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Cognos Controller 10.1.1 Fix Lists

Release notes


A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Controller 10.1.1.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Controller 10.1.
Number Description
PK92568 Copy specific company journal not working for xx12
PK94304 When making selections for the Group Intercompany Reconciliation Report the Currency Code is not populated correctly when the Group code is typed in as opposed to being picked from the selection box
PK95129 Ownership % not calculating correctly and elminations are incorrect as a result
PK96789 Form Link Does Not Work 8.4
PK99154 Wrong OB for minorities when % change on company with Sign change in account structure
PM03868 Conversion of invest elim wrong after change of owner and owner's currency
PM14018 E770 eliminating on wrong level after move of a company in the company structure
PM18767 After a structural change, there are no acquisition eliminations generated when consolidating a subgroup
PM20514 Currency codes missing in Group Net Value system report
PM20630 "Unable to open Form on Excel 2007, only: Standard Error Number:-2147467261"
PM22285 Account Structure Reports - Tick Accounts But Still Able to Choose a Form
PM23284 Company Journals by Journal Number - Shows both LC and LE Lines as LE Currency
PM24006 Cannot view EXTERNAL DATA log report
PM25723 Deletion of last row necessary to save a control table
PM27719 Wrong value retrieved by cc.fConsMethod
PM29680 Comments do not get exported with data in transfer export data since 8.5
PM29729 E120/Depreciation of negative goodwill within management scope
PM31445 IC Control tables /non-integrated accounts
PM32630 Copy Specific Group Journals - Created/Last modified
PM33604 Incorrect intercompany report totals when sorted by account
PM35012 Consolidation for a subgroup interrupted with error message
PM35744 E105 - Incorrect value in subsequent period
PM35912 "Change tables" on dimensions does not update some tables
PM36205 Unexpected view of accounts in Advanced Account View
PM36478 Security Groups/Extended dimension
PM36589 FAP: Summation account is simple (n element) in TM1
PM36810 Error 'Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow' entering User Rights (only certain users)
PM36886 Data Entry/ Standard Error - Invalid object name 'xdb' when saving a form
PM37005 Currency conversion account defined in general configuration flow is calculated with opposite sign
PM37798 Trial Balance - Send to application selecting 2 forms,
PM38139 Form Sets-Define\Adding a new Form to a Form Set
PM38358 E300 Does Not Seem to Handle Inserted Group (diff in trialbalance sum and consolidated columns)
PM38802 Enabling "NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation" causes error "File C:\...\Temp\rad7203D.tmp cannot be found" when previewing log
PM39057 Opening Group\Data Entry\Historical rates window, only half is shown
PM39253 MSAS 2005 Publish Error: "The 'Name' property cannot contain any of the following characters: . , ; ' ` : / \ * ¦ ? " & % $ ! +
PM39266 FAP error after changing 'To Period' for a group in the company structure
PM39385 Complex Structure Seem to Make IC Elimination (journal 3) to Not Balance
PM39386 Import Currency Rates in closed periods
PM39645 Wrong AFC value when calculation is done for the Group
PM40197 Errors running ClearforNyko Move group adjustments step
PM40408 Upgrade to IF9 Update Structures in FAP errors out after copying and deleting a Company/Group
PM40412 Java-related functionality can either (a) only use default TCP port 1433 or (b) is restricted to only one database connection
PM40421 How does export/import of security groups work?
