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Cognos TM1 10.2 Fix Lists

Release notes


A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Issues corrected since IBM Cognos TM1 10.1.1.
Number Description
PK88782 Unable to see/select any application files (except .xls files) when attempting to set a TM1 User's homepage
PK92086 TM1web performance with active forms is really slow - collapse (drill up) takes longer than uncollapse (drill down)
PK93334 Unixodbc drivers on unix are not returning correct data when connecting to oracle db
PK94562 TM1Web: formatting lost when rearranging view
PK95664 TM1Web: formulas containing DBRWs and other operands do not work over the web when passing Selected DBRW inside an Action Button
PK99688 Cell with list with only one value truncates last character
PK99702 Active Form and Frozen Panes in TM1Web
PK99854 Can't delete a prompt in TI after doing a Save
PM00750 TM1 Web validation list not reacting the same as Excel spreadsheet
PM01243 Some Attributes do not show in a TM1 web view
PM01593 Conditional formatting not working properly on websheet
PM02499 Rules Editor (Old Type) : Reproduced ICC 362491. Rules Editor Editing issue via remote desktop.
PM02770 Freeze frame off when have hidden columns
PM02816 Word wrap inconsistency in Tm1Web vs Excel
PM02890 TM1 web sheet incorrect formating - format is not applied when there is no formula - everything else is correct
PM03061 TM1Web - Administration Node
PM03095 Copy and past does not place the data to correct cell on websheet
PM04265 Web Relational Drill Thru - there is no toolbar with this view so can not get data out of view
PM04584 Action of Dimension tab (map tab) in TI process does not change correctly if the language changes
PM04809 TM1 Web: Export on 64-bit always showing up as portrait even if set up as landscape. Works on 32-bit.
PM05432 Data validation list concatenates values in TM1 Web
PM05455 TM1Web Conditional Formatting
PM05989 Non-admins not granted read access to elements in }Cubes and }Dimensions dimensions.
PM07490 TM1Web: Hidden dimensions not taken account of in drill through.
PM08164 websheet with drop down box to select language does not display column width correctly
PM08522 Strange results appearing for blank cells when exported as text
PM08562 TM1Web: under certain conditions, drill-through to relational sources is formatted incorrectly
PM08580 TM1Web: collapsing a consolidation never returns results (times out)
PM09492 TM1Web: when exporting a relatively basic worksheet, the PDF option produces ugly output across multiple pages - croppd output
PM09846 TM1Web: Applix.TM1.Web.WebControls.Websheet.TM1WebDateTime
PM10776 Recalc show errors in slice
PM11174 Alias names are not applied on unspecified subset when accessed via SUBNM
PM11257 Active form slow spreading
PM11525 Unable to delete a defined subset in Cube on TM1.
PM11864 Cannot set global homepage for TM1Web to a Public Cube View
PM12348 TM1 Web PDF export does not render correctly
PM15245 Hyperlink formatted action buttons disappear in TM1 Web
PM16129 Conditional Formatting cell references change when slicing from TM1Web
PM16791 Operation Failed with websheet when using (Excel) exponential shortcut notation
PM16969 Active form suppress zeros fails in TM1Web if DBRW has calculation applied
PM17161 Dynamic subset in view not recognized by TM1 when slicing
PM17504 Unable to load objects from tm1web (processes and properties) when accessing through html portlet
PM17524 Combination of seleting multiple Sheets and Ctrl-Click on any cells causes Excel to exit
PM18796 Display in Cubeview for large view is not correct 9.5.1
PM18924 Inconsistent behavior between TM1Web and Perspectives regarding TI process completion confirmation
PM20216 Export to PDF fail when ExcelWebPublishEnabled=T is set and String cell contained Japanese.
PM20549 Picklist dropdown is misaligned with the cell in TM1Web
PM20905 Rollup feature used with aliases doesn't initially show the alias
PM21112 TM1 Web 9.5.1 does display an Excel comment in a websheet only once
PM21709 control subset visible in TM1web for every user not just for admin
PM21879 TI: ActionButton for Rebuild of an Active Form using Firefox 3.5 leads to hang of sheet-rebuild
PM22588 Popup error spreading with cell protection enabled
PM23317 Graph in TM1 Web does not display the correct X-Axis values
PM24051 Change made in TM1 Web sheet not prompted to save if user kills tab
PM24663 Unable to save a modified XDI file
PM24816 Picklists Write to Cube even when "Allow Cell Write Back from Web" is disabled
PM25113 Drill through not displaying in 9.5.1 a sheet that displays in 9.4.1
PM25820 Column wide in perspectives is correct but in web lable gets cut of in active form.
PM26664 TM1Web Subset Editor: Filter by Attribute lists are sorted in random order
PM26956 "Dimension Save" doesn't work after applying HF8
PM27256 (9.5.1) Excel 2007:Action Button Background color & text Color doesnt apply on Web.
