IBM Support WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Fix Pack 6

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IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5.5 Fix Pack 6 for all platforms, also known as Version

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Notice: Please read the important security related information included in this document in the Known side effects section.

Fix Pack for WebSphere Application Server is provided for the following offerings:

A change introduced by this Fix Pack might negatively affect existing product function. Evaluate these APAR(s) for the potential impact in your environment. You can refer to the APAR(s) listed below for description of the problems as well as corrective actions. Last updated 10/26/2017.

APAR Impact Description
PI53566 High Out Of Memory error on the On Demand Router due to HttpRouteAction objects accumulating
PI57668 High Liberty: Collective member certificate login fails with LDAP or Federated user registry
PI45287 Medium Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) Application Scoped contexts are not acquired properly, causing issues with web services applications
PI46499 Medium NullPointerException might be caught in the servlet listener code when security is enabled.
PI42400 Low OSGi applications that contain blueprint xml in bundle fragments do not start after Liberty profile update
PI43277 Low Dynamic switching from polled to mbean (and vice versa) config monitoring doesn't work.
PI44057 Low Liberty profile: There is an increased performance overhead for users of the SSL feature in Liberty profile
PI54235 Low A redirect using an URI relative to the current request URL redirects to the wrong URL
PI57567 Low Liberty: Merged plugin-cfg.xml generated by ClusterManager mbean generate ClusterPluginConfig operation contains dup elements
PI69815 Low NullPointerException is seen in some cases when a client does not trust a server
PI83027 Low Default ThreadPoolStats data cannot be retrieved due to InstanceNotFoundException
PI84016 Low JPA application behavior changes after migration to WAS


Version 8.5.0.x or 8.5.5.x must be installed prior to installation of Fix Pack.

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WebSphere Application Server Full Profile

Full Profile Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Application Server local repository zip files for Base, Express, ND, Developers, NDDMZ (Default with Java SDK 6)* Distributed &
Application Server local repository zip files for Base, ND, NDDMZ (Default with Java SDK 6)* Inspur K-UX &
Application Server local repository zip files for Base, Express, ND, Developers, NDDMZ (Default with Java SDK 7.1)* Linux PPC64LE &
Application Server for z/OS local repository zip file (includes NDDMZ for z/OS) z/OS
IBM Web Enablement for IBM i local repository zip file IBM i
Note *: If you have installed and switched to SDK 7, SDK 7.1 or SDK 8 you will need to download and apply the SDK fixpack found here IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology Edition

WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile
Liberty - ZIP Install Instructions New in
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 Kernel All, except z/OS
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Web Profile All, except z/OS
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 32-bit Linux PowerPC 32-bit Linux PPC
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 64-bit Linux PowerPC 64-bit Linux PPC
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 64-bit Linux PowerPC Little Endian 64-bit Linux Power PC Little Endian
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 32-bit Linux x86 32-bit Linux x86
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 64-bit Linux x86 64-bit Linux x86
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 32-bit Windows 32-bit Windows
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 for 64-bit Windows 64-bit Windows
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Full Platform All, except z/OS
WAS Liberty V8.5.5.6 with Java EE 7 Application Client All, except z/OS
Liberty - Installation Manager (IM) Install Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
WebSphere Application Server IM local repository zip file for Base, Core, Express, ND, Developers (includes Web Enablement) Distributed, Inspur K-UX, Linux PPC64LE
WebSphere Application Server for z/OS IM local repository zip file z/OS
Liberty - JAR Install Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core Runtime Distributed, Inspur K-UX, Linux PPC64LE wlp-core-runtime-
WebSphere Application Server Express Liberty Profile Runtime Distributed, Inspur K-UX, Linux PPC64LE wlp-express-runtime-
WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Runtime Distributed, Inspur K-UX, Linux PPC64LE wlp-base-runtime-
WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Liberty Profile Runtime Distributed, Inspur K-UX, Linux PPC64LE wlp-nd-runtime-
WebSphere Application Server for Developers (IPLA) Liberty Profile Runtime Distributed, Inspur K-UX, Linux PPC64LE wlp-developers-ipla-runtime-
WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Extended Programming Models Distributed, Inspur K-UX, Linux PPC64LE wlp-extended-
WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Extras Distributed, Inspur K-UX, Linux PPC64LE wlp-extras-
Liberty - Repository Instructions New in
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Directory-based Repository of Liberty Profile V8.5.5.6 Features and Addons (For offline use with installUtility) All