PM40896 Delete Period values\Selecting All, All deletes values for all companies not only companies in the user's security group. (Cy)
PM41386 'Debug Assertion Failed'/Error in Excel (Reports, Excellink) when Controller application language is set to German
PM41817 Intercompany Profit on Stock reconciliation report shows an error message
PM42027 Some Forms Cannot Be Saved/Changed After Upgrade to Excel 2007
PM42287 When excluding LE from automatic journal define no eliminations are created for control table 760 in conc typ O2
PM42885 Copy-Reported values btw companies /'Change signs for all Copied Values'
PM43049 Deleted companies appearing in Security Group reports
PM43693 Etyp 18 is not updating XDB correctly
PM43699 ntercompany Profit Reconciliation Report Layout in 8.5 vs 8.3
PM43703 Company Journals with Statistical Accounts
PM43716 Reconcile - Sharholdings and Equity -report not working properly when Account Type Settings set to - (minus)
PM44154 Change in behaviour of intercompany postings relating to proportional elimination (8.4 => 8.5.1)
PM44230 AJTASBASE typo in documentation
PM44526 Oracle error when importing General Ledger Journals
PM45002 Intercompany 'real difference' issue when using transaction values and period currency conversion rate
PM45270 Journals Across in New 10.1 Version Does Not Work As It Should
PM45340 User Rights Under CC.Comp in Group/Data Entry/IC Profit Margin
PM45355 Cannot open report from xls
PM45419 Investment entries in Shareholdings and Investment register doubled\rows resized
PM45868 "Problem Occurred ... Something unexpected happened. You may have to restart the application to continue" when running IC report
PM45999 Long delay (for example 15+ minutes) when exporting rows to ASCI format from within 'Browse Data'
PM46138 Security Groups do not work with DB2
PM46158 Consolidation method Z in automatic mgm structure
PM46398 Sort order expanded counter companies in reports
PM46521 Intermittent "RSV-SRV-0040 ... CCLAssertError:0:Fatal: CCL_ASSERT..." running a Standard Report to PDF
PM47189 Report Group/Reconcile - Investments
PM47599 Controller client does not install on Windows 7 if UAC is enabled
PM47879 Advanced Formula Calculation - Running Consolidation zero's out another
PM47954 New group is not available for selection in Reconcile Intercompany Balances report
PM48055 Initial publish failed: Throwable exception
PM48152 Problem to view automatic journals at subgroup level in Excel link
PM48495 Cross ownership/ minorities data in FAP
PM48510 Indirect Minority Is Only Calculated with 3 Decimals And Not The 6 Decimals as Per Settings
PM48588 User defined Workflows disappeared after an upgrade from 8.5.1 to 10.1
PM48714 Unable to re-import Structures - Standard Error 5 - .COMException (0x800A000D): Type mismatch error
PM48789 Unable to configure FAP source on SQL server using non standard port
PM48803 Six extra zeroes and incorrect decimal formatting and "No Company Available in the Pop- Up Window"
PM48931 Error in Currency Conversion with complex account structure
PM49006 Forms requiring validation using the 'process layouts' tab are not appearing in bold text when using the IBM Cognos Theme
PM49207 Inv elimination 10.1/ Journal 10000 not reversing in structure with crossownership
PM49298 Indirect minority doesn't change after removing it from company structure
PM49692 Look-up table descriptions disappear when the security is enabled
PM49898 Error while running reports
PM50073 An error message occurs when running a CALC report
PM50085 Problem with % and decimals in automatic comp structure
PM50180 Losing comments when merging dimensions where both from and to dimension has comments
PM50388 Maintain\Batch Queue\Manage-View - Status rows are not appearing in coloured text when using 'IBM Cognos Theme'
PM50729 Error message in comps define when company group used by user
PM50746 System.OutOfMemoryException error when editing accounts in Define Account Structure
PM50901 Unexplained Retained Earnings Opening Balance entries in intercompany journals causing an imbalance
PM50914 Error in Intercompany Data Entry for user with restricted menu access
PM51081 E105 elimination not as expected, offset account not zero
PM51126 Incorrect Y+1 minority interest calculation for retained earnings account
PM51174 User Rights in Group/Data Entry/IC Profit Margin
