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Fix list for WebSphere Message Broker Version 6.1

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WebSphere Message Broker provides periodic fixes for Version 6.1. The following is a complete listing of available fixes for Version 6.1 with the most recent fix at the top, for WebSphere Message Broker 6.1 on all platforms.


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Fix Pack (V6.1.0.12)
Fix release date: 13 December 2013
Last modified: 13 December 2013
Status: Available

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APAR Description
IC87114 Use same tcpip connection ID in flow if not set in localenvironment
IC87637 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC88757 Properties.ccsid changes on unknowntimeout thread
IC88977 The ability for broker to make a single http request call with header and body in single buffer
IC89542 SOAP reply uses qmgrs ccsid when propagating to out terminal.
IC89803 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC90416 SOAP reply will convert to qmgr ccsid on propagation
IC90615 Wmb V7.0 : duplicate SOAP reply error messages (e.g. BIP3761E ) may be generated.
IC90633 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC90780 Delay in aggregation completion from aggrgatereply node.
IC91314 Httprequest node cannot handle response with status code 304
IC91632 Fileinput node does not maintain file order for files that have the same last updated timestamp
IC91928 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC91987 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC92097 Set egsharedclassloader as context classloader before calling jcn evaluate method
IC92268 Xpath variables named after logical operator gives BIP4382E
IC93745 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC93837 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC94468 Wmb does not function on AIX where sed mode set to all
IC96473 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC96752 Incorrect daylight saving time (dst) jerusalem for year 2013.
PM75015 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
PM76773 An attempt to connect to db inaccurately reports BIP2338E
PM86313 Old stored procedure buffer kept after poisoned message
PM88129 Accounting and statistics for input nodes not accurate
PM88569 Emailoutput node with blob parser creates invalid email message body.
PM94654 Blank lines in text files on z/OS contain X'00' bytes
PM96539 Value of MQSI_SMF_FLNM=-1 is not working.

Change history
Last modified: 10 December 2013

APAR Description
IC72709 Wsrr cache notification listener invalidates cache too early
IC77692 UTF-16 parsing does not always select correct endian variant of UTF-16
IC78247 Scada does not log an error when a problem occurs
IC78527 Nullpointerexception in httpheader node while using xpath
IC78620 Ensure eg shared classloader is used when executing Java from esql
IC79109 Mqtt client is disconnected incorrectly when processing the connection packet
IC79177 Do not write to null outputstreams in scadainput node
IC79277 Navigation fails for the message tree elements owned by plugin parser when esql root copy is performed.
IC79282 Defer scada listener startup until after in memory database recovery
IC79380 Broker does not report failure of global mutex semget call
IC79458 Ftp service not setting timeout
IC79484 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC79582 BIP8223E during broker startup when the broker userid is not directly a member of the local mqbrkrs group
IC79691 A fileinput node with mrm parsing silently truncates a record which is one byte larger than expected.
IC79795 Uuid returned by 'uuidaschar' contains last 12 characters as zero on UNIX platforms
IC79986 Invalid precision error when invoking Sybase stored procedure
IC80051 Scada listener binds to all interfaces
IC80347 Insertion of large integer value to a number field results in anincorrect value in the database table.
IC80387 Cardinality of xmlnsc generic field type returns 0.
IC80423 Totalcputime for message flow is not consistently reported for message broker accounting and statistics
IC80438 Exception list tree has incorrect severity value for severe errors in UNIX
IC80468 Fileinput node fails to get input files from Windows sftp server.
IC80487 Jmsnodes throw npe while handling connection errors (nullpointerexception)
IC80734 Broker installation failure on Linux machines which do not have korn shell installed
IC80747 Mqsi_setupdatabase does not recognize ORACLE11 as valid database
IC80829 Update BIP3381 to indicate server busy as possible cause
IC80853 Mqsireload command causes broken message groups with -e option
IC80854 Sftp dirlist fails to parse single digit hours in timestamp.
IC81309 BIP2121E and execution group restart after database rollback exception
IC81322 Tcpipserver output and tcpipclient output nodes lose messages when using a sendto mode of 'all connections'
IC81540 Collection definitions with empty correlation paths are not correctly completed
IC81983 One-way SOAP message is incorrectly sending a fault message
IC82229 Tds parser throws BIP5426E when parsing a message
IC82405 Parser exception with monitoring causes validation issue
IC82536 Select query fails with truncation errors on Linux while using esql select on DB2 z/OS
IC82697 An xmlnsc message that has 'validation enabled' set can fail validation twice
IC82741 Incorrect xmlnsc schema validation error BIP5025E or BIP5026E
IC82810 Mqsireportproperties reports messageflow as valid entity name
IC84796 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC85653 Wmb V6.1 : the http proxy servlet rejects put and delete calls
IC85751 BIP4367E java.lang.illegalstateexception: queue full error from tcpip nodes
IC86535 V6.1 wmb not honoring codedcharsetid of properties folder
PM31648 Monitoring fails to emit an event when a parser exception occurs
PM35937 Wmb V6.1 - parsers used by shared row variables are not made available for reuse
PM47410 Rrscontext object leak with connections in z/OS broker admin agent.
PM52862 Problems deploying xml files using 0X0A linebreaks
PM55115 High memory usage in webservice request nodes when called repeatedly
PM57185 Broker on z/OS hangs whilst abending with httpinput nodes
PM58287 Smf 117 imflmfnm field length may prevent reporting of unique message flow names 32 characters
PM62217 On z/OS always notify DB2 of the end of a transaction