PM29211 Copy and Paste does not retain all the string values in a single Cell in TM1 Web
PM29776 TM1web - graph with custom value format (Format Data Labels) is displayed without thousand seperator
PM31809 Adding new consolidated element to hierarchy duplicates the element
PM31964 TM195 Buttons grayed out in Excel 2007 add-in When the option to connect to local server on startup is checked
PM32208 TM1 Web Distortion
PM32214 Cant save Dynamic Subsets that go to 0 elements
PM32306 Blank Column appears when resolution is higher than 1680 x 1050
PM34275 Aliases lost when Snapshot to Excel an Active Form from TM1 Web
PM35399 Rows not lining up when using freeze panes in TM1Web
PM36699 Conditional Formatting not working properly on TM1 Web
PM36812 }StatsByCubeByClient TM1 cube not recording client information
PM37986 TM1web 9.5.1 x86 HF14 - graphic formats of websheet are not displayed
PM38140 Clicking subset editor twice with grey out screen
PM39034 Rules calculated zero values are displayed as "-0" indicating a negative number
PM41112 TM1 Process Worksheets not generating/updating error logs
PM41776 TM1Web, Chart legend in websheet does not change even column element in table changed dynamically.
PM44424 websheet with chart does not display legend correctly in tm1web 952 on w2k8
PM47689 TM1 Copy/Paste Picklist value in Cube Viewer
PM48602 Date format lost for spreadsheet in TM1web
PM48704 Order of cube views with similar names are reversed when added under an Applications folder
PM50273 TM1Workflow Excel Admin Console: Web and Workbook browsers should disaply workbook name with Excel extension xlsx
PM51749 AddCubeDependency() example is wrong in documentation
PM51874 TM1 export file not stored in local TM1 data directory
PM51961 Perspective crash AppName excel.exe ModName tm1.xll
PM52153 TM1web 0.07 save & edit displays incorrect value
PM52301 TM1 Web Excel Chart Title and labels displaying #NAME?
PM52420 TM1 Web: Browser window freezes when cancelling any cell edit confirmation
PM54342 Perspectives: Action Button gets re-sized when caption is changed
PM54458 TM1 Web, Hidden Area is "completely hidden"
PM54491 Using CAM authentication, user name with special characters is unable to take ownership in TM1 Contributor
PM55537 Enabling WebsheetPaging=True in TM1Web web.config causes headers in reports to disappear
PM55764 Copying a cell will only paste visible text
PM55794 TM1: Documentation for TM1SubsetToSet function
PM56848 TM1 Web misdisplay of percentage values while editing cell 57% 9.5.2 FP1 Hf5
PM57682 max out on 'Number of populated numeric cells' in performance monitor
PM57915 TM1 Web: column titles misaligned in active form when using firefox
PM58392 Accounting format displays # symbols in TM1Web
PM58517 DOC: Remove TM1 documentation regarding DisableWorksheetView as it has been deprecated since TM1 9.0
PM59249 TM1Server Security Mode name for integrated is incorrect in Java API
PM59505 Global Variables are not being destroyed when chore exits
PM59555 TM1Web Chart with offset datasource rendering problem with Excel 2010
PM59780 TM1 10.1: When running a danish TI Editor, it is impossible to set a variable's content to "Andet" (english "Other")
PM60086 Perspectives active form crash after insert column in Excel 2010
PM60530 Error creating new view in TM1Web: 92: view not constructed
PM60745 TM1Web: Exporting fails for a worksheet with conditional formatting, HRESULT: 0x800A03EC is thrown
PM60873 TM1: Data spread fails in a sandbox on consolidated cells when the consolidation is calculated with ConsolidatedAvg function
PM61212 TM1Web cannot handle more than one Group Box having Option Buttons
PM61690 Formatting disappears from Action Buttons when saved in .xlsx format
PM61926 Perspectives: print to pdf does not generate PDF file or generated corrupted PDF file
PM62048 Excel2003 pivot table filter and chart based on pivot table are not shown on TM1Web.
PM62066 TM1 10.1 Performance modeler: query builder: metadata exploer does not display views
PM62429 CubeViewerRowPageSize fails in tm1 10
PM62524 TM1 10.1 Performance Modeler - problem creating dimensions/elements in Russian
PM62840 TM1 Garbage Memeory Behaviour Not Documented
PM63109 TM1 documentation: Do not use "-" or "+" in the naming convention for first elements in sbset when Slicing to active form
PM63110 Create dimension by TI from text from flat file some part of Shift-JIS become garbled TM1 9.5.2.
PM63547 Operation failed in TM1web double clicking on null picklist area
PM63552 Upgraded database does not display the Start button in TM1 IBM Cognos Configuration
PM63559 Cells on some cubes become greyed out after un upgrade from from 9.5.2 to 10.1
PM64115 DBProportionalSpread TM1-Makrofunction not available in excel 2007 and 2010
PM64498 Large Dimension with 257684 leaf elements is not rendering in a TM1Web view
PM64944 Not able to enter percentage values in TM1 10.1 Web
PM65267 Zombie Elements in Dimension
PM65540 Text wraps in TM1 Web 10.1 if the Dimension Element name is smaller then the text/value enter in cell
PM65861 tm1web: some legends are not shown up properly in tm1web and contributor client
PM65996 iFlag entry and path to EnhTM1ApiConst.h under TM1GetViewByName in C API Manual is incorrect.