PM51252 Log report, external data tracking showing wrong figures
PM51255 "Using security groups and then put it in as limitations in user rights creates an error message when trying to consolidate"
PM51519 Consolidation is 'Finished with error'
PM51789 Error 5 consolidate with status for a linked actuality
PM51810 Initial Publish Takes Longer in 10.1 Compared to 8.5 (5 hours in 10.1, around 1 hour in 8.5)
PM51828 Wrong minority elimination/wrong OB on share capital (currency conversion type C)
PM51878 Advanced Formula Calculation finishing with error for some periods
PM52368 Minority calculation
PM52377 Chosen Company Structures Dissappear in Edit Datamart
PM52660 Changing Contr. version in Ad-hoc reports doesn't take effect if you type it in
PM52760 Takes 30 Seconds To Open Code Drop List Box in 10.1 Compared to 5 Seconds in 8.5.1
PM52897 Excel Link report includes values for a disconnected company
PM52992 In 10.1 problem to select period 13 in comp define
PM53094 Delayed function when making selection in Trialbalance
PM53311 Oracle database import flat file Error message:(0x800A0005): Invalid procedure call or argument
PM53417 New Inter company report very slow
PM53537 Since upgrading to Controller 10.1, Users get disconnected when error occur
PM53652 'Reports - Shareholdings and investments' using sign change
PM53667 FAP: Initial Publish Fails
PM53876 Consolidation with the option 'Incl. Contribution Calculation ticked, is 'Finished with Error' in a Management consolidation
PM54389 UdBR\Function addDataWithFactor in combination with IC account with IC code J
PM54408 Incorrect % of interest taken for cross owned company
PM54428 Inconsistency in Trial Balance with Drilldown report where group includes a disconnected company
PM54442 cc.ftext dual language and long comment - crashes Excel 2010 but not earlier versions
PM54548 Window in consolidation with status chosing scheduled jobs appears cut off
PM54549 After Save As From Existing Import Specification Get Error Message "Value of the Variable is not Numeric"
PM54611 Missing investment entry after modification on non-related investment account
PM54638 Ad Hoc report an error message appears to user with security limitations chosing many periods
PM54646 Import GL journals allows Dim code in wrong case, Corp not CORP and journal type i3 should be I3
PM54788 AFC Accounts Increases the Consolidation time dramatically
PM54913 Feed Missing Data From Controller to TM1 When Booked On Dimension Level
PM54959 Problems with dimension pop up forms
PM54996 Error on Intercompany Report
PM55189 Company Changed Parent Manual Depreciation Details Are Then Not Included in Etyp 8 IB Rollover
PM55206 Company Journal delete line on intercompany account affect same intercompany account with different dimension code
PM55714 Missing value for net profit BS account after copy journal over the year end for copy type R journal
PM55946 The GUI in IC report, when open IC details there is no possibility to change the column width
PM55952 Automatic Journal Type 8 - E125 (Depreciation of surplus value in investments) missing
PM55971 Import External Data - Flat file
PM56018 Double amount on E300 due to change of consolidation type
PM56250 EN_Short (Text), EN_long (Text) Company Attributes are not populated in FAP when a new company added to Controller
PM56392 Calculation of ATJ60 not working for some periods
PM56512 Error message appear when retrieving calculation report
PM56742 Account is not displayed in full in depreciation detail
PM56926 Calculation report gives error message to restricted user
PM57023 Running reports with Optimise2 does not bring up Run Reports screen after an initial cancel
PM57065 After Adding a New Group in Company Structure Update Structure Goes In Error
PM57100 Manual Journals displayed with 6 extra zeroes when using SV (Swedish) as Application language (Personal Defaults)
PM57270 Error message "..COMException (0x800A0005): Invalid procedure call..." "FrTransferBT.ImportDataT.ScratchData" when importing FZD file
PM57364 User access to companies they are not entitled to in reconcile IC report
PM57465 Using filter option in Depreciation details window and deleting one row, all rows not in the filter are deleted
PM57584 Should valid rows in a GL journal be imported if some active/passive a/cs are outside the formset attached to the per/actuality?
