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Deprecation notices for IBM Planning Analytics 2.0

Release Notes


This document provides information about capabilities, components, or platforms, that are not supported beyond the current release of IBM Planning Analytics.


As of Planning Analytics 2.0.7

Java TI support
  • Java TI remains supported in Planning Analytics version 2.0.7. However, the use of Java TI is discouraged in cases where it is not required.
  • IBM only supports  the version of Java shipped with the current version of  TM1 Server/Planning Analytics.
  • For Planning Analytics 2.0.5 and earlier, this mean IBM Java 7. For Planning Analytics 2.0.6 and later, this means IBM Java 8.
  • Java TI will not be enhanced to support any TI functions added in Planning Analytics 2.0 and higher. No enhancement requests specific to Java TI functionality will be implemented.

TM1 Operations Console
  • Planning Analytics 2.0.7 is the last release with support for TM1 Operations Console.  Planning Analytics Workspace administration is strongly encouraged in place of TM1 Operations Console. 
  • The 2.0.7 release of TM1 Server includes functionality that can be used to generate a thread log without the use of TM1Top or TM1 Operations Console.

Relational Data Sources in TM1Web
Planning Analytics 2.0.7 is the last release of Planning Analytics that includes support for relational data sources in TM1Web.  This functionality is documented in Working with relational data in websheets.  The deprecation of this functionality does not impact the capability to drill through into ODBC data sources from Websheets or cubeviews in TM1Web.

TM1 Package Connector
Planning Analytics 2.0.7 is the last release with TM1 Package Connector.

Intent to deprecate PMHub
With the release of Planning Analytics 2.0.7, IBM announces the intent to deprecate PMHub. Some features have been disabled in 2.0.7:
  • Metrics manager integration
  • Watchlists
  • Async job API
  • Pmpsvc passthrough support for PMHub
  • Support for PMHub TM1 v1 requests

Prior to Planning Analytics 2.0.7

The ThirdPartyCertificateTool requires Java 7 and is no longer supported as of Planning Analytics 2.0.5.

Cognos Insight in distributed mode

Planning Analytics 2.0.5 is the last release with support for Cognos Insight in distributed mode.

TM1 Client Install in 32-bit Windows

Planning Analytics 2.0.4 is the last release with TM1 Client Install in 32-bit Windows.

AIX support
Planning Analytics Local 2.0.2 is the last release with AIX support.

TM1 Mobile Contributor
With the release of Planning Analytics 2.0 for both Cloud and Local deployments, IBM discontinues support for TM1 Mobile Contributor.
Planning Analytics 2.0 continues support for TM1 Applications, accessible using Cognos Insight or a web browser. Planning Analytics Workspace, which provides interactive dashboards for data input, visual analysis, and reporting of data from multiple TM1 Databases, can be consumed through iOS and Android mobile devices.

TM1 Pattern
With the release of Planning Analytics 2.0 Local, IBM discontinues support for the TM1 Pattern.


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