WebSphere Application Server Supplements Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
Supplements local repository zip files containing Application Client, Web server plug-ins, Pluggable Application Client, IBM HTTP Server Distributed &
Supplements local repository zip files containing Application Client, Web server plug-ins, IBM HTTP Server Inspur K-UX &
Supplements local repository zip files containing Application Client, Web server plug-ins, IBM HTTP Server Linux PPC64LE &
WebSphere Customization Toolbox local repository zip files Distributed &
WebSphere Customization Toolbox local repository zip files Inspur K-UX &
WebSphere Customization Toolbox local repository zip files Linux PPC64LE &
IBM HTTP Server for z/OS local repository zip file z/OS
Web server plug-ins for z/OS local repository zip file z/OS
IBM WebSphere Application Server Web 2.0 and Mobile Toolkit V1.1.0.6 -- No change in V8.5.5.6 All Platforms

Edge Components Instructions
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
IBM WebSphere Edge Load Balancer for IPv4 local repository zip file Distributed
IBM WebSphere Edge Components Caching Proxy local repository zip file Distributed
IBM WebSphere Edge Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6 local repository zip file Distributed, Linux PPC64LE
IBM WebSphere Edge Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6 Trial local repository zip file Distributed, Linux PPC64LE

Java SDKs - Installation Manager (IM) Install
Download Description Platform Download Links (Fix Central)
IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology Edition (Optional) V8.0 Liberty Profile All Platforms &
IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology Edition (Optional) V7.1 for Full Profile and Liberty Profile All Platforms, excluding HP, Solaris, Inspur K-UX &
IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology Edition (Optional) V7.0 for Full Profile and Liberty Profile All Platforms, excluding Inspur K-UX, Linux PPC64LE &
IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology Edition (Default) V6.0 for Liberty Profile All Platforms, excluding Linux PPC64LE
  • For detailed information about the Java SDK version shipped with each IBM WebSphere Application Server Fix Pack and cumulative fix and not as a separate download, see this page.

Known side effects

  • has changed the default value from false to true due to security considerations. See Security Bulletin for more details.
  • The file needs to be manually updated to add:
      jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms=SSLv3, RC4, DH keySize <768.
    Adding this line to the file will disable features exploited by Poodle, RC4 (Bar Mitzvah), and logjam vulnerabilities.
  • SSLv3 will be disabled by default. See Security Bulletin for Vulnerability in SSLv3 affects IBM WebSphere Application Server (CVE-2014-3566)
  • Recompilation needed for SIP application migrated from WebSphere 7.0 or below to WebSphere 7 With CEA feature pack or WebSphere 8.0 and above. See Technote for more details.
  • WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 may not start when using Java 7 after upgrading to fix pack 2 or later. See Technote for more details.
  • The administrative console redirection has changed. In fixpacks, and The web.xml for adminredirector.war was updated to work correctly. For more information, see Technote.

Technical support

Contact 1-800-IBM-SERV (U.S. only) or visit the WebSphere Application Server Support site