PM65997 AAA-AUT-0010: User authentication required message at logoff
PM66545 DQM Report Slower Than Compatible Report
PM66621 Dynamic subset not accepted in cubeview
PM66895 Incorrect result returned while doing simple searching for element in subset editor in TM1 Web
PM67341 ConsolidateAvg Flag Values Documentation Error
PM67748 Tm1Web - Operation failed error displays after logging in if contributor is also open
PM67871 snapshot to excel space was converted to number 1
PM68050 Picklist not appearing in tm1web correctly when using Internet Explorer
PM68174 TM1 Audit Log fails to show IP address in Event Type/Description field. Only show: successfully logged in from address BLANK
PM68190 TM1 Web some text appears in Italian
PM68370 Unable to set websheet as homepage in Xcelerator
PM68394 TM1 Web Pick List Fails to allow lower case valid entries to be selected
PM68480 TM1 Web After Export of multiple page websheet, page down & page up fail
PM68610 Open Slice from Cube view then Drill down doesnt auto recalc.
PM68948 TM1Web chart doesn't show correctly
PM69054 No elements shown in Subset editor when opening from Perspectives in diferrent language
PM69220 TM1 Server Service not showing as started in Cognos Configuration
PM69313 TM1Web: Export to excel faild with a error message.
PM69383 Export as Text Data cannot export 10000 byte data
PM69440 The TM1 10.1.0 Package Connector corrupts data
PM69559 Excel 2007 websheet Unable to get the horizontalAlignment property of the textbox class
PM69582 When copy and paste blank cells from excel to tm1web , client is getting wierd #,##0 symbols
PM69979 Focus of websheet shifts after calc
PM70263 Red triangle for Leaf holds is not displayed in tm1web or perspectives
PM70399 IndexOutofBoundsException TM1 Error Message
PM70441 Format not retained when doing a snapshot
PM70778 Non-admin Unable to take ownership of Node
PM70838 When copying/pasting single cells in Perspectives sheet, undo/redo does not work
PM71396 Inconsistent behavior when entering numbers via keypad
PM71526 Excel messages not encoding correctly while Perspectives add-in is running.
PM71683 TM1web Export Failed: Unknown Error
PM72072 Perf stats not seen for servers using CAM authentication
PM72390 TM1 Web Excel Export: A problem occured while resetting culture settings
PM73144 It is impossible to set variable to Ignore in TI process when set to Hungarian
PM73415 [french] Views in TM1Web have wrapped/truncated numbers in some cells when using space as thousands separator
PM73602 Picklist disappears in TM1 Applications if it is outside of the area of the window.
PM73883 Excel comments in TM1 Websheets not behaving as expected.
PM73891 TM1: views canot be shared across applications
PM74099 Exporting an active form flattens consolidations
PM74345 TM1Websheet is misaligning the checkboxes after selecting an element from the subset editor in Firefox
PM74358 picklist appears under the wrong cell in IBM Cognos TM1 Web
PM74515 View Extract working different for string and numer rule-calculated cells
PM74913 ViewZeroOut not working if STET rule used in View
PM75160 TM1Web Operation failed message after pressing action button
PM75169 Perspectives crash after pressing action button
PM75623 Worksheet Action Button size changes
PM75943 TM1 10.1 Cannot use numeric keypad in Tm1 Web for percent values
PM76018 Perspectives formatting not rendering in TM1 websheet portlet in BI
PM76460 Performance issue in Xcelerator Web 10.1 on large Websheet
PM76604 NullPointerException - Unable to import TM1 Applications, Application
PM76690 Extra sheets/tabs created in Websheet exports due to hidden worksheet(s)
PM77091 Active form taking text from clipboard when created and populating empty cells
PM77098 Dynamic subsets do not refresh element names automatically in TM1Web
PM77733 Customer unable to kill thread in ops console
PM77975 KEY_ERROR on Slice to Excel after changing dimension structure
PM78169 In TM1 Web 10.1.1 Excel Data Validation for dates does not work if the Primary Language of the web browser is Russian
PM78240 Creating Active Form with more than 20 Dimensions results in extra brackets and Web Error
PM79386 CubeCreate can use more than 16 dimensions
PM79412 Operations Failed message
PM79416 " Operation Failed” message when selecting from the picklist in a websheet active form
PM79422 Blank TM1XL error box when using Action Button to navigate to new workbook containing SUBNM
PM79573 Invalid maximum value for the parameter VMM in the manual TM1 10.1.1 Operation Guide
PM80286 TM1 API: problems using TM1SystemAdminHostGet_VB
PM80354 CellPutProportionalSpread function fails in Ti process when run with non-admin
PM80460 Cognos BI 10.2 crosstab report against TM1 data source gives unxpected results and behavior when refreshing prompt selection.
PM80886 TI Process taking much longer to complete with Parallel Interaction enabled.
PM80972 Websheet w action button renders as garbage
PM80996 ExcelWebPublishEnabled=T does not work propery when publish from external PC.
