The latest versions and releases of your licensed IBM Software are available for download at your convenience with active IBM Software Subscription and Support.

To download upgrades and updates you'll need these 3 things

IBM ID & password

If you have not yet registered for an IBM ID, register now.

Your universal IBM ID and password open doors to customized content almost everywhere you travel across

Passport Advantage Online access

If you have Passport Advantage Online access, check to see if you have been granted download privileges by your Site's Primary Contact. Sign in now.

If you've never signed in to PAO, register now.

You'll be asked to complete a 'Self-nomination' form and you'll need your Site number which can be found on Proofs of Entitlement. You might also ask the Primary Contact for your site to provide you with the required Site number.

Your request for Passport Advantage Online [PAO] access will be forwarded to your Site's 'Primary Contact' for approval. You will be notified when your access request has been approved.

Learn more about Passport Advantage Online and the features and benefits it provides including:

Download authorization

If you already have download and media access authorization, you can download new versions, releases and enhancements to your entitled software when you choose.

  1. Sign in to Passport Advantage Online.
  2. Select Software download & media access
  3. Choose the Passport Advantage Agreement number governing the software you wish to download

  4. Search by part number or part description or browse all products available for download ,your preferred product list, or products by brand.”

While you're signed in, don't forget to set or modify your customized download and eNotification preferences.

Not authorized to download software from PAO?

Request download privileges by signing in to Passport Advantage Online.

  1. Select Account Management ->- Self-Nomination
  2. Supply the requested information and submit.
  3. Your request will be forwarded to your Site's Primary Contact for approval.

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