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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Insight.


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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 7 (
Link Date Released Status
Work item APAR Description
133674 PI35153 IBM XML Data Config Tool corrupts user name/password when password contains ":"
132556 PI33541 IM Update fails to properly create the /migration/
361104 PI43636 DCC: The job queue is not cleared completely when canceling jobs in the Admin UI
356583 PI40912 DCC: ODS Collector jobs are in waiting state forever if there was a temporary DB connection problem
356271 PI42053 DCC open file descriptor leaks behavior
353697 PI42054 JRS: Metamodel initialization should happen on server startup
352923 PI39043 DCC - Timesheet ETL issues
352528 PI34497 DCC: Rational Reporting topic out of date
350129 PI42158 JRS Report does not report primary test data accurately due to artifact binding concerns
349444 PI42029 JRS: CRRGW5112E appears in log as ERROR when server is in perfect working order
347090 PI42039 Report Builder lists soft deleted project areas when selecting scope
346381 PI42151 Verifying out of box FM model shows errors
345620 PI41440, PI42043 JRS - Set Conditions - No values to select for Filed Against Attribute
342328 PI42154 JRS Not able to Handle RQM Categories like Attributes
339899 PI42155 JRS:Custom Enumerations in certain case display as literal ID instead of name
339475 PI42042 JRS:Version check fails for Oracle 12c data warehouse
339128 PI41958 JRS data source issues when using LDAP and custom DW extension names that end with “.”
336770 PI29074 DCC: Job status shows failure for all resource groups even though only one of them actually failed.
326204 PI42046 JRS: Messages in upgrade scripts need to be translated

Fix Pack 6 (
Link Date Released Status
Work item APAR Description
331422 PI28242 Improve DCC performance with Oracle
120726 PI23621 Response stream might get trimmed before the XDC fully consumes it.

Fix Pack 5 (
Link Date Released Status
Work item APAR Description
114538 PI17966 Oracle Setup: Unexpected validation of users' tablespace
82253 PM84838 ETL Document Generation utility produces core dump when data source is not available

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
Work item APAR Description
89489 PI06086 FileUtil functions must throw an exception if copying files to a place where the path will be longer than 260 on Windows.
102492 PI08196 RRDI returns duplicates in Request related Request (Relational Link)
104120 -- Only the first defect linked to a TER is properly returned
105128 -- Do not always retry failed requests
72979 PM72994 Need documentation for NLS_DATE_FORMAT setting on Linux
103896 PI10232 Rational Insight repository in download zips cannot be copied by Package Utility
104419 PI11102 When upgrading from Rational Insight to, Setup fails to update the IBM Cognos Web application on the remote ETL server
107506 PI13036 Duplicate CQ Defects in ODS Request table
108309 PI13678 Rational Insight Metrics Data doesn't look correct in Data Warehouse
110815 PI13412 Updates to migration documentation

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
Work item APAR Description
94898 PM97039 Some query subjects under CALM FM project missing text property in EN(US)
94020 PM96285 XDC driver unauthorized error using basic authentication with OAuth
93227 PM95105 in is missing for users migration from earlier versions
90242 PI06906 Incorrect translations in the data models
88667 PM96580 The XDC denormalization is not filling all the fields with data
83156 PI06901 Setup creates an invalid connection for MS SQL Server database
95743 PM99050 function SELECT_ETL_DATE is not working for SQL Server 2008
92366 PM94443 Miss default values for some fields in build F_C_REQUEST_TPLAN_AGING
92098 PM94216 Miss temporary table space customization in migration tool
91902 PM94066 Review the SQL statement used in build H_REL_REQUEST_TURNAROUND
91031 PM94233 Preupgrade task updates - missing backup steps
88138 PM90010 Insight DW version comparison problem

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Work item APAR Description
77325 PM78018 Relationship of Request Related Requests (by Relational Link) with Link Type is wrong
77753 PM83855 Change Trigger behavior for requirement hierarchy table
81198 PM85242 Test Plan and Test Plan Related Test Plan shows wrong data
66458 -- Refactor time-consuming fact builds

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Work item Description
74747 RQM_ODS1.0.1.1Update is missing preparevar node
71640 Jazz namespace does not support content store consistency check
63086 REQUEST METRICS data mart used with DATE dimension results in incorrect trend for Defects over time by week, month, qtr, year

Mod Pack 1 (1.1.1)
Link Date Released Status
Download 1.1.1
APAR Description
PM48320 Data Services for Rational Publishing Engine: REST URIs referencing ClearQuest queries with filters do not work
PM56556 The XDC driver cannot connect to RRC if OAuth and http are used
PM57512 Missing records in '{$0DS}'.'EXECRES_REQUEST_LOOKUP' ( RATLC01340774 ) (WI 61711)
PM58724 CM-SYS-5168 - Content Manager is unable to retrieve data from reference tables in the database (WI 61502)
PM62695 Reports in PDF format do not show selected parameter values (WI 22143)
PM62875 DataService raised exception when RPE report on external traced links (WI 66085)
PM63492 Removal of Report Server component does not Remove Report ServerRelated URIs from Cognos Configuration (WI 68417)
PM65521 RRDI: Requirements collection is failing using FIPS
PM67884 Insight:Data Movement task causes Out of Memory error
PM68255 OutOfMemory error happened when CC ETL on Linux (WI 42441)

Initial Release (1.1)
Link Date Released Status
Download 1.1
APAR Description
PM39530 Insight installer fails to perform an upgrade when WAS admin password had been changed
PM40218 DimBuild_D_Requirements concats strings without adjusting string length
PM40231 RIDW and RIODS are hardcoded schema names in the Datasource query
PM40990 CQ ALM ETL creates duplicate project entries in RIDW and RIODS schema
PM42538 System Requirements Documentation Incorrectly lists DB2 9.7 Express Edition as a Supported Version
PM45748 Install Dataware House on Japanese Linux failed
PM48525 Insight: Migrating DW to does not create triggers.
PM48743 Insight: Documentation to upgrade LKAD is confusing.
PM49131 Incorrect CQ history timestamp 00:00:00

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