PM81003 Excel PMT function not working in TM1 Web
PM81078 Excel Data validations not working correctly in TM1Web
PM81329 CellIncrementN function is not properly recorded in transacion Log
PM81356 Issue with multiple database directories in TM1
PM81369 tm1 9.5.2 FP2 shows editible cells using a tm1web view where FP3 shows all cells uneditible for admin user
PM81467 Audit log recording additional errors in the tm1server.log when using more than one DatabaseDirectory in the tm1s.cfg file
PM81559 TM1Web : Operation Failed when opening a sheet with TM1User function
PM81602 Dynamic views stopped working in Cognos Contributor
PM81714 TM1 9.5.2 HF8 to 9.5.2 FP3 upgrade, causing BI DQM Report performance degradation
PM81719 After Upgrading to TM1 9.5.2 FP3, BI Report takes a long time to run and then TM1 Throws SystemOutOfMemory error
PM81828 Very slow performance on a tree prompt against TM1
PM81916 Transfer out and in not retaining correct Dimension and chore settings.
PM82004 The old code is executed when you run a modified TI process without a prior Save
PM82010 Using the ambigous description name of an InfoCube instead of the unique technical name
PM82172 Run-time error '13' opening TM1 worksheet with embedded chart
PM82326 TM1 Web: Unable to enter Data after applying FP3
PM82456 TM1 CQM BI Reports Perform Slower After a DQM Report is ran
PM82635 Documention - no such env variable as "ALLUSERSPROFILES"
PM82823 TM1: Hold Consolidate icon does not appear in Perspectives/Web when using CAM Security
PM82847 Metadata Updates and Private Subsets Spurious Locking
PM82851 Percentage symbol repeated twice in a string cell causes "Operation Failed" in "Slice to Excel"
PM82890 TM1 Application Images not working if CAM URI contains a second virtual directory path
PM82994 TM1 Web snapshop\export does not show alias on sheet tab
PM83136 TM1 10 Documentation not clear with Operation Console installation
PM83217 The user counter in the TM1 Web logfile tm1web.log does not show the real number of connected users
PM83242 The format for TM1 Operations Console log file is both comma and tab deliminated by default and cannot be customised
PM83288 Tm1 server crash - TM1 Build Number10.1.10000.26473
PM83388 Very slow performance for MDX query with million member in a hierarchy
PM83477 Error when doing view extract
PM83539 SecurityRefresh not working in TI for non-admin users with Security Access set
PM83675 Scheduled chores starting 2 minutes late
PM83766 Unable to configure TM1 with signed certificate....
PM83792 % values not displayed correctly in TM1 web
PM83962 tm1web: Cell shows pick list that should not be there (Picklist from Sellect Rollup cell is duplicated on separate cell)
PM84102 Server crash
PM84128 Create Total element is set to Yes for measure dimension
PM84270 Error in TM1 server log after upgrade
PM84309 Local Server (pdata) does not start when selecting "Start Local Server" From File Menu in Architect
PM84822 TM1Web 10.1.1 Drill through to external DB causes Operation failed after a SnapShot to Excel operation
PM84886 Performance problem when setting CognosMDX.CellCacheEnable=True in tm1s.cfg
PM85005 TM1 Server crashing when opening a .cdd file via TM1 Applications
PM85089 TI functions fail with contatenated DB paths in cfg-file
PM85233 Operation failed error when launching Tm1web
PM85494 Tm1 performance modeler in 10.1.1 FP1 has problem with losing focus when moving dimension elements up and down
PM85513 Unable to unzip TM1 10.1.1 sample
PM85728 In rule links, duplicate feeders are repeated for every element of the target dimension
PM85748 DimensionElementInsertDirect and DimensionElementComponentAddDirect commands causing TM1 server to crash
PM85785 Unable to delete private views in TM1web
PM85945 Customer cannot open cube in Performance Modeler
PM86041 Unable to add operations group in TM1 operations console.
PM86118 TM1 9.5.2 FP3 HF4 Server crashes when trying to write data to SAP BW using the Cenit BW Connection
PM86187 TM1 Operations Console does not apply filters when thread type not selected
PM86205 Adding a dimension to a new cube in Performance Modeler changes dimension location.
PM86266 TM1Web: Excel-process and TM1ExcelService hangs
PM86357 Elements in Subset disappearing from TM1 Architect
PM86387 Creating a cube with greater than 58 chars in Perf Modeler generates a failure
PM86457 Guided import in Performance Modeller crashes TM1 server
PM86619 Locking occuring on an ObjectCreate or ObjectDestroy instigated from TM1 Contributor.
PM86626 Slice to Excel results in "Invalid number of arguments" and "*KEY_ERR"
PM86706 Guided Import - mapped measures dimension issue
PM86710 CubeClearData Turbo Integrator Function Clears Feeders From Linked Cubes
PM86834 tm1: View was not saved on the server
PM86976 [DOC] TI Fct ExecuteProcess - tm1smsg.log is obsolete and has been replaced by tm1server.log
PM86979 [DOC] TI fct IF - The TI fct ELSE is not documented
PM87000 Tm1 Cube View Title dimension subset Index Issue
PM87306 In FP1 only : TM1Web cannot navigate between sheets of distinct TM1 servers
PM87332 Documentation is not specific about rules and invalid cells
PM87341 ROUNDP not rounding correctly
PM87649 Calculations may result in very small values, but not zero, which makes "safe divide" generate a very large number.
