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Linux libraries required for FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Foundation installations

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux offer an optional install scenario that does not include various libraries that are required to run the installers or use various tools, such as the Configuration Manager and FileNet Deployment Manager in GUI mode, as well as to run the installation in silent mode. This Technical Notice documents the packages that need to be installed.


The gtk2, libXtst, and xorg-x11-fonts-Type1 packages are required to run the Content Platform Engine and related application installers in both silent and GUI mode, as well as when using various eclipse-based GUI tools, such as Configuration Manager and FileNet Deployment Manager.

  1. On all hardware platforms, use the following command to install the required libraries:

    yum install gtk2 libXtst xorg-x11-fonts-Type

  2. On 64-bit platforms, various 32-bit packages are also required.

    • On RedHat systems, before installing the packages, ensure the RPM repository rhel-7-server-optional-rpm is enabled. This repository is required for the installation of the compat-libstdc++-33 package.

    • Use the following commands to install the required packages and their dependencies:

      ARCH32=$(uname -m | sed -e 's/s390x/s390/g' -e 's/x86_64/i686/g')

      yum install glibc.$ARCH32 gtk2.$ARCH32 gtk3.$ARCH32 libXtst.$ARCH32 libXft.$ARCH32 libXtst.$ARCH32 adwaita*theme.$ARCH32 compat-libstdc++-33.$ARCH32

  3. Ensure the 64-bit versions of the adwaita theme libraries are installed using the architecture setting appropriate for your environment. For example, on an Intel-based machine, use the following command:

    yum install adwaita*theme.x86_64

CMUI also requires that the 32-bit version of JRE 1.8 is installed.

Refer to the following technical notices for CMUI errors that might occur:

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