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IBM Enterprise Records V5.2.1 Release Notes and What's New

Release notes


This page provides links to all of the known issues, known limitations, and troubleshooting technotes associated with IBM Enterprise Records V5.2.1 and also describes what is new in this release.


What's New in IBM Enterprise Records V5.2.1.1

IBM Enterprise Records V5.2.1 now supports the following programs:

  • Content Navigator V3.0.3
  • Content Platform Engine V5.5.0

IBM Enterprise Records 5.2.1 Fix Pack 1 addresses the following issues:

  • In some cases, when an item is selected, the Reviewer name of the item changes on the Browse pane. With Fix Pack 1, this issue is resolved.
  • Due to an installer issue, all files are not getting installed correctly in IBM Enterprise Records 5.2.1. This is causing potential issues in Configuration Manager in a new installation. With Fix Pack 1, the installer issue is resolved.

List of APARs resolved in V5.2.1.1
Table 1: List of APARs resolved in V5.2.1.1
APAR Description
PJ45199 In some cases, when an item is selected, the Reviewer name of the item changes on the Browse pane.

What's New in IBM Enterprise Records V5.2.1

IBM Enterprise Records V5.2.1 brings support to new releases of several data analysis and insight programs:

  • Support for Content Navigator V3.0: Content Navigator is the unified IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) experience platform that spans mobile, web, and desktop form factors. It includes features that make it easier to create, share, manage, and collaborate on content by using ECM products, key partner solutions, and even third-party content repositories. Content Navigator V3.0 enhances the integration with Box and Microsoft™ Office and provides new role-based redaction capabilities. Version 3.0 employs a new Continuous Delivery support policy.
  • Support for Cognos Analytics V11: Cognos Analytics V11 enhances the efficiency and capabilities of business users, report authors, and administrators through a simplification of the user experience. The solution offers more capabilities that reduce or eliminate IT intervention for many previous tasks. This gives users more self-service options and ultimately advances the analytic expertise of the enterprise. Cognos Analytics eliminates the need to utilize a range of different tools to accomplish similar goals. Insights can now be captured more efficiently through a guided experience that interprets user intent and supports users with a suggested path that is focused on and tailored to their needs.
  • Support for Crystal Reports 2016: Crystal Reports is a third-party reporting server and if you wish to use Crystal Reports, you need to license this product separately.
  • Support for WebLogic Server 12.2: WebLogic Server is a scalable, enterprise-ready Java™ Platform.

  • These enhancements also apply to the cloud version of Enterprise Records. You can read more details here.

      Interface enhancements
      • To configure the Cognos reports, in Open Administration View > IER Desktop > Reports, the following fields are introduced in this release:
        • Use Report Path URL check box
        • Report Path URL text box
        When you select the Use Report Path URL check box, the Report Path URL text box is enabled.
      • On the Declare page, you can now search a File Plan Location based on favorites. To use this feature, the following fields are introduced in this release:
        • Use Favorites Tree and Use Folder Tree ratio buttons (with Use Folder Tree as the default option)
        • Desktop ID list
        Further, depending on the option that is selected, the File Plan Location list is populated.
      • Added a property to customize the FilePlan page size.
List of APARs resolved in V5.2.1
Table 2: List of APARs resolved in V5.2.1
APAR Description
PJ44745 Undeclare action is not producing the correct auditing information.
PJ44859 Downloads metadata is not being displayed in System Properties in Document Information pane or in Properties dialog box.
PJ44882 IBM Enterprise Records 5.2.0 configureFPOS fails with Null pointer exception.
PJ44919 Context search returns wrong results.
PJ44929 FilePlan does not expand automatically.
PJ44947 Dynamic holds that uses content search gives wrong results.
PJ44955 Records are not being deleted by basic disposition. Fixed this issue with null check-in RMOperations.
PJ45068 IBM Enterprise Records holds screen properties values are not getting displayed.
PJ45148 Validation error in declaring records when Bulk Declaration Service API is used. This problem is fixed in the validator of categories.
PJ45151 Using a record subclass with a name, that is, an SQL keyword causes SQL problems in the inner join.

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