PM87695 TM1:The source cube in a TI process link gets automatically included in a TUnit folder
PM87735 Creating action button to worksheet with ISB crashes Excel\Perspectives
PM87804 TM1 process in 9.5.2.FP3 crashes with #N/A while working in 9.5.2.FP2
PM87882 TM1: Regeneration of process based on a link in Performance Modeler resets the default option for Logging
PM87901 TM1 Server crash - MDX Query
PM87977 After running Oracle ODBC process, TI process with variable names in Russian fail until the server is restarted
PM88010 Snapshot web sheet that contain action button crashes Excel
PM88098 Background color formatting disappears from Action Buttons when saved in .xlsx format
PM88122 Cannot select item from Excel data validation list in TM1Web 9.5.2 FP3
PM88316 Drill menu is not available in Active Forms in TM1 10.1 Perspectives
PM88508 TM1: Dynamic subsets with expand-above enabled do not resolve after server restart
PM88657 Tm1 server crash bluenose-related TM1 10.1.1
PM88788 Changing a zero value in a Websheet used in Application Web results in a 143: data spread failed message
PM89065 Hyperlinks to Workbooks of type .xlsx do not work in TM1web
PM89098 ViewZeroOut() function with view referencing a dimension that no longer exists crashes server
PM89244 Cognos TM1 Web 10.1.1 behaviour with Process dialog box
PM89297 Cube Viewer rendering and recalculation performance in IE much worse than Firefox
PM89360 Views not caching after SaveDataAll
PM89528 BI Report with TM1 Data, Unable to kill thread via TM1Top
PM89575 TM1 Server Crashing with Save Data All, seemingly related to UDCs/Rollups
PM89791 Accessing multiple TM1 server instances from TM1 Web does not work as documented
PM89810 Application Web: Cells are not writable
PM89858 TM1Web: Webcubeview with a dynamic subset doesn't update die row-dimension
PM89974 Changing action in dimension tab at TI does not affect in Japanese environment.
PM90211 Subset comes in blank when creating a consolidation from a private subset
PM90301 F2 on SUBNM function cell goes blank after Disconnect - Connect using cam authentication.
PM90369 it should be possible to specify the admin port other than the default for monitored tm1 admin servers
PM90676 tm1 10.1 GA or FP1 sever crash when selecting user created "}client" dimension.
PM90729 TM1 10.1.1 FP1 Server Hang due to concurrent TM1 API fcts TM1ViewArrayCalculate and TM1ViewExtractGetNext
PM91040 Digital signature expired for TM1 Perspectives Excel Add-in
PM91105 TM1 9.5.2 FP3 User names with invalid windows character "/" accepted however folder not created
PM91665 SUBNM Not working after applying TM1Web 10.1.1 FP1 HF4
PM91884 Unable to Transfer in TI process in Performance Modeler: java.lang.String incompatible with [Ljava.lang.String;
PM92019 After pressing 'logout', the TM1Web logon page does not display the available servers when AdminHost is hardcoded
PM93517 PersistentFeeders parameter change to default T in TM1 10.1.1
PM94372 TM1 Server crash
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.
Number Description
PM97736 PM does not respond after opening a view that was migrated in from a Cognos Planning application
PM65978 ISB: problem with date-format
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.
Number Description
PI04950 TM1 websheet generating "Array index out of range"
PI05091 Discrepancies between TM1 Web and slice or snapshotto Excel
PI05435 Session timed out when clicking on a dimension in TM1 Web
PI05496 Freeze Pane Lines Not Expanding in Web 10.2
PI05497 Drop Down Validation Lists and Freeze Pane problems in Web 10.2
PI05500 The horizontal row gridlines in a Websheet with a freeze pane is not aligned after scrolling up and down.
PI05506 When Auto Sizing a Column Headers are not respected in Web
PI05510 Cell Resize Affects Action Button Size in Web
PI05511 Action button in TM1Web not working. Error: Process Failed null
PI05606 After closing the righmost tab, snaps to the 1st open tab rather than the next last one
PI05795 TM1 Server Crash after running 2 TI processes
PI05922 Dimension Hierarchy in DQ is wrong, correct in CQ
PI06306 visualizing data flows doesn't work correctly with Russian names of objects.
PI06830 Customer's production TM1 server crashing
PI07367 TM1web 10.2 commiting data updates the wrong cell
PI07413 Regression: Action button navigation to sheet within same workbook and replace current workbook does not work
PI07597 Cognos Insight guided import hangs when running on an operating system running Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 11
PI07973 tm1server: tm1ipmp.exe crashed when exiting Cognos Insight on a 32-bit Windows 7 box
PI08008 Relative Proportional Spread is speading based on selected cell, not the cell you choose to relatively spread against
PM00897 Scrolling issue with TM1 Perspectives/Excel 2007 and Vista
PM03015 Excel Find and Replace All action (of 12012 elements) takes many times (1000x) longer when TM1 Excel Add-In is loaded
PM06430 TM1 specific formulas break when moving a cell (dragging the cell border to a new location)
PM10065 MDX statement using FILTER function fails to return values in TM1Web
PM11991 TM1: Worksheet fails to build properly
PM11992 TM1: Active Form throws empty error dialogs then "No RETURN() or HALT() found on the macro sheet."
PM15584 TM1Web: Double-quote within an alias-name, used in a Subset for Picklist doesn’t work
PM22227 DBS and DBSW functions not working as expected.
