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Open Mic on 'IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security



Open Mic on 'IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security


Topic: Open Mic on 'IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security

Date: Thursday, April 23rd 2015 | Time: At 11:30 AM IST

IBM support arranged an Open Mic on topic "'IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security'" on 23rd April 2015.

The questions asked by customers during this Open Mic are also included with answers.

You can find the PDF presentation and mp3 recording at the last of this page.

Questions and Answers-

1> Does LPMS support TLS protocol ?
Answer: Yes, Lotus Protector supports TLS protocol.

2> Do we need extra SSL certificate other than inbuilt certificate in Protector for TLS communication?
Answer: Technically you can use the self-signed certificate. However, if a remote server does not allow self-signed certificates, you wouldn't be able to communicate with that.

3> Which Anti Virus and Anti Spam engine it use?
Answer: The AV engine used with Lotus Protector is from Sophos

4> How about mail handling? How many mails can be received per second ?
Answer: That's a difficult question since it depends on many factors like the used hardware, the average mail size and the options that you are going to use. Our website says 360 K per hour with X-3650 M5 hardware. But this 100 messages/per second might not be possible when you don't use the methods to reject on SMTP level but have have the policy process everything.

5> What about backup and restoration of the configurations?
Answer: The system automatically creates configuration snapshots every day. Also you can create and download configuration snapshots at any time through the web-UI.

6> Comparison between other Anti Spam and Lotus Protector?
Answer: Other Anti spam mainly focusses on its IP-Reputation mechanism / although Lotus Protector does also have a IP-Reputation mechanism it does look much deeper into the messages and it has an extremely powerful policy system and it can integrate with Lotus Notes/Domino as an additional advantage to Domino users.

7> Can Lotus Protector do Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)?
Answer: Yes, with the 'Document Extraction' and keyword searches it is possible to set up DLP rules.



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