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Customer requirements answered in CICS TS 5.3

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This document lists the customer requirements or requests for enhancements (RFEs) that have been delivered in version 5.3 of IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS).


For more information about each customer requirement that was delivered in CICS TS V5.3, click on the headline text in the following tables. This will display the corresponding entry in the IBM Request For Enhancement (RFE) Community*.


* requires (free) IBM developerWorks registration. If you already registered, simply click on person imagein developerWorks and "Sign on" using your IBM ID before clicking on the RFE description (Headline).

For information about how to use RFE to give feedback and ideas for changes and improvements to CICS TS, see this blog: How to let the team know what you want in CICS - use RFE!



CICS Transaction Server

RFE ID Headline
17468 Describe the usage of Java™ Persistence API (JPA) in CICS
17469 Support Java Message Service (JMS) within CICS
17694 HTTP Persistent connection request limit in CICS
19920 Resolve the problem with RACF message ICH302D in CICS
20316 TCPIPSERVICE compatibility with AT-TLS
21091 Develop CEMT NEW COPY for BUNDLES
21748 Request to adjust the behaviour of IPCONN autoinstall program (DFHISAIP)
22204 CICS Web Support to provide a parameter to change the timeout value for the first request
23394 API Inquire against Containers in a channel
24164 Message when shared data table is full
24193 CICS GLOBAL ENQUEUE / DEQUEUE issue related to use of RNL
24709 CICS TS should provide GETPASSTICKET API
24732 Problem with CICS Server: HTTP TRACE method
24969 Multithread the SAF (RACF) interface instead of single threading under the RO TCB
25009 Long running tasks using Channels and Containers
25246 Provide method to identify CSD's maintenance level
25409 Make SOAP ALIAS transaction available in CICS provided APPLDATA for SMF 119 records
25415 CICS Monitoring Enhancement for Shared TS Request Counts
25871 Extension to CPSM event detection and routing - for VSAM RLS and SMSVSAM failures
25966 Include a new EXEC CICS API call to do the same as the FEPI one so that you don't need a FEPI environment
26190 Add a field to record peak TDQ depth in statistic
27971 Newcopy feature for CICS Application Bundles(OSGi) needed
27992 CICS-MQ stormdrain
29213 Reduce TCB switches for CWXN
31455 Control CICS HTTP TRACE by SIT parm and supplied transaction
32146 Enhance COPY command in DFHCSDUP
34005 Local EJBs and CDI in CICS JVM server
34490 Set HTTP TRACE to NOTRACE per Default
34506 CICS JVMSERVER logs administration
34510 Add the WebSphere MQSeries GET number in the policy specification
37042 CICS remove banner viewed from HTTP server
37407 DFH0IPCC change to add USERAUTH
37536 Access to an existing CICS document from a Java program using JCICS
37762 Support Kerberos authentication with CICS application
37938 Possibility to have RNL=No as CICS SIT parameter for System ENQ
39415 Throttle for CSOL if CICS is not responding
40459 MQ JMS support for CICS Java
40997 JVM server category - Dynamic Deployment
41099 Provide OFFSET to user through ASSIGN when AEYD, AICA, ASRA, ASRB, and ASRD
42229 Platform/Application DB2 Schema
42275 Provide a CICS API to generate an encrypted RACF Passticket based upon a Kerberos token.
42408 Invalid data returned by INQUIRE PROGRAM after SET PROGRAM COPY(PHASEIN)
43275 DFHPI0997 additional web service context needed
45188 No message issued after successful EXEC CICS VERIFY and unsuccessful attempt count was non-zero
45754 CICS commands proposed to be Threadsafe
46068 SAF protection of individual resource groups
46611 Enhance CICS Transaction Server Loader Domain Services to detect CICS program release mismatch at product initialization
46750 Write Java log to spool directly without CICS TDQ
47818 Extend the scope of CICS CPSM "Abend Compensation" to include MQ
50202 Extend the scope of CPSM abend-compensation to include DBCTL
50985 Allow CICS to use Passtickets instead of Passwords e.g. for Web Services
52913 Allow DFHRPL libraries to be placed in EAS space of EAV volumes
53066 Create a CEMT SET() PHASEIN type command for Java bundles
54769 CICS should be aware when a protected DB2 thread is cancelled
54953 Shared temporary storage statistics in missing SMF data
56287 Web Server Version Revealed by CICS
56445 SQLJ support in CICS Liberty Profile
56849 Management of requests for CICS Java tasks when JVMSERVER is not available
56850 CICS Liberty session persistence
58048 Protecting CPSM API via SP & DFHEITBS
59112 Documentation Change for EXEC CICS DELETE .... GENERIC
65697 PSCHWAB1109-1294 CICS health status to Sysplex Distributor (WLM)
66804 Can CICS-MQ attachment facility operate like CICS-DB2 & CICS-DBCTL attachment facility by issuing 'already connected' msg
69208 All API Threshold policy
70581 DFHCMACD ABEND AEY9 is truncated
70589 Display SYSPLEX ENQ status in CICS dump
73552 Cryptographic Protocols setting granularity in CTS
73742 Reused L8 TCB causes MQ shutdown stall
74798 CICS skips calling DB2 signon, if it is a re-signon of the same primary authid
75606 Provide the JSON source to CICS when running z/OS Connect within a CICS Liberty Profile JVM
75691 WJPMC0414-1694 Allow DFHRPL libraries to be placed in EAS space of EAV volumes
76000 Optimize .js in CICS Liberty
77405 Set JVM name for OSGi bundle at runtime
79129 Add X-FRAME-OPTIONS to TCPIPService and WUI for CICS
82393 CICS RECEIVE/RECEIVE MAP API should have a "NOWAIT" option
83364 Allow Filtering on CICS system Policies
108935 Support for OpenID client feature in CICS Liberty






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