Fix Pack V6.1.0.10
Fix release date: 07 December 2011
Last modified: 07 December 2011
Status: Available

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APAR Description
IC69389 BIP2322E reports an ORA-01652 when using a clob in Oracle storedprocedures.
IC70069 Xaer_rmfail return code is changed to xaer_rmerr.
IC71086 Same parser exception thrown a second time down the failure path
IC72074 Event handle and memory leak due to security cache not being cleared automatically
IC72249 JMS messages of type other than jmstext or jmsbyte could cause 'BIP4662E: invalid type' at jmsoutput node'
IC73059 Service registry nodes classloading invalidly loading JMS provider JAR files
IC73124 Deploying wsdl without targetnamespace on <definitions> tag causes BIP3732E
IC73793 Soapreply node does not honour usernametokens
IC73823 WebSphere message broker V6.1 - memory leak in broker when WebSphere MQ publish/subscribe engine is enabled
IC74051 BIP2595E when parsing a chunked encoded soap/http response
IC74250 IE01 shows MQ timeouts in the stdout file
IC74260 IE01 tracing shows date as 19700101
IC74389 Nullpointerexception thrown by fileoutput node if the target directory is pointing to an invalid drive.
IC74424 Update to error messages added in APAR IC64927
IC74428 Cannot reduce sslsession timeout from 24 hours
IC74429 Collector node leaks Java memory when using different correlation ids
IC74509 BIP8795I incorrectly advises deletion of configmgr repository
IC74513 Abend when aggregatereply node attempts to put msg to dlq
IC74523 Only first attachment is handled as mtom when attachments are in arrays.
IC74638 Keyword true in esql comparison statement is shown as null in trace
IC74779 Columns inserted into an Oracle database table in an incorrect order.
IC74957 Sqlstate 'S22018' not set when casting a character to integer inesql
IC75093 Securing connection between proxy servlet and message flow
IC75102 Deploying a bar containing a wsdl fails with BIP4395E.
IC75169 FILEINPUTNODE:BIP3384E observed for initial rc of 226 for nlst command
IC75653 Message flow fails to read input messages via an MQGet node and appears to hang.
IC75670 Special characters in broker keystore password result in deploy errors.
IC75726 Broker should release connection after ORA-01114 or ORA-29701
IC75790 BIP4362E error due to excessive jdbc XA listener ports registered
IC75792 Do not force error on sqlstate 01506
IC75862 Reservation of streams ignored on tcpip nodes if close after timeout set
IC75896 Mqinput node throws BIP2727 instead of a security exception
IC76012 Out type parameter of an Oracle stored procedure returning incorrect data
IC76133 Mqsicvp fails to verify Java on certain locales
IC76168 High number of event handle count as the xpathengine locks are not cleared
IC76496 Performance degradation when processing large idocs in SAP nodes
IC76711 Cvp startup does not honour mqsiprofile on Windows
IC76758 Emailoutput node non us-ascii chars can be corrupted in non UTF-8 codepages
IC76966 Wmb V6.1 mrm validation not working with enums
IC76981 Jms destination list queue/topic metadata
IC77080 A dot(".") in the monitoring profile query xpath causes failure
IC77328 Wmb V6.1 - BIP2921E exception when calling an Oracle stored procedure with no parameters.
IC77420 Upgrade wmb 6.1 JRE to SR12 FP4
IC77496 Mqsichangeflowmonitoring causes eg abend when two eventsource with identical name exist
IC77579 Tcpipclientoutput node silently loses data after timeout
IC77593 Select call fails with data truncated error message
IC77924 WMB 6.1 collector node fails to recover collections onmsgflow restart
IC78197 Conversion error on fixed length strings - BIP2133E
IC78250 Abend when deleting an xmlns element created using folderbitstream mode and not parsed
IC78364 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on multiplatforms
IC78427 Improve error and doc around reading of 2GB or larger files in whole file mod
IC78791 Increase in cpu and memory usage when mqsi_free_master_parsers is set
IV02360 Scada node is unable to reload output bound destinations
IZ72950 File timestamp (last modified) getting changed while downloadinga file using file input node over ftp.
IZ83431 Missing free in Oracle datadirect driver
IZ95065 Not able to configure "MUSTUNDERSTAND=0" in the WSSE:SECURITY header sent by soaprequest node
IZ95408 Jvmmaxheapsize restricted to 8GB
PM23696 Z/OS condition handler should handle CEE5762C conditions
PM27070 2C1 abend in imbglobalmutexhelper::lockglobal function
PM34741 Env var mqsi_smft_timelimit results in irregular statistics output
PM39026 The result of SQL query of a char column on z/OS may result in extra padding.
PM43045 Exception in imbglobalmutexhelper::additemtotimerlist function
PM46583 FOR WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM46584 FOR WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM46588 FOR WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM46589 FOR WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS

Fix Pack V6.1.0.9
Fix release date: 15 March 2011
Last modified: 15 March 2011
Status: Available

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APAR Description
IC64841 Granting deploy auth to a user is needed for it to be able to run a usertrace
IC66516 Configuration manager repository file growing for cbroker table
IC66611 Parse clause with validation does not properly reset messageset references
IC66803 Xmlnsc parser ignores message encoding
IC67191 Incorrect le override behaviour for email output node.
IC67244 BIP3380E received when trying to ftp with the fileoutput node in wmb V6.1
IC67586 Wmb V6.1 - http request fails to parse packets containing multiple http headers
IC67951 Execution group abends during startup on Windows when using a network drive as the workpath
IC67997 Mqrc_converted_string_too_big returned when message converted from sbcsto dbcs/mbcs
IC68330 Format of BIP2228E error message is incorrect in the syslog
IC68436 Msg flow with ws-security enabled on more than 1 SOAP node pair fails
IC68506 Allow JMS users to set application JMS property values
IC68722 Difference between xmlns and xmlnsc document type declaration.
IC68807 Le override for remote server dir in fileoutput node
IC68809 Sapinput node flows do not generate flow statistics
IC68850 Monitor events structure incorrect for simple-content when expecting complex-content
IC68968 Wmb V6.1 - add asynchronous exception handling option for JMS
IC68984 Expose jndi bindings location and icf class as configurable services for JMS
IC69077 Filenodes should not emit error when lockfile already exists
IC69269 Getexecutiongroupbyname returns null for existing execution group
IC69338 Message domain inherit fails for xsl transform node
IC69364 WebSphere message broker abends intermittently while parsing an mrm tds message.
IC69642 Xmlnsc parser does not always reset the converter causing conversions to fail on the next message.
IC69670 New execution group is deleted from configuration manager after failed deploy
IC69754 Date parse format incorrect for cmp-api last update field
IC69943 Adapters usage of mqsisetdbparms inconsistent
IC69969 Xlxp parser error when an xml message bigger than 32K is processed by a fileinput node with timing:complete
IC70029 Message set deploy fails with BIP4395E due to a defect in xlxp parser when xsd contains xs:pattern
IC70097 Deadlock in collector node can cause an eg hang
IC70302 Copying an empty element behaves differently in the xmlnsc domain than in the xmlns domain.
IC70311 Session break does not force connection refresh on jmsinput
IC70359 Execution group abend when mqsi_free_master_parsers is set.
IC70519 Stopped message flows are instantiated at broker start-up
IC70585 32-BIT execution groups terminate when Oracle XA is configured on Linux X86-64 platform
IC70604 Slow response time from collector node collector node shows a delay propagating a complete collection
IC70611 Conversion failure caused by shared converter not being reset byxmlnsc parser
IC70646 Jmsinput node does not set message parsing properties in the properties folder when message domain is set to xmlnsc
IC70662 Soapinput node trying to send soapfault when a reply has alreadybeen sent and an exception is thrown thereafter
IC70663 Parsing errors in tcpipclientreceive node when message flow has additional instances
IC70671 Ftp delete failure leads to poison message loop
IC70706 File node ftp ASCII and cr,lf fixes
IC70739 Tds parsing fails when a dynamic repeat reference has a value of 1.
IC70936 Http or SOAP request nodes on Linux fail with BIP3150 or BIP3152 if more than 1024 file descriptors are used.
IC71177 Conversion failure during xmlnsc parse causes high cpu loop
