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What's New in Enterprise COBOL Version 4.2

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Yes, another new COBOL compiler for z/OS! Come and hear about what is new in Enterprise COBOL V4.2:

XML PARSE enhancements, including:

  • Support for validation against SCHEMA (VALIDATING phrase)
  • Performance of nonvalidating parsing is improved

Customizable severity of compiler messages:
  • RC=0 even with Optimizer messages!
  • RC=12 if you want to restrict language usage!

BLOCK0 compiler option to change default to:
  • Exploit system determined blocksize!

Underscore in user-defined words and program names:
  • Generate XML documents with underscore without post processing
  • Use the same variable names across multiple languages!

CICS options in COBOL compiler listing with integrated CICS translator

More releases of Java supported for Java interoperability

  • Java 5 and Java 6

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More support for: Enterprise COBOL for z/OS

Software version: 4.2

Operating system(s): z/OS

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Modified date: 19 November 2009