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This document contains a listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager.


After version 6.0.5, go to to see what problems are fixed in each release. Click on the version that you want to use, go the Release Notes tab, and read the section Fixes in this release.

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Table of Contents:

Mod Pack 5 (6.0.5)
Link Date Released Status
Download 6.0.4
APAR Description
NA No APAR fixes

Mod Pack 4 (6.0.4)
Link Date Released Status
Download 6.0.4
APAR Description
NA No APAR fixes

Mod Pack 3 (6.0.3)
Link Date Released Status
Download 6.0.3
APAR Description
392898 Right-click on a container in Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager freezes the client browser

Mod Pack 2 (6.0.2)
Link Date Released Status
Download 6.0.2
APAR/ Work Items Description
354893 Enumeration type of view parameter value is not applied to container parameter
375061 Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager custom artifact editor properties show up as Undefined
375171 Japanese characters entered as a view parameter are displayed with Unicode value like %uFF0F
375453 Node definitions are ignored by tree views
375524 Exception thrown when deploying predefined artifact elements
376715 Error is displayed in the custom hover for custom elements which have an enum parameter
380934 Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager is not issuing the GC context in its request for diagrams in a node
381054 Created date of work item is displayed like 2005-06-30T08:05:00-07:00
381524 System element work item nodes do not display story points properly
381847 Two containers with the same link type from a common container do not load correctly
382425 Across server restarts the selected configuration is reset
384228 The custom artifact element editor does not work with Internet Explorer 11

Mod Pack 1 (6.0.1)
Link Date Released Status
Download 6.0.1
APAR/ Work Items Description
PI46054 Multiple lines get highlighted in the SPARQL editor
PI47357 Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 6.0 server rename fails if the Jazz Team Server data warehouse does not use default setting
374216 Order of node definitions is arbitrarily changed on Chrome
373092 View rich hover shows invalid page on Internet Explorer
369222 Conditional parameter for a connection does not work
368910 Sometimes Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager views do not work in dashboards
368905 Configuration aware full text search does not work in a single sign-on environment
368534 Cannot change configurations in some situation
368145 Open view commands might pick a wrong view when there are multiple views that have the same ID (in multiple Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager project areas)
366795 Content in nodes is not displayed if a view does not have a default node
366505 Query Result dialog shows wrong artifact name
365453 Text within a container disappears when a view is saved before the container is loaded
364442 Timeout error occurs if Test Execution Record artifact element is used in a federated topology
363558 Asset related predefined artifact elements and views have missing information (e.g. RAM built-in relationships)
361855 SysML Requirement artifact elements should have a more descriptive title
361791 Second-level submenu of Show links to menu should be sorted alphabetically
360723 Right click does not change the selection on Mac browsers
360659 Selected artifact does not open in the tool with proper configuration
360657 Sometimes the Show Properties dialog box shows the wrong aritfact name
356949 Artifact elements in content package are deployed even if the user does not have permission to create artifact elements

Release 6.0 (6.0)
Link Date Released Status
Download 6.0
APAR/ Work Items Description
PI32358 Cannot edit properties when the UI edit window has too many elements
PI37346 Opening a "self" view using openview commands results in an endless loop of entering a new set of parameter
PI37740 Hard to expand or collapse Tree Node if the default action is assigned
348675 Need to refresh My Views after user deletes a view
344401 Custom hover with custom query does not work for an artifact element which has a boolean parameter
344575 Cannot make two different links between artifact element containers if the node types and depths in the link paths are the same
348673 Cannot edit node definitions in a view that is imported from Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 5.0 or a previous release
350084 Reloading a view discards parameter values specified by users
350316 Click image or text with holding the Control key pressed does not open the linked page in the new window
352075 Arrowheads for connections shown on a Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager view are not properly highlighted
352990 Dirty flag of artifact element editor does not set properly
354604 The initial position of Set parameter dialog is inconvenient even when the size of the whole dialog fits the browser screen.

Table of Contents:

Mod Pack 2 (5.0.2)
Link Date Released Status
Download 5.0.2
APAR Description
PI18344 Order of attributes in SPARQL Gateway XSD can differ from attribute order specified in query
- Hover window width is too small, difficult to read the text
- Context menu sometimes goes off view
- Header icons missing alt text in Manage Dimensions dialog box
- Text truncation and case changes in search results
- Unable to add a filter to Impact Analysis diagram after removing it
- Removing an Impact Analysis filter prompts user with a wrong confirmation message
- Upgrade status page is sometimes present in the web user interface unnecessarily
- Double log in prompt shown when first logging in
- Cannot easily grab a container after setting background fill color to empty
- View editor shows an error message if "Value Type" is set to "Specified in View" for Owner's email or name (for detailed information, see the technote, Saving parameter names for an artifact element in a view causes an error message if the name contains an apostrophe)
- Dashboard widget doesn't work until after an explicit log in
- Label text is inserted instead of value for some properties if user selects a value in combo box
- "null" is shown as tooltip hover text for both node and line
- Unable to change the name of a view after it is created