IC71199 Mqinput node deadlocks on exception when orderbyuserid is enabled
IC71265 Collector node fails in error scenarios
IC71309 Invalid subscription is rejected but still stored
IC71361 Stack overflow on Windows when using a http request node
IC71406 Message set deploy results in an eg abend due to sigbus error onhp-itanium.
IC71677 Exception list is not populated in event monitor message.
IC71699 Messages sent from publication node fail with mqrc 2027
IC71718 Auto connection retry for outbound adapter in the event of connection failure with back end eis system.
IC71735 Fileinput node reports recorddelimiter attribute twice in message flow xml
IC71742 Expose timeout as a property in ftpserver configurable service.
IC71904 Sftp dirlist fails to parse single digit hours in time stamp
IC72038 Copying of the message tree with mime domain can result in BIP5651E
IC72091 BIP1205E:'CANNOT write to the log' error while stopping the configmgr.
IC72281 Backport IC65475 : tcpipserverinput node fails with BIP2628E javaexception
IC72350 Fileinput node throws BIP3322E due to processing of partially written input file.
IC72476 Wmb V7 - logwarning method truncates characters after "\n"
IC72520 JDBCTYPE4CONNECTION fails if the username or password contains special characters with BIP6232 and BIP6233
IC72526 Teradata jdbc TYPE4 connection fails with user sign-on exception
IC72644 The mrm-tds null handling option nullpadfill is ignored.
IC72646 The mrm-tds nullliteralfill drop-down list choices space and nul
IC72830 The mqheader node throws a BIP4395 exception.
IC73094 No such method exception reported in stderr for jdbc xaswitchtrace
IC73248 Timeoutnotification node fails to backout message on
IC73289 SAP message-sets do not free memory on un deploy
IC73578 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on multiplatforms
IZ74034 Wmb V6.0 - release JMS connections and the associated objects oncommit failure
IZ74531 Timeoutnotification node's internal queue handles get invalidated
IZ76756 Intermittent exceptions with reference to rmloaddictionary in WebSphere message broker.
IZ80923 Remove runtime properties from cbroker table if synchronisation disabled
IZ82219 Enable support for wsrr 6.3
IZ83499 The bit stream for SAP nodes is not included in the monitoring message when requested
IZ84394 Timeoutnotificationnode does not idle out database connections
IZ84723 Xsl transform node detailed tracing can be permanently switched on when turning on service tracing.
IZ89579 Transaction end event does not include the bitstream if selectedvia the monitoring panel.
PM03657 Httplistener does not recover after failure and restart of tcpip
PM09957 Update mqsicvp to display the verified Java version
PM11395 Corrupt le condition block results in process resumed.
PM11983 Java version checking is not consistent for mqsicvp and bipcvp
PM15664 0C4 after a failure in a semop call.
PM16300 Unhandled Java exception when attempt to open par file fails
PM16820 Broker started task jcl should not include runlib.load in the steplib
PM17232 Update startconfigmanagerproxyexerciser script with environment details for z/OS
PM17265 Ensure sharedclass loader is used when executing Java from esql
PM22303 Mqsireportflowmonitoring causes excessive memory consumption in the admin agent
PM24029 0C4-11 in innerthreadbootstrapwrapper during shutdown
PM29552 FOR WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM29583 FOR WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM29590 FOR WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM29592 FOR WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS

Fix Pack V6.1.0.8
Fix release date: 30 July 2010
Last modified: 25 July 2010
Status: Available

