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Customizing HTML-Dojo Forms for Human Tasks in Business Space for WebSphere Process Server (WPS)

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WebSphere Process Server includes Business Space powered by WebSphere, which provides an integrated user experience for business users. The Human Task Management widgets allow business users and managers to interact with business processes and human tasks.


The Task Information widget is used to initiate services, create, work on, view or check human tasks. The widget uses a task form specification that is associated with a human task for rendering the form and its content.

You can use the user interface generators in WebSphere Integration Developer to generate task forms based on either HTML with Dojo Toolkit or Lotus Forms. User interface developers often need to customize the generated HTML-Dojo forms for specific customer scenarios.

This paper describes the various aspects of the generated HTML-Dojo form, such as its structure, how input and output messages are displayed, the embedded Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) information, and how input fields are handled. It then goes on to describe some typical ways in which you can customize the generated form, such as using alternative style sheets, integrating JavaScript™ code and custom widgets, and providing event handlers.

Business Space is a browser-based, graphical user interface based on widgets, which allows business users to interact with content and functions from different sources. They can create, share, and use business spaces that are composed of widgets and organized in pages.

WebSphere Process Server includes the Human Task Management widgets. These widgets allow business users and managers to interact with business processes and human tasks. They can be easily configured and combined with other widgets to create powerful business spaces.

Users initiate services and processes, create, work on, view, or check human tasks and initiated services using the Task Information widget. It renders the task form and provides information about the task, such as the priority, owner, status, and related tasks.

Human tasks are used to model human interaction in business processes. There are three kinds of human tasks:

  • To-do tasks represent work for people that is initiated by a service invocation.
  • Invocation tasks allow a user to initiate a service or process.
  • Collaboration tasks allow the collaboration between people in a structured and controlled way.

A human task is modeled as a service component that implements a task done by a person. The interface of a human task is described using Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) with a single operation. The operation can have an input message, an output message, or both. These messages represent the content that the user can interact with.

WebSphere Integration Developer provides user interface (UI) generators to generate task forms for a specific client type. You can generate task forms for use in Business Space based on HTML with the Dojo Toolkit, or Lotus Forms technology. The Task Information Widget renders the generated form so that users can work with the human task.

This paper covers the concepts of HTML-Dojo forms and how the generated form can be customized.


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