Mod Pack 1 (5.0.1)
Link Date Released Status
Download 5.0.1
APAR Description
- This release resolves a vulnerability with the Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) component. Review Security Bulletin: IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager unauthorized access vulnerability (CVE-2014-3079) for details.
- Saving a query parameter does not save the copy of the query
- Wrong name can display in impact analysis diagrams when a resource has been renamed
- Cannot invoke color picker for node
- Shared queries and views are missing after upgrade from 4.0.6 to 5.0
- Internal error raised on Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager Check Out action ('unordered' enumeration value problem)
- Some hover messages of artifact element parameters are incorrect
- The product tree does not refresh top-level configurations when you create a top-level configuration with a dimension
- Trying to check out an already checked out product does not give the error message in some cases
- Cannot log on to Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager without first logging on to one of the other areas (getting multiple login dialogs)
- Commenting out a line in a query that has a parameter does not remove the parameter
- 'Type to filter' does not match the equals sign (=) in the Find Use dialog
- Show Audit History from read-only Product page not working, shows '[MouseEvent]' in URL
- Missing right-click menu to edit dimensions of a product configuration
- Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager upgrade status does not show progress correctly
- Unable to select more than one product in audit history view
- On server start after offline upgrade, the Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager upgrade status page shows the first step has not started

Initial Release (5.0)
Link Date Released Status
Download 5.0
APAR Description
PI12147 RELM client-side memory leak problem on 4.0.5 (objects on the right-side bar)
- If move operation on product fails, the copied item disappears
- A pinned tip version disables Replace Version option from context menu and toolbar
- Unresponsive script warning when custom product groupings query returns more than 1000 products
- Tree container shows extra expand icon in horizontal view
- Impact analysis profile names can be duplicated
- Export operation of an impact analysis profile with Full Traceability is not retaining the depth
- Save button remains disabled even after modifying the description in Reports folder
- Open a view from another view with parameter doesn't work properly
- Oauth error when refreshing a view after being idle for a long time (overnight)
- Contents of node are not rendered properly when a container is moved
- Text is rendered outside the parent container
- Cannot delete container without an ID
- Rich hovers appearing disconnected from nodes
- Save a copy of a query saves an extra query if name is changed
- Cannot delete a view in the view list if it is opened in the editor

Table of Contents:

Mod Pack 7 (4.0.7)
Link Date Released Status
Download 4.0.7
Component APAR Description
Lifecycle Query Engine - This release resolves a vulnerability with the Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) component. Review Security Bulletin: IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager unauthorized access vulnerability (CVE-2014-3079) for details.
Reporting PI17617 Error when trying to load product grouping

Mod Pack 6 (4.0.6)
Link Date Released Status
Download 4.0.6
Component APAR Description
Navigator (Views) PI10864 Multiline text in a view doesn't work on Internet Explorer V8
Impact Analysis - "Impact Analysis Sample Filters and Profiles" content package deploys to wrong project area
Navigator (Views) - Browser memory increases when a view is reloaded
Navigator (Views) - "Change Parameters" permission has no effect
Navigator (Views) - Can not open Find Use on a product node in a view
Impact Analysis - Original relationship should not be shown when inverse rule defined for that relationship
Navigator (Views) - "Edit Query…" menu item should not be listed for Text and Image object when editing a view
Navigator (Views) - Backspace can cause edits to a view to be lost in certain situations
Product Definition - Changes to a checked in pinned product succeeds but change isn't seen by the user
Navigator (Views) - Can't resize query editor in RELM view editor

Mod Pack 5 (4.0.5)
Link Date Released Status
Download 4.0.5
Component APAR Description
Impact Analysis - The Expand option should not be available on a node that cannot be expanded (leaf node)
Navigator (Views) - Shared views should not be common across RELM project areas
Navigator (Views) - Cannot rename queries in a view
Navigator (Views) - Side panel for editing a view is not wide enough
Navigator (Views) - View list is not updated correctly after creating 2 new views
Navigator (Views) - Refreshing query preview in a View gives 0 results
Navigator (Views) - Grid lines are drawn at incorrect position
Navigator (Views) - Test container clears updated text if another text container is selected
Product Definition - Add property on an immutable child product takes a very long time when server is under load
Product Definition - Pin is not removed when creating a new branch from a pinned product
Search - Queries - "Show Query" is blank when a saved query has a syntax error