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM55934, PM59541, PM66368, PM67555, PM69109, PM72275, PM74262, PM76825, PM76982, PM77458, PM78043, PM78715, PM79382, PM79567, PM79670, PM80934, PM81406, PM81412, PM81521, PM81531, PM82523, PM82633, PM82706, PM82750, PM82820, PM82894, PM82929, PM83129, PM83177, PM83222, PM83459, PM83740, PM83905, PM84132, PM84158, PM84215, PM84305, PM84325, PM84345, PM84431, PM81571, PM81646, PM81798, PM81824, PM82122, PM82405, PM82448, PM85131, PM85139, PM85141, PM85223, PM85252, PM85270, PM85288, PM85314, PM85385, PM85408, PM85434, PM85512, PM85637, PM85765, PM85854, PM85864, PM85865, PM85879, PM84519, PM84596, PM84610, PM84622, PM84627, PM84636, PM84770, PM84805, PM84811, PM85112, PM86284, PM86396, PM86478, PM86549, PM86627, PM86666, PM86708, PM86736, PM86739, PM86762, PM86815, PM86816, PM86837, PM86853, PM85886, PM85921, PM85927, PM85990, PM86003, PM86014, PM86070, PM86076, PM86089, PM86095, PM86166, PM86173, PM86219, PM87305, PM87331, PM87348, PM87549, PM87556, PM87601, PM87652, PM87662, PM87666, PM87748, PM87808, PM87815, PM86861, PM86864, PM86874, PM87004, PM87049, PM87071, PM87101, PM87193, PM87199, PM87213, PM87240, PM87246, PM87247, PM87298, PM87302, PM88208, PM88209, PM88231, PM88239, PM88241, PM88331, PM88346, PM88356, PM88422, PM87822, PM87826, PM87829, PM87946, PM87961, PM87963, PM87974, PM88003, PM88005, PM88011, PM88028, PM88108, PM88131, PM88133, PM88137, PM88159, PM88188, PM88201, PM88992, PM89050, PM89060, PM89103, PM89131, PM89149, PM89173, PM89175, PM89189, PM88470, PM88477, PM88507, PM88520, PM88565, PM88594, PM88616, PM88617, PM88633, PM88746, PM88783, PM88789, PM88810, PM88820, PM88865, PM88889, PM88913, PM88923, PM88937, PM88945, PM88980, PM89648, PM89817, PM89824, PM89827, PM89833, PM89882, PM89191, PM89206, PM89239, PM89242, PM89293, PM89301, PM89305, PM89309, PM89311, PM89331, PM89365, PM89372, PM89421, PM89422, PM89423, PM89426, PM89435, PM89440, PM89456, PM89476, PM89577, PM90580, PM90581, PM90588, PM89884, PM89893, PM89992, PM89996, PM90000, PM90009, PM90014, PM90025, PM90039, PM90040, PM90088, PM90143, PM90208, PM90219, PM90220, PM90290, PM90303, PM90426, PM90478, PM90493, PM90533, PM90537, PM90548, PM90549, PM90661, PM90665, PM90681, PM90770, PM90838, PM90923, PM90930, PM90932, PM90942, PM90947, PM90949, PM90966, PM91049, PM91060, PM91221, PM91226, PM91239, PM91250, PM91281, PM91301, PM91306, PM91326, PM91334, PM91335, PM91353, PM91361, PM91383, PM91501, PM91511, PM91585, PM91588, PM91598, PM91704, PM91775, PM91794, PM91809, PM91811, PM91830, PM91837, PM91885, PM91892, PM91917, PM91957, PM91987, PM91990, PM91991, PM92004, PM92091, PM92093, PM92105, PM92113, PM92114, PM92116, PM92161, PM91491, PM92673, PM92695, PM92763, PM92794, PM92812, PM92813, PM92815, PM92816, PM92817, PM92819, PM92820, PM92821, PM92822, PM92823, PM92896, PM92900, PM92930, PM92980, PM92987, PM92991, PM93001, PM93004, PM93040, PM93184, PM93203, PM92206, PM92313, PM92316, PM92408, PM93392, PM93426, PM93427, PM93496, PM93501, PM93512, PM93625, PM93652, PM93734, PM93737, PM93761, PM93828, PM93860, PM93941, PM94035, PM94085, PM94204, PM94228, PM94345, PM94417, PM94424, PM94514, PM93250, PM93302, PM93310, PM93319, PM93323, PM93360, PM93368, PM93373, PM95198, PM95385, PM95510, PM95527, PM95587, PM95655, PM95756, PM95907, PM95918, PM96066, PM96208, PM96314, PM96380, PM96386, PM96468, PM96477, PM96495, PM96502, PM96704, PM97038, PM94568, PM94584, PM94592, PM94593, PM94598, PM94606, PM94648, PM94774, PM85504, PM86094, PM86131, PM86632, PM87302, PM88126, PM88228, PM88996, PM89009, PM89011, PM89012, PM89022, PM89023, PM89041, PM89049, PM89213, PM89259, PM97618, PM97644, PM97928, PM97937, PM97946, PM98907, PM74718, PM80229, PM85483, PM90225, PM90230, PM90233, PM90352, PM90472, PM90512, PM90539, PM90555, PM90565, PM90625, PM90726, PM90753, PM90855, PM90897, PM91005, PM91011, PM91109, PM89267, PM89377, PM89506, PM89799, PM89843, PM89885, PM89890, PM89907, PM89957, PM89958, PM89959, PM89993, PM91932, PM91950, PM91972, PM92037, PM92139, PM92204, PM92215, PM92239, PM92241, PM92266, PM92385, PM92421, PM92422, PM92477, PM92487, PM92493, PM92495, PM91196, PM91261, PM91270, PM91496, PM91506, PM91526, PM91596, PM91697, PM91724, PM91733, PM91734, PM91737, PM91785, PM91887, PM93060, PM93069, PM93096, PM93102, PM93157, PM93159, PM93174, PM93191, PM93197, PM93324, PM93326, PM93337, PM93356, PM93425, PM93448, PM92496, PM92627, PM92717, PM92725, PM92780, PM92785, PM92787, PM92789, PM92792, PM92796, PM92798, PM92811, PM92940, PM92968, PM93045, PM93051, PM94494, PM94723, PM95107, PM95109, PM95266, PM95291, PM95354, PM95406, PM95564, PM95567, PM95658, PM95830, PM95956, PM96123, PM93467, PM93522, PM93615, PM93665, PM93744, PM93822, PM93921, PM93944, PM94019, PM94020, PM94021, PM94022, PM94023, PM94024, PM94291, PM96174, PM96200, PM96465, PM97102, PM97109, PM97261, PM97323, PM97399, PM97411, PM97465, PM97503, PM86953, PM86963, PM88080, PM88416, PM89583, PM89712, PM89719, PM91246, PM92002, PM92583, PM94594, PM96303, PI00009, PI04711, PI04719, PI04777, PI04832, PI04835, PI04871, PI04875, PI04891, PI04910, PI04920, PI04922, PI04964, PI04967, PI05153, PI05203, PI05216, PI05217, PI05256, PI05309, PI05332, PI05371, PI05410, PI05427, PI05442, PI05524, PI05535, PI05554, PI05557, PI05685, PI05723, PI05776, PI05778, PI05798, PI05801, PI05855, PI05859, PI05895, PI05909, PI05987, PI06015, PI06024, PI06036, PI06100, PI06184, PI06236, PI06317, PI06323, PI06366, PI06393, PI06431, PI06541, PI06653, PI06814, PI06819, PI06820, PI06869, PI06879, PI06916, PI06958, PI06967, PI06976, PI07047, PI07230, PI07313, PI07338, PI07385, PI07407, PI07496, PI07511, PI07544, PI07556, PI07581, PI07665, PI07714, PI07808, PI07877, PI08018, PI08019, PI08037, PI08043, PI08089, PI08230, PI08242, PI08274, PI08415, PI08466, PI08502, PI08509, PI08563, PI08570, PI08670, PI08715, PI08864, PI08892, PI08900, PI08932, PI08946, PI08990, PI08991, PI08997, PI09105, PI09171, PI09172, PI09327, PI09344, PI09345, PI09405, PI09437, PI09443, PI09459, PI09523, PI09545, PI09549, PI09556, PI09590, PI09618, PI09639, PI09680, PI09692, PI09718, PI09751, PI09757, PI09773, PI09781, PI09786, PI09921, PI09971, PI10014, PI10366, PI10376, PI10451, PI10500, PI10772, PI10811, PI10905, PI11257, PI11264, PI11284, PI11655, PI11856, PI11939, PI12077, PI12096, PI12205, PI12590, PI12639, PI12648, PI12841, PI13031, PI13292, PI13392, PI13432, PI13522, PI13796, PI13828, PI14180, PI14203, PI15453, PM32305, PM48286, PM66836, PM69319, PM70434, PM70967, PM72148, PM75852, PM75942, PM76350, PM76557, PM76760, PM76903, PM77351, PM78283, PM78287, PM78289, PM78504, PM78572, PM82241, PM82348, PM82514, PM83253, PM83813, PM84277, PM84760, PM84850, PM85177, PM85194, PM85423, PM85493, PM85757, PM86124, PM86382, PM86507, PM86587, PM86653, PM87133, PM87134, PM87430, PM87601, PM87763, PM87846, PM88479, PM88555, PM88643, PM88666, PM88674, PM88901, PM88923, PM88947, PM88997, PM89028, PM89180, PM89252, PM89253, PM89255, PM89419, PM89441, PM89479, PM89530, PM89729, PM89763, PM89914, PM89924, PM89932, PM89979, PM90056, PM90084, PM90232, PM90388, PM90466, PM90474, PM90560, PM90582, PM90644, PM90663, PM90698, PM90707, PM90737, PM90759, PM90822, PM90834, PM90863, PM90865, PM90887, PM91114, PM91124, PM91189, PM91316, PM91323, PM91330, PM91338, PM91369, PM91417, PM91430, PM91499, PM91517, PM91584, PM91608, PM91615, PM91625, PM91689, PM91764, PM91773, PM91782, PM91916, PM91934, PM91935, PM91941, PM92104, PM92109, PM92168, PM92211, PM92318, PM92326, PM92361, PM92445, PM92447, PM92568, PM92761, PM92783, PM92784, PM92878, PM92903, PM92926, PM93059, PM93065, PM93067, PM93105, PM93116, PM93217, PM93219, PM93475, PM93534, PM93728, PM93768, PM93838, PM93927, PM93949, PM93960, PM93965, PM93967, PM93988, PM94003, PM94005, PM94008, PM94096, PM94105, PM94136, PM94143, PM94198, PM94301, PM94323, PM94344, PM94363, PM94396, PM94420, PM94437, PM94455, PM94505, PM94512, PM94542, PM94548, PM94549, PM94591, PM94596, PM94599, PM94602, PM94687, PM94688, PM94697, PM94758, PM94858, PM94922, PM94953, PM94970, PM94981, PM94998, PM95005, PM95006, PM95022, PM95128, PM95155, PM95413, PM95426, PM95457, PM95476, PM95524, PM95651, PM95664, PM95697, PM95704, PM95722, PM95741, PM95795, PM95825, PM95851, PM95875, PM95876, PM95882, PM95895, PM95909, PM95990, PM96039, PM96131, PM96173, PM96178, PM96209, PM96233, PM96268, PM96280, PM96316, PM96321, PM96343, PM96405, PM96469, PM96547, PM96556, PM96561, PM96569, PM96641, PM96644, PM96645, PM96653, PM96694, PM96773, PM96804, PM96811, PM96838, PM96879, PM96900, PM96912, PM96951, PM96963, PM96969, PM97085, PM97090, PM97140, PM97191, PM97246, PM97286, PM97338, PM97340, PM97362, PM97401, PM97462, PM97506, PM97534, PM97550, PM97564, PM97570, PM97625, PM97643, PM97650, PM97653, PM97712, PM97730, PM97799, PM97904, PM97908, PM97936, PM97955, PM98011, PM98090, PM98118, PM98132, PM98141, PM98240, PM98243, PM98262, PM98297, PM98318, PM98325, PM98333, PM98346, PM98381, PM98434, PM98489, PM98522, PM98613, PM98652, PM98719, PM98753, PM98793, PM98882, PM98900, PM98916, PM98927, PM98954, PM98972, PM99024, PM99108, PM99112, PM99127, PM99141, PM99218, PM99238, PM99245, PM99345, PM99411, PM99450, PM99486, PM99497, PM99545, PM99608, PM99658, PM99723, PM99744, PM99786, PI05059, PI05139, PI05324, PI05359, PI05419, PI05509, PI05525, PI05575, PI05661, PI05673, PI05703, PI05749, PI05837, PI05940, PI05956, PI05977, PI06080, PI06211, PI06340, PI06613, PI06687, PI06699, PI07519, PI07608, PI07636, PI07726, PI07811, PI08109, PI08267, PI08333, PI08354, PI08401, PI08455, PI08462, PI08476, PI08496, PI08641, PI08871, PI08874, PI09183, PI09206, PI09253, PI09492, PI09651, PI09696, PI09715, PI09925, PI09972, PI10049, PI10103, PI10134, PI10294, PI10340, PI10342, PI10505, PI10925, PI11516, PI11949, PI12051, PI12116, PI12632, PI12926, PI12983, PI12984, PI13273, PI14355, PM43415, PM62691, PM81674, PM86470, PM87133, PM87880, PM88291, PM89272, PM89432, PM90293, PM90626, PM90664, PM91408, PM91573, PM92677, PM92967, PM92983, PM93750, PM93829, PM94033, PM94199, PM94792, PM95013, PM95057, 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