PM27358 Capability Assignments in german TM1 Architect - Fehler beim Schreiben der Parameter in den Berechtigungs-Cube
PM27658 filter on numeric atrribute does not work in Web
PM31404 Image appearing in wrong place within the websheet
PM32014 TM1 Web Range Selection Freezes the entire websheet.
PM39055 Perspectives 9.5.2 inverted Picklists with Excel 2007
PM41759 Tm1web - IE browser status bar appears to be continually loading (i.e. never finishes).
PM42341 TM1 picklists not protected when websheet is protected in Excel
PM49568 TM1web 9.5.2 HF2 slice from active form to excel when rows are expanded repeat the set of expanded rows
PM54399 TM1 Web does not update picklist values in a Cube View
PM58360 Conditional Formatting not working in TM1 Web
PM74219 TM1 10.1.1: Excel BLANK format of cells show 0 in TM1 web
PM76358 Cognos Express 9.5. Xcelerator Custom Consolidations disappear
PM77241 ER: ability to resize member window while editing links in Performance Modeler
PM85077 Architect crashes when opening a dimension with a large number of subsets
PM91431 Unable to 'filter by Atribute' in TM1Web using a blank attribute
PM92849 TM1web 10.1.1 Application picklist appears where no picklist should be displayed
PM94634 Cognos Insight: TM1 server crashes when viewing explore points within Insight
PM95902 Non admin users are unable to insert an active form with a private view
PM96058 TM1 Web Merge and Center Causes Text to Disappear in TM1Web
PM96819 Drill through to a cube that a user does not have access to crashes Architect.
PM97199 PerfModeler causes unnecessary file saves to .PRO files
PM97528 Cell protection locks all cells on TM1 10.2 Websheets
PM97694 TM1 Server Hangs on Stop
PM97831 Tm1Web 10.2 DisableSandboxing=T does not disable sandboxing option in TM1Web
PM97892 TM1 Web 10.2 Excel links do not work in IE 8.0
PM98025 Issue with processes where a dimension subset is used as the data source
PM98097 Launching 2 TM1web session at the same time
PM98124 TM1Web 10.2 Formatting is not correct in Internet Explorer
PM98130 Invalid Argument Error in TM1Web 10.2 with Internet Explorer and CAM Security
PM98136 TM1Web 10.2 Replace Current Workbook not functioning correctly
PM98317 Using Tm1 Web to display Russian it doesn't display Views in Application folder only
PM98684 tm1Web 10.2 Active form scroll action/speed noticeably different from earlier versions.
PM98690 Unable to export more than 20 columns in TM1 Web 10.2
PM98714 Consolidated-level expression are invalid for non-english languages
PM98791 Conditional Formatting not working in TM1Web
PM98854 TM1 10.2 TABDIM function returns the incorrect dimension name when used in TM1WEB
PM98944 Using arrow keys in TM1Web to scroll to the right stops working in websheets that are wider than the browser window
PM98959 TM1Web: action-button fails with 'process failed null' error.
PM99095 Modeling Metrics Cubes in TM1 Perf Modeler is very sluggish
PM99380 Bluenose generated stargates take a long time compared to native MDX
PM99385 Impact Diagram performance is quite slow when loading against large TM1 Model
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos TM1 10.2 FP1.
Number Description
PI06448 Update decimal number with comma (link to regionals settings used) in websheet only doesn't work for a string cell
PI06697 TM1 Web 10.2(German environment) numbers entered into a Tm1 Web Excel Sheet with a comma separator have no effect.
PI06994 TM1 10.2 Conditional formatting is not being applied correctly based on formulas
PI07177 Unable to kill TM1 thread used for BI report
PI07206 manual Subsetassignment to ViewExtract is not saved
PI07408 DBSS function not working in TM1Web 10.2
PI08077 TM1web 10.2 will drag unsaved values to new content
PI08254 Does the logout in TM1 Web support a Custom Java Authentication Provider (CJAP) against CA SiteMinder ?
PI08255 Backport the new TM1 10.1.1 Web parameter ExternalURL to TM1 9.5.2 FP3 Web
PI08600 When MTQ is set to 12 the values are incorrect but when set to 1 the values are correct
PI09127 SAP Errormessage gets cropped with RFC-Connector
PI09135 Cannot convert excel sheets that are saved as .xls
PI09375 ODBC connections TM1 server leaves ODBC connections open to Oracle when the TM1 process fails
PI09584 TM1Web: using Chrome/Firefox, unable to paste data from an external application into TM1Web
PI09634 TM1Web URL API - Context passed does not work in all browsers
PI09637 TM1Web URL API - Parameters values are case sensitive
PI09644 Copy a range of cells from Excel and paste into TM1 web causes other cells to change to blank/zero
PI10040 TM1 server crash when executing the TI fct SaveDataAll
PI10075 Updates made to websheet will not save
PI10190 Users incorrectly prompted for username/password from cafe with CAM SSO enabled
PI10206 TM1Web: Websheet-Export to Excel (Snapshot and Slice) and PDF do not work correctly
PM98837 Native Users with special characters in their user name are unable to log into operations console
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos TM1 10.2 FP1.