Mod Pack 4 (4.0.4)
Link Date Released Status
Download 4.0.4
Component APAR Description
Impact Analysis - The dialog to add artifact or link in IA configuration does not appear when using IE8
Impact Analysis - Popup error message not displayed when running IA on a resource not indexed in LQE
Impact Analysis - When IA diagram is deleted, itdoes not get removed from recently viewed list
Navigator (Views) - Expand/collapse menu is added to view/query folder even though there is no data in the folder
Navigator (Views) - Zoom to fit disables zoom feature on Firefox 17
Navigator (Views) - Unexpected parameters is removed in parameter edit dialog (when editing a view)
Navigator (Views) - Text overflows from content box (add option to clip or expand when text will overflow)
Product Definition - Product comparison can show wrong icons for "added" items
Product Definition - Placing a top product under its child does not throw error message
Reporting - Reports does not prompt for LQE authorization and fails with error "cannot access the OAuthentication URL"
Search - Queries - Unable to view rich hover for QM & DM resources in query results
Search - Queries - Queries "Type to Filter" does not filter by folder names
Search - Queries - Type filter counts in search results don't always match the total number of results
Search - Queries - Editing a relationship in generate report page does not separate the existing and newly added relationship with "/"
Search - Queries - Create button gets disabled on running a query without first clicking on create
Search - Queries - Switching between My Queries and Shared Queries causes multiple redraw of the screen
Search - Queries - Query parameters in product groupings won't work in regular queries
Search - Queries - Create query dialog sometimes shows Save button rather than Create

Mod Pack 3 (4.0.3)
Link Date Released Status
Download 4.0.3
Component APAR Description
Search - Some Design Manager artifacts can't be seen in full text search
Impact Analysis - When system defined Impact Analysis configurations are modified, the reset icon is changed to a delete icon
Impact Analysis - Incorrect error messages when saving IA diagram with no name or target
Impact Analysis - ImpactAnalysis will not list out the child product folder when IA is executed on parent product folder.
Navigator (Views) - Performance issue is seen while copying a folder with many views
Navigator (Views) - Move/copy dialog of views takes a long time to close on moving/copying a folder containing large number of queries
Navigator (Views) - Select a query folder and a query then do a Delete, Only the folder gets deleted. (Same Issue exists with Views as well)
Navigator (Views) - "Created by" link in View/Query page can not open the user page on JTS
Product Definition - Replace branch dialog does not list the versions in any order
Product Definition - Incorrect refresh when using multiple versions of a product
Product Definition - Search results group all work items as "Change Requests", not Tasks, Defects,
Product Definition - Product view doesn't necessarily match what's selected in tree
Product Definition - Difficult to distinguish between product variants in artifact picker
Product Definition / Branching - Creating a product branch using dimension-value pair that already exists throws an Error message that says VVC could have been down
Product Definition / Product Configuration - No refresh of product tree on failed operation
Product Definition / Properties - Save button doesnt get activated while adding a new property to a product in Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 8.
Search - Queries - Searching for artifacts leads to no results after disabling all filters but Test Plans
Search - Queries - Locate element dialog box does not list all the versions of a product

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status


Component APAR Description
Impact Analysis - The "Project Linking" tab in Impact Analysis Configurations should be removed because it is applicable only when creating IA configurations in Rhapsody Design Manager
Impact Analysis - Vertical Scroll bar is not functioal in Impact Analysis - they should be removed and user should just use grab and drag capability
Impact Analysis - Running Impact Analysis on a product that is not indexed reports error, but the error message is not very helpful, it should tell the user that it might be because the index has not updated the product yet
Impact Analysis - Impact Analysis shows HTML escape sequences in titles (e.g. ""e" is displayed rather than double quotes)
Product Definition - Add Product selects the wrong product afterwards - a random product is selected rather than the newly added product
Product Definition - Adding a product to a top level product adds the product twice if Enter key is used in add product dialog.
Product Definition - If the artifact title is too long the product tree alignment goes wrong.
Product Definition - Product compare view uses generic icons for all links
Search - Queries - Clicking a product on search result should open the product page
Search - Queries - Cancel of editing a query should navigate back to query result page
Search - Queries - "Show All" items per page does not always show all items
Search - Queries - Number of resources displayed in a page does not corresponds to the Items Per page Value in Query results.
Search - Queries - List of queries displayed is limited to 100
Search - Queries - User is not prompt to re-login if token expires when calling LQE
Search - Queries - Show Properties menu item is not available for values in query result
Search - Queries - Fail to save large query that exceeds about 4kb
Search - Queries - Unable to edit an already saved Query
Search - Queries - Unable to save a query if description is not initially supplied, but is supplied on the subsequent edit

Initial Release (1.0)
Link Date Released Status

Download 1.0

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