PM58646 FSR no able to login to Controller Excel add-in
PM58738 Importing a text file from flat files imports values without commas i e 1,000 enters like 1000
PM58739 Change Table Does Not Update XACQ_CONV
PM59228 Accounts - Change Table does not include xobnyko
PM59342 Import External Data: Rounding difference handling
PM59448 "FetchComment ... (0x800A005B): Object variable..." error when restricted user runs report retrieving comments
PM59771 Wrong diff % calculation in IC Report
PM59960 Reports Run Report Books Prompt Company Name Box is Cropped (Only Half Showing)
PM60077 Wrong DB Version on FAP Database (table NRTR_VERSION)
PM60081 Etype 35 Jnl Nr 1 Creates Balance Sheet Bookings That Creates Imbalance In Customer Balance Sheet Sheet
PM60094 Currency conversion not working - table XBOLVKDALL not updated
PM60230 Unable to reconcile TM1 values back to Controller
PM60375 Automatic TM1 CAM user creation not supported with BI
PM60673 Retained earning doubled after copy journal over year end
PM60689 Error code:64 The current user does not have write access to the company
PM61165 Trial Balance with Drilldown slower in 10.1
PM61513 "Error in Allocations: !Member at level 3 is not an ancestor of TOTAL!" when running consolidation job using Allocations
PM62506 Advanced Formula Calculation not working for higher group levels
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Controller 10.1.1.
Number Description
PM00207 Specific journals not copied when company locked in From period
PM21178 TB with drill wrong results with Clos ver/Contribution version in columns
PM53880 "Frangovfp.cglobvar...Object was not found in registry" in new Controller 10.1 installs
PM53881 FrCrypto.dll is not automatically registered during Controller install
PM57888 Problems when selling a company and putting 0% Ownership in Shareholdings and Investment
PM61264 Currency Conversion/Share capital - CB/OB difference after structural change
PM61656 Reconcile report does an CB/OB reconsilliation on wrong figures
PM62666 How do the selections made in the Reconcile-Between Accounts/Opening Balances by Automatic Journals impact the data reported?
PM62878 "Out of memory" errors when repeatedly clicking F9 to refresh/run Controller 10.1 Excel link report
PM63198 Comments do not get exported with data in transfer export data
PM63334 Drill down by dimension on shareholding account gives wrong value
PM63451 DB2\Wrong sort order in Currency Conversion report
PM63524 Selection of Period 13 in Company > Reports > Intercompany Report gives error: Invalid Period
PM63718 Error Message when trying to save Company Journal
PM63790 Error "Invalid column name 'vernr'" when running Reconcile intercompany Balances
PM64224 Elimination differences in 10.1 vs. 8.5.1
PM64551 XBOLVKDALL not updated in company 7107
PM65666 Run change table for company code cause controller hang
PM65994 Aquisition report/ Wrong OB after structure change
PM66413 After Removal of Top Group No Eliminations Are Done
PM66415 Users cannot use the main Controller client (CCR.EXE) simultaneously with running a spreadsheet report
PM66443 Reports - Currency Conversion on Journals - 0x40000015 or 0x800A0CB3 errors
PM66496 Excel-based functionality (e.g. "Company - Data Entry") does not work in CCR.EXE if user's password is set to expire
PM66875 Standard Error (security error 2) when copying specific group journals between periods
PM67845 Need write access to the integration folder for controller to work for a non-admin user
PM67855 'Standard error number 5' ORA-00904 in Trial Balance w drilldown when drilling on Original company
PM67933 Installation of local client: CCRLocalClient
PM68152 Problem with TB with drill report
PM68176 AFC Calculates the Same Amount on All Companies
PM68177 Consolidation of AFC Takes Half the Time of a Full Consolidation
PM68202 Upgrade 10.1.1, account not reporting value on ONE form
PM68315 Consolidating allocations by steps fails
PM68435 Conversion problem in a linked actuality for E600
PM68503 Command Center - java.lang.NullPointerException
PM68519 Year end journal copy issue
PM68722 "Standard Error ... Validate Parameter Access Error" restricted users
PM68851 Intercompany report – selections displays no reports
PM69114 Conversion of weekly and ytd values are different
PM69654 Why does AFC job containing 'invalid' accounts run successfully as an individual calculation but not as combined calculations?