Number Description
PI06448 update decimal number with comma ( link to regionals settings used) in websheet only doesnt work for a string cell
PI06697 TM1 Web 10.2(German environment) numbers entered into a Tm1 Web Excel Sheet with a comma separator have no effect.
PI06991 TM1 Server crashing on AIX
PI06994 TM1 10.2 Conditional formatting is not being applied correctly based on formulas
PI07206 manual Subsetassignment to ViewExtract is not saved
PI07408 DBSS function not working in TM1Web 10.2
PI08077 TM1web 10.2 will drag unsaved values to new content
PI08254 Does the logout in TM1 Web support a Custom Java Authentication Provider (CJAP) against CA SiteMinder ?
PI08255 Backport the new TM1 10.1.1 Web parameter ExternalURL to TM1 9.5.2 FP3 Web
PI08600 When MTQ is set to 12 the values are incorrect but when set to 1 the values are correct
PI08769 View Formatting lost when a saved view is changed in TM1Web.
PI09127 SAP Errormessage gets cropped with RFC-Connector
PI09135 Cannot convert excel sheets that are saved as .xls
PI09375 ODBC connections TM1 server leaves ODBC connections open to Oracle when the TM1 process fails
PI09584 TM1Web: using Chrome/Firefox, unable to paste data from an external application into TM1Web
PI09634 TM1Web URL API - Context passed does not work in all browsers
PI09637 TM1Web URL API - Parameters values are case sensitive
PI09644 Copy a range of cells from Excel and paste into TM1 web causes other cells to change to blank/zero
PI09765 Inconsistencies in Dynamic based subsets between 10.1 and 10.2
PI10040 TM1 server crash when executing the TI fct SaveDataAll
PI10075 Percent formatted cell with Excel validation will not accept input
PI10206 TM1Web: Websheet-Export to Excel (Snapshot and Slice) and PDF do not work correctly
PI10221 TM1 Web 10.2 Rebuild Active Form Action Button does not also recalculate data
PI10317 Turbo Integrator Password field is Read / Write and reveals password. This field should be Write ONLY. Security Failure.
PI10434 TM1 10.2 Export to text function causing outages
PI10577 Export snapshot from TM1Web, sheet contain DBRW function in blank string cells
PI10761 "An Error Has Occurred" error, when opening websheets in TM1 when CAM is used
PI11034 Data not rendering in .xlsx when export Snapshot to Excel in TM1Web.
PI11084 Statistical Functions not working in TM1Web
PI11195 TODAY function in rule does not update cell after date change
PI11494 Action Button text is not correct in Excel when using Perspectives
PI11593 Applying TM1 10.2 FP1 affect negative impact for MTQ on using CPU effectively then it cause performace issue
PI11595 TM1Web subset editor fails to open using Windows authentication
PI11666 Action button caption garbled on TM1Web
PI11752 TM1Web: Problems scrolling up and down a sheet
PI11900 Unable to write to first row of an active form websheet with MDX row filter
PI11901 TM1: Operations Console not respecting timeout parameter
PI12236 Data not appearing in tm1web for active form.
PI12320 Action buttons show up in different location in tm1web than what's shown in Perspectives
PI12342 TM1Web: navigating to a worksheet via an action button causes the first row of data to be empty
PI12446 "STOP" message received when open a Dashboard saved before , containing 3 or more widgets (with at least one cube view)
PI12495 TM1web does not show correct value
PI12570 Merged cells can cause misalignment in TM1Web
PI12602 Unable to use DBSW function in TM1Web as well as Application Web
PI12682 Getting Java Heap space error when saving a cube calculation cell in Performance Modeler
PI12875 Intermittent TM1 Server 10.2 FP1 crash near end of Ti process
PI13176 1.Tm1 Application 10.2 unwanted combined cells
PI13231 Users no longer receive Access denied from some dimensions in the cube when attempting to open a cube view
PI13283 Tm1 server crashing when accessing view in tm1 applications
PI13327 Protected sheet with unprotected cells doesn't allow writing in unprotected on TM1Web
PI13507 Chart only, Grid and chart, chart types dont work in View mode for IE & FF for Iwidgets
PI13620 Error has occurred on TM1Web login after applying IF 1
PI13657 Metadata change in TM1 not reflected in Dynamic Query Mode package
PI13669 Unable to copy paste from multiple Excel cells in to multiple TM1Web cells at once
PI13701 XQE-GEN-0010 error when running PDF report based on TM1 Cube
PI13777 need ability to type into and paste into SUBNM formula on websheets
PI13907 Action Button - Recalc and Rebuild Only not working
PI13963 Action button - The advanced options dialog is case sensitive
PI13964 Text wrapping in a cell causes row to mis-align
PI13966 Action Button - Images are slightly bigger than Excel
PI13967 Action Button - Replace current Workbook option not being honored on navigate
PI14050 TM1RPTELISCONSOLIDATED fails to evaluate correctly in TM1Web
PI14094 After logout/timedout TM1web CAM, the login window leads to C10 instead of TM1web
PI14145 Year as TI Parameter in TM1web 10.2 differs from Excel and TM1web 9.5.2
PI14215 Using TM1 10.2 Web Cube Viewer, enabling Zero Suppression hangs an Export to Excel and an Export to PDF of an empty cube view
PI14323 TM1 Web - Formated cells are empty when calculated by the rules fct ConsolidatedAvg
