244, PI65337, PI65506, PI65412, PI67231, PI65658, PI65709, PI65716, PI65853, PI67221, PI66148, PI66150, PI67070, PI66993, PI67392, PI66354, PI66424, PI66628, PI66565, PI66866, PI67017, PI67186, PI67028, PI67237, PI67305, PI67586, PI67467, PI67672, PI67674, PI67719, PI67832, PI67739, PI67470, PI63193, PI65333, PI58114, PI65127, PI45254, PI61397, PI64374, PI64129, PI63633, PI58669, PI60026, PI42311, PI60567, PI48614, PI61548, PI60893, PI51620, PI38270, PI67665, PI64247, PI58799, PI59643, PI62816, PI64898, PI65762, PI67234, PI67525, PI67718, PI69886, PI68028, PI68061, PI68101, PI68163, PI68170, PI68257, PI68432, PI68418, PI69957, PI68805, PI68915, PI69028, PI69141, PI69220, PI69133, PI69328, PI69161, PI69286, PI69277, PI69741, PI69415, PI69561, PI69625, PI71887, PI69642, PI69737, PI70896, PI70104, PI69887, PI70614, PI69942, PI70063, PI70090, PI70184, PI70196, PI70224, PI70313, PI70332, PI70600, PI70441, PI70637, PI70900, PI70680, PI71104, PI70886, PI70887, PI70841, PI70848, PI70873, PI70870, PI70961, PI71116, PI71193, PI71238, PI71607, PI71457, PI71359, PI71417, PI71436, PI71525, PI71718, PI71587, PI71585, PI71751, PI71825, PI71667, PI71719, PI71792, PI71752, PI71734, PI71851, PI42673, PI62070, PI62375, PI65593, PI66621, PI66770, PI67034, PI67099, PI67257, PI67790, PI67942, PI68664, PI68741, PI69122, PI69183, PI69193, PI69314, PI69840, PI69870, PI71789, PI67393, PI69629, PI69803, PI61090, PI61204, PI75607, PI75608, PI60146, PI61885, PI62350, PI71999, PI72776, PI73022, PI73040, PI73266, PI73350, PI73351, PI73752, PI73807, PI74051, PI74104, PI74284, PI74318, PI74321, PI74499, PI74526, PI74527, PI74533, PI74564, PI74586, PI74792, PI74813, PI74875, PI74878, PI74924, PI75015, PI75022, PI75284, PI75368, PI75389, PI75426, PI75433, PI75475, PI75528, PI75915, PI76013, PI76168, PI76195, PI76200, PI76212, PI76238, PI76271, PI76351, PI76359, PI76364, PI76408, PI76432, PI76607, PI76614, PI76615, PI76616, PI76620, PI76621, PI76622, PI76632, PI76688, PI76701, PI76702, PI76755, PI35470, PI50828, PI66375, PI68233, PI71616, PI71691, PI72065, PI72135, PI72223, PI72514, PI72558, PI72566, PI72653, PI72686, PI72709, PI72710, PI73249, PI73559, PI74721, PI76368, PI61450, PI72136, PI55406, PI71092, PI62583, PI73139, PI73277, PI66702, PI66988, PI72472, PI73188, PI75111, PI75166, PI75280, PI75512, PI76629, PI76699, PI76834, PI76891, PI76902, PI77438, PI77605, PI77615, PI77629, PI77770, PI77856, PI77976, PI77988, PI78072, PI78177, PI78192, PI78193, PI78245, PI78436, PI78444, PI78445, PI78463, PI78497, PI78633, PI78643, PI78730, PI78738, PI78970, PI79123, PI79203, PI79260, PI79261, PI79275, PI79334, PI79391, PI79397, PI79444, PI79686, PI79878, PI79888, PI79987, PI80072, PI80082, PI80225, PI80237, PI80252, PI80256, PI80285, PI80313, PI80319, PI80320, PI80335, PI80357, PI80514, PI80535, PI80547, PI80631, PI80632, PI80634, PI80635, PI80650, PI80668, PI80719, PI80744, PI80844, PI80901, PI80988, PI81007, PI81076, PI81082, PI81086, PI81297, PI81396, PI81403, PI81519, PI81549, PI81555, PI81688, PI81717, PI81840, PI82020, PI72811, PI75590, PI77129, PI77286, PI79787, PI79800, PM76997, PI62735, PI77514, PI80861, PI80363, PI82088, PI78510, PI80689, PI80741, PI78760, PI80166, PI68809, PI64462, PI73345, PI79017, PI79034, PI81056, PI81954, PI82101, PI82218, PI82364, PI82672, PI82684, PI82893, PI83027, PI83159, PI83439, PI83503, PI83516, PI83682, PI84036, PI84083, PI84327, PI84335, PI84597, PI84639, PI85520, PI85828, PI86175, PI86193, PI86719, PI87299, 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More support for: WebSphere Application Server

Component: Liberty

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Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, IBM i, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Software edition: Liberty

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Modified date: 09 January 2019