PM69657 FAP generates the TM1 Turbo Integrator processes. These processes include logic to turn off logging
PM69750 No figures showing in the reconcile report
PM69819 Unable to Consolidate at top level after migrating from 8 to 10
PM69831 Error "COMException (0x80040E14): ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected DATE got NUMBER"
PM70110 E105 journal not being generated for one company in database upgraded to 10.1.1
PM70147 0x800A07D5 error when running consolidation
PM70153 E775 journal not generated for legal unit
PM70218 Error message generatated when attempting to use Special Utilities > Automatic Journals > Adjust Opening Balances functionality
PM70220 Issue with AJT 35 in database upgraded from 8.5.1 to 10.1.1
PM70221 'Field does not exist in the Framework Manager model' when trying to use CAM (non-native) security with "Import from FM"
PM70321 Elimination differences due to changed E300 in 10.1 *IF8* vs. 8.5.1
PM70328 Browse data in 10.1.1: Wildcard % in test value and lowercase letters in test operator not working
PM70330 "Like" function in browse data does not work
PM70409 FAP: Cross ownership/minorities data not correct
PM70412 Journals across report REPO column includes journals since 10.1
PM70665 Opening Shares in subsidiaries on a BS-main account, investm. from previous years do not appear in the pop-up in DE rep. Values
PM70682 Controller 10.1.1 client does not uninstall fully (leaving registry keys behind)
PM70985 Rounding handled differently in controller 8.4 Vs controller 10.1.1
PM71070 "AJTASBASE" only works for contribution version BASE
PM71082 "Invalid Report Server URL... The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized" when testing report server using SSO
PM71157 Ad hoc report split into multiple worksheets
PM71333 "Field does not exist in the Framework Manager model" if using non-TAB (e.g. ; semi-colon) as delimiter
PM71414 Trial balance with drilldown showing wrong numbers with option 'Show elimination separately' (etyp 30)
PM71729 Forms not totaling Dimension definition
PM71730 No data was found for the current selections "2"
PM71968 HRESULT: 0x800A03EC error when opening data entry form with specific combination of parameters
PM71981 Counterparts with an other currency is not shown in the intercompany report
PM72063 AFC Accounts Seem To Not Be Able to Calculate Excluding Eliminations in Controller 10.1
PM72301 Wrong elimination from customized AJ after upgrading from 8.2 to 10.1
PM72336 Staging table load times randomly become extremely long
PM72394 Reports/Run returns Standard Error 5 - Keyword not supported ‘connect timeout’
PM72476 Copy journal between period gets error when "OB copy rule" journal type is a different from itself
PM72486 Access/Entitlement does not copy between controller and TM1
PM72924 "Connectivity error ...Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PKNC_XDBxx'" when running a consolidation
PM73023 Difference in behaviour of 'Roll OB Values' for AJT60 (8.5.1 => 10.1.1)
PM73332 Controller freezes for all other users find when 2 users run an Excel link report simultaneously
PM73339 Slow Excel link report performance and large database server load
PM73397 Intercompany Report - !Unable to find instance of model of type: ic[IcModel]!
PM74052 Import ExtData - Log Report - Decimal
PM74130 Impact of using server preference RRGROUPCOMPCHECK=FALSE
PM74140 It is not possible to retreive IC-details in the Excel link for a single company in 10.1.1
PM74208 Not able to load data for Excel link report if some cells use group perspective and some don't
PM74224 Customer is experiencing error messages when inside shareholding and investment template
PM74240 Investments Register export on DB2. Nothing Exported
PM74277 The cell or chart that you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only
PM74916 Excel hangs when using Controller Excel add-in together with TM1 add-in due to Excel calculation mode
PM75471 Standard Error on Company Data Entry - Company Journals
PM75472 Standard Error on SaveAs in Create Reports
PM75870 Error when copying company journals between periods: COMException (0x80040E14): ORA-00913: too many values
PM75881 Delete Period Values issue
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Controller 10.1.1 FP1.