PI14504 Tm1 application web is inconsistent with cubeviewer as "suppress zeros on rows" does not work after a dimension swap
PI14510 TM1Web Freeze Pane causes row misalignment
PI14739 Not creating unique names for excelsheet information causing broken images and action buttons
PI14788 TM1 10.2 FP1 causes extra vertical scroll bar to appear in middle of Metric Impact Diagram Chart when viewed in Workspace
PI14902 Failure starting Watchdog when user uses special characters in the password
PI15093 Conditional Formatting not exporting from websheet
PI15153 Server crash on startup caused by rules
PI15181 TM1Web: paste operations only paste up to the 'window + buffer' held by TM1Web
PI15412 Job containing many sub jobs executes much slower after upgrading to 10.2.1 from 10.1.1
PI15857 TM1 Dimension Alias does not display in BI
PI15870 TM1 10.2 URL API unable to display private views with CAM
PI16028 Unable to hold range of cells in TM1Web
PI16119 Comboboxes empty in tm1web if inputrange has only one entry
PI16220 Chart title that uses an Excel formula does not show in TM1Web 10.2
PI16264 Missing data in TM1Web after running Ti process to rebuild dimension
PI16417 Not recognizing named range with 3 characters
PI16418 3 letter named range not working if in an action button
PI16419 TM1 Web asking to save changes in websheet if there aren't any , then won't do a close all correctly if more than 1 report open
PI16420 Sq.root symbol showing up as quotes in an existing action button
PI16498 Need ability to turn of recalc when tabbing between reports
PI16558 Editing and attempting to save a ti process crashes architect
PI16796 FEEDERS not being recreated in TM1
PI16837 When a websheet is protected except for a range of cells it will not allow you to paste the value, it will display 0
PI16881 BI/TM1 Performance issue
PI16963 TM1Web export snapshot multiple pages with zero suppression enabled produced incorrect output
PI16997 Logon to TM1 Web 10.2 fails after the websheet property "Display Title Element Selectors" of converted XLSX files is unchecked
PI17043 TM1web Snapshot Export, conditional Formatting not correct applied to rows
PI17248 TM1Web: Action Button does not recalculate sheet
PI17262 If TM1Web application Excel file is deleted, TM1web session hangs
PI17322 Unable to export Websheet to Excel or PDF from XCelerator web
PI17377 Cognos Insight: Unable to connect to TM1 when you are not an admin on the first server listed
PI17561 TM1Web: TM1Web 10.2 does not show cube shortcuts in the application tree
PI18083 Data in cells that are tightly fit but visible previously is disappering
PI18191 Long usernames make worklfow page unreadable
PI18524 Sandboxing does not retain any changes made after first set of initial changes
PI19271 TM1 Server crash
PI19335 IBM Cognos TM1 has cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in the TM1 Web component
PM76722 Long negative numbers get wrapped in Internet Explorer but not in other browsers when used in TM1Web
PM82994 TM1 Web snapshop\export does not show alias on sheet tab
PM98837 Native Users with special characters in their user name are unable to log into operations console
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos TM1 10.2 FP2 IF2.
Number Description
PI22960 Export Active forms after collapse the consolidation make extra formatted area outside of table
PI16283 TM1 Perspectives with Excel 2013 - An Excel dialog is open error on slice
PI26963 TM1web 10.2 FP2 IF3 Snapshot to excel of an active form repeats the same data for each tab
PI26085 Cannot select multiple level in level filter in Cognos Express TM1 Web 10.2
PI27194 TM1 Web export grid lines showing when they shouldn't
PI20989 Scrollbar hides node in TM1 Application when user take ownership with long name
PI28277 TM1Web Cube View performance impacted by # of cells per page - due to unoptimized search for cells having Commentary
PI27829 tm1 server instance hang during TI execution
PI10614 Tm1s.cfg parameter MTQ enable causes incorrect value in cube view
PI29906 TM1Web Snapshot Export incorrect data output
PI10482 Quick Export and Export to Excel crash Insight for a particular view
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos TM1 10.2 FP2 IF3.
Number Description
PI27254 TM1 crash in TM1Server.dll at 0xc0000005 when executing TI Processes in particular order and Parallel Interaction active
PI29098 TM1Web: subset editor doesn't set selection when confirming via Enter key
PI29191 Action Button with 'Replace Current Workbook' does nothing in TM1web
PI30014 Data validation note appears on top of picklist
PI30023 TM1Web Snapshot file has wrong date in filename
PI31163 Export from TM1 Web not showing correct info
PI31243 Using the metadata tab with a Drill process breaks UNICODE query
PI31931 Lots of semicolons in TransactionLog with PerformanceMonitorOn=T in 10.2.0
PI32065 TM1 Server Crash
PI32165 TM1 crash at 0xc0000005 in MSVCR100.dll if PerformanceMonitorOn is enabled
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos TM1 10.2 FP2 IF6.
Number Description
PI53991 System server connect with CAM Passport locking due to private subsets and first time logon
PI54913 PMHUB incorrectly returns an incorrrect ID when namespace contains a space

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