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Prove It! Migration to Assess: Overview

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Below you will find helpful documentation regarding the completed Prove It! Migration to Assess.


Helpful documentation regarding the completed Prove It! migration to Assess



Prove It! EOL Announcement This was the formal Prove It! EOL announcement.
Integrated Prove It! to Assess FAQ

(Applicable for customers integrated with an ATS)
This FAQ was designed to provide an overview of the Prove It! to Assess upgrade for customers that are currently integrated with an ATS.
Stand Alone Prove It! to Assess FAQ

(Applicable for customers using Prove It! as a stand alone Assessment Solution)
This FAQ was designed to provide an overview of the Prove It! to Assess upgrade for clients who used Prove It! as a standalone Assessment solution.
Important Things to Know when Migrating This document outlines enhancements to our content as well as identified changes, updates and new offerings that replaced legacy material.
Side by Side Comparison of Prove It! to Assess This document provides a side-by-side comparison of Prove It! to Assess.


Steps you need to take after being migrated to Assess






#1 Assess Training

Houses our self-service training material and contains all the information you require to begin using the new Assess platform.
Assess Demo

Assess User Guides and Documentation

Assess User Management Guide

Training Links

Assess Sample Reports

Supported Browsers and Languages

Trial Assessments
This is a high level demonstration of Assess, including an integration with BrassRing.

Here you will find the overall Assess Reference Guides which house training for common functions as well as administrative functions.

Here you will find out how to manage and create users.

Here you can access eLearning videos to find out how to do five common functions in Assess.

This houses sample reports for Assess.

This document provides an overview of supported browsers & available languages for all IBM Talent Suite Solutions.

This link provides instructions on how to configure a trial assessment.
#2 Assess Org Hierarchy Guide

(Applicable for Multi-Organizational clients only)
Assess Hierarchy Guide

Org Hierarchy Training
Here you will find documentation and eLearnings on how to create and manage your hierarchy. As well as learn how hierarchy impacts other areas within Assess.
#3 BrassRing Assess Enablement

(Applicable for BrassRing integrated clients only)
BrassRing Assess Enablement Document This document is for customers that are integrated with BrassRing. It outlines the potential configurations utilized within BrassRing for reproduction with Assess within workbench
#4 Assess Branding Configuration Assess Branding Configuration This document outlines the branding opportunities and provides a self-service implementation guide.
#5 Assess Support Assess Support Guide This document provides information on how you are supported by IBM once live on Assess.

Your Prove It! data is no longer available.

All clients were instructed to review their Organization's Data Retention Requirements and take necessary action prior to termination of access to Prove It!. Your data generated in Prove It! was owned exclusively by you, the client, and was NOT retained after you were deactivated from Prove It! IBM strongly urged all clients to review the data retention requirement of their business and retrieve, store, and maintain their heritage assessments results according to those retention requirements. The data has been purged from Prove It! and is NO LONGER retrievable via any means.
This FAQ was designed to provide an overview of available self-service data extraction opportunities within Prove It!. Its contents are no longer applicable, as Prove It! has been fully retired and its data has been irretrievably and permanently purged.



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