Number Description
PM72582 Advanced Account view: strange display of some accounts
PM72934 Excel link :Linked actuality/ Possible to import LC values on a Linked actuality via fExpVal
PM73119 FAP: Company user rights not properly transferred from Controller 10.1 into TM1
PM73137 Data import:Issue importing files into controller after upgrade to 10.1.1 when security restrictions
PM73498 Data import: Extended dim are zeroed out when no data are imported to these items
PM73785 DB2 - Not able to retrieve company data using fgetval function when company security is applied
PM74032 Mapping table AFCs - linked actualities are not listed
PM74422 Shareholdings & Equity Report doesn't work when cons_by_level=FALSE
PM74509 Accounts Define Overview Tab Does Not Give Error When Trying To Sum Account To Itself
PM74984 Reverse journal can't show Chinese Character
PM75186 data entry in multiple actualities gives errors
PM75282 Forms in Reports\Run - wrong result in group perspective
PM75439 Cross owned companies and IC using rule E: Wrong journal 10000 postings
PM75561 Change Status gives error messages
PM75584 UdBR :numeric actuality doesn't work
PM75690 Cross-owned company when using latin method: Incorrect user-defined automatic journal posting
PM75773 Etyp1 and etyp61 not matching with complex ownership
PM75881 Delete Period Values:Specifying a closing version other than REPO also deletes values stored in REPO.
PM76021 Data import: "security error 2" when user with menu limitation try to reschedule "import external data from staging table" job
PM76627 Calculation of deferred taxes on IP (etyp 36) with the control table HT01 disregards decimals of percentages
PM76643 Counter dimension in intercompany data entry doesn't work for restricted users, an error message occurs
PM76711 In data entry IC pop up window no counter dimensions are available
PM76828 Database optimisation : Error generated when user with security limitations
PM76895 Slow performance when running consolidations especially with AFCs
PM76985 Trial Balance: Error message with drill down report with some specific selections
PM76994 Consolidation error occurs in some case when using D rate with IC accounts
PM77172 Report Books: error when running with dummy report code
PM77374 Free Form: no ext.dimensions available for first account in account structure
PM77550 Publish to datamart :Automatic journals 21 not transferred
PM77584 When 13 periods in Oracle: Copy company journals between periods (over year-end period ) returns error
PM78357 Error message in consolidation by step : AFC
PM78372 Excel link with local preference "excelcalcmanual" : F9 do not refresh correctly the page
PM79641 Exporting currency rates only for one period/actuality, but rates for all periods/actualities are exported
PM79645 Weekly actualities: no data found in previous periods in former groups
PM79755 Latin method and legal units : wrong automatic journal 10 (E770) on subunits
PM79957 Command Center not available in Workflow configuration
PM79962 Data import from flat file: it removes the source files on the server
PM80388 Upgrade to Nykomo :Error message in " Convert Opening Balances to New Consolidation Standard"
PM80524 Cognos 8 authentication : Issue with login integration
PM80796 FAP: The FAP Service on Local Computer start and then stop when trying to use 64-bit JAVA
PM80802 Command Center: Group tab not available for users with restricted rights
PM80927 Upgrade error due to non stopping all listed running services
PM81689 Excel link: Standard Error 91 when F9 used twice returning zero values for some Period/Company combinations
PM81891 Company structure: User with reading access only get error message when opening company strucure
PM82136 "Internal error ... \ccr-config\.eclipse\... .fileTableLock (Access is denied.)" only via Citrix published application
PM82527 Special utilities-Data entry automatic journals: Error message when entering
PM82879 Trial Balance: Error message with preview drill down report when linked actualities
PM82969 DB2: Ledger Report not working
PM83086 Publish to datamart: automatic journal 1 entry on two EC_group code when company chnages group during the year
PM83487 Not able to rerun company ->report->intercompany report after click on print button
PM85583 "Excel 2010 generate Compatibility Checker window when a Form has a color modified layout"
PM88186 cc.fCRate formulae results go to zero (0) when refreshed (via F9)
PM88391 cannot print reports via Run > Reports > from forms, using Excel 2003
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Controller 10.1.1 FP2.
