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IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud: Configuring a Trial Assessment

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How do I configure a trial assessment in Assess?


Creating Trial Test Links (Static Links, Reusable Links)
Trial Test links are also known as static links. They:
· Are reusable.
· Can be used to administer an assessment repeatedly without creating individual links.
· Can be built on any environment.
· Can include expiration dates (Expiry Date).
· Can be accessed by anyone with Super User access.
· Don’t store any identifiable information to link results back to a particular test taker.

To create a trial test link in Assess:

1. Log into your site.

2. Select Configure Trial Test:

Note: You can also reach the Configure Trial Test link using the Manage menu:

3. The Manage Trial Tests screen displays. From this screen, select Add a Trial Test:

4. The Create Trial Test screen displays. From the Assessment field, select Select Assessment:

5. The Add Assessment pop-up displays. It allows you to select an assessment and also search for an assessment by name or description. Once you select an assessment, select Save.

6. The Create Trial Test screen redisplays, with the selected assessment in the Assessment field. On this same screen, select a Default Locale, and enter a Name. Optionally, enter text into the Description field. Though the description is not required, it is a useful tool to provide at-a-glance detail about an assessment when viewing trial test links from the trial test link home page. This screen also allows you to identify an expiration date (Expiry Date), as well as other information. After you enter the information, select Save.

7. Once you save your trial test link, navigate back to the trial test link home (Manage Trial Tests screen). Do this by selecting Manage Trial Tests:

8. From the Manage Trial Tests screen, you can copy/paste your links (in the Trial Link column) for any assessment:

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