Number Description
PM62878 Excel link: "Out of memory" errors in 10.1 when repeatedly clicking F9 to refresh/run Controller 10.1
PM83920 Cross owned companies - no correct elimination on E105
PM84020 Run report: Error: -2147417851 with XP/2003 and Office 2010
PM87383 Cross owned companies -wrong E300
PM90081 Consolidation by Steps > Automatic Journals - Contribution gets error messages
PM90952 FAP: Updates to Company Structure and subsequent FAP update removes security on Groups in TM1
PM93200 DB2 - errors when running reports on forms with linked structures
PM95388 Advanced Formula Calculation in weekly actualities not working for periods greater than 12
PM95644 AFC: Not possible to select weekly actuality when consolidating by steps
PM95857 Import structures : error message in single mode
PM95963 FAP : error message with server preference GENSOLDCOMP_AS_101=FALSE
PM96054 FAP: Removing user from Active Directory but not from Controller causes FAP to fail
PM96603 Ad hoc reports : error message when running on Oracle DB
PM97285 IC elimination: Period 13 does not show postings
Issues corrected in Cognos Controller 10.1.1 FP3 IF1.
Number Description
PI05586 Changes in structure > Publish new children in FAP > hangs Form processing
PI07157 Copy Company Journals Between Periods returns Standard Error
PI07178 Edit Accumulated Depreciation is not highlighted if depreciation is with decimal
PI07664 "File ....\temp\xxxxx.tmp is too large" when running Intercompany elimination inside consolidation
PI09871 Error when click Save for Generate Movement Accounts
PI10886 Using AFC formula AVERYTD does not create group total
PI11260 DB2 9.7fp2 on AIX errors saving data in Data Entry and Journal Entry
PI12355 Getting differing results for 2 different Consolidation types for Allocations
PI14704 "File ....\temp\xxxxx.tmp is too large" when running Intercompany elimination inside consolidation using 10.1.2669
PI15001 Wrong year's data (e.g. 2014) residing in table (e.g. xdb13)
PI16618 Error Message - Arithmetic Overflow editing account summation
PI18123 Differences in IC report booked against equity Opening balances
PI21507 E770 (etyp 10) values doubled in GC on some accounts
PI21612 Error in AFC: !java.lang.StackOverflowError!
PI21857 Enh - Possibility to restrict any event to only be executed at “leaf level”
PI24773 Invalid parameter 4: Parameter index is out of range. ERRORCODE=-4461 SQLSTATE=42815 prevents FAP cube Initial Publish
PI27613 On 2nd Initial Publish of a FAP cube, attributes are missing and cube is unusable
PI27708 Consolidation ends with an error after a company is disconnected from structure
PI28089 Intermittent very slow import of data (e.g. via flat files or staging tables)
PI29314 Security issue in intercompany report
PI30263 Intercompany 'Online Matching' not working in upgraded database
PI34515 (0x80040E2F): Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'changedate' ... LinkStrT_GenerateXnystHTTP" closing company struc define
PI34994 Error running change table when auditing turned on
PM62946 'After migration Olkomo-Nykomo, historical rates (etyp 1) not updated in xacq_conv'
PM83561 Error running Consolidation
PM89845 (0x80040E14): Invalid column name 'vkodlc'
PM97081 Company > Reconcile > Intercompany Balances report selections not working correctly
PM97509 An inter company transaction doesn't transfer to OB next year
PM98065 Strange Etyp 35 bookings in Equity specification
Issues corrected in Cognos Controller 10.1.1 FP3 IF4.
Number Description
PI50640 E600 - 'D' (Period average rate) Currency rate

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