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APAR Description
IC63724 Difference between V6104 and V6103 when processing same the samemessage through a collector node.
IC64419 Filenodes using sftp dont cope with group names containing spaces
IC64644 Space characters in url names are not converted to their proper escape characters.
IC64927 Jdbc XA fails on Windows if queue manager and broker do not run as the same user
IC64932 Deploys of JAR files fail intermittently
IC64961 Error in stream parsing when lengths unit is characters.
IC64964 Mqsibrowse does not handle empty qoplevel in baclentries
IC65012 Error processing an mrm-tds message when definition contains a global group
IC65672 SOAP nodes fail to use payload encoding when charset is not specified.
IC65718 Mqheader node leaks memory when using an xpath
IC65881 The dataflowengine process enters an infinite loop consuming a large amount of cpu.
IC65936 Improve esql to Java error information
IC65970 BIP5004E - invalid SOAP input message after http proxy servlet processing
IC65984 Unable to produce external decimal output consistent with the COBOL for z/OS numproc(pfd) compiler option.
IC65998 Handling mrm unresolved choices in xpath
IC66021 Migrating of 32 bit execution groups to 64 bit
IC66091 Monitoring events are not emitted after processing by the jmsmqtransform, mqjmstransform nodes.
IC66126 Force tcpip node to close a connection when an ioexception occurs
IC66220 Mqsireportproperties outputs 3 extra blank lines when run with the -p option
IC66292 Esql/jni manager hangs during static initialization
IC66454 Broker failed to extract persistence from registration options
IC66540 The SOAP parser can corrupt the time zone info if SOAP body is created manually
IC66764 Excessive recursion in XML4C regular expression code
IC66774 Xmlnsc parser abends when an element has 8 or more attributes
IC66797 Memory leak when data location is specified on monitoring event
IC66806 Abends and illegalstateexceptions in the collector node
IC66828 Unable to use segmentation with automatically generated MQMD
IC66875 SOAP fault if SOAP request message has both actor attribute and timestamp element in the security header.
IC67041 Runtimeexception in soapextract node
IC67189 Queue manager startup delays due to jdbc XA recover processing
IC67305 Wmb V6.1 - odbc driver error with Oracle stored procedure havingpls_integer as return datatype
IC67322 Trace node does not output to file after out-of-space error has been resolved.
IC67360 BIP3614 received when using soapinput node because cdata element is not associated with wsdl by soapinput node
IC67382 Abend whilst adding diagnostic data to a Java exception
IC67409 SOAP input node generates faults with incorrect xml declaration charset attribute
IC67517 Aggregation nodes fail to work when using SOAP asynchronous request nodes in wmb 6.1 on AIX
IC67936 Remove the restriction on AIX when using an MQ trusted connection
IC68114 Mqheader node report tab doesn't work
IC68200 Backport IC66672 : httprequestnode abends on first message
IC68292 Wsdl manager ignores the default namespace defined inline on the<part> elements
IC68399 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on multiplatforms
IC68441 Fileinput node does not pick up files after a invalid operation on file of unknown length.
IC68498 Update readme.db2 file to remove the restriction on XA switch file to be used with a specific version of DB2.
IZ55639 While processing large style sheet xmltransformation node throwsdtmexception: no more dtm ids are available
IZ66784 Http listener start may fail if restarted too quickly
IZ67182 Allow a Java system property to be set on an execution group
IZ68324 Broker output nodes do not use the alternate user authority if the queue is already open.
IZ70064 Flow stops getting messages when using commit by batch
IZ70124 Secure connections are not released by JMS nodes
IZ70571 Mqsiformatlog fails with a BIP2176S error indicating that a message catalog cannot be loaded
IZ74722 Negative timezone values incorrectly interpreted
PM02727 Incomplete rollback and error logging after failure to deploy JAR file.
PM02814 BIP3386W msg needs to be expanded to include possibility of registry permissions issues.
PM03451 MQGet node causes excess memory consumption when called multipletimes
PM06159 Integrity check not required for db, MQ backward split migration
PM07042 Parsing errors whilst debugging effect message flow behaviour
PM13726 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM13727 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM13729 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM13730 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS

Fix Pack V6.1.0.7
Fix release date: 16 April 2010
Last modified: 08 April 2010
Status: Available

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APAR Description
IC67283 adapter refresh
IC67336 Esql cast from character as date or timestamp fails when using amonth pattern of mmm or mmmm.
IC67419 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on multiplatforms
PM10689 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS 10/03/24 ptf pechange
PM10696 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS 10/03/24 ptf pechange
PM10697 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS 10/03/24 ptf pechange
PM10706 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS 10/03/24 ptf pechange

Fix Pack V6.1.0.6
Fix release date: 15 March 2010
Last modified: 15 March 2010
Status: Withdrawn

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Please note that Fix Pack V6.1.0.6 has been withdrawn. For more information, please see
WebSphere Message Broker V6.1.0.6 has been withdrawn

APAR Description
IC60120 Java exceptions received while deplying JAR files for javacomputenodes
IC60724 Timeoutcontrol node throughput delays due to 500MS wait
IC60931 Mapping node database connection fails with ORA-01017 after idleperiod
IC61105 Tcpipclientreceive node does not reset connection for re-use after timeout
IC61184 Null pointer in application properties handling in transport header nodes.
IC61321 Timeoutnotification node generates multiple timeouts when redeployed
IC61382 Execution group termination after database ORA-01089 failure
IC61390 XML schema validation error due to incorrect message set reference when validation is on
IC61440 Asbitstream of blob using folderbitstream returns zero bytes
IC61441 Incorrect mrm cwf output with unbounded repeats
IC61468 Abend processing xml namespace prefix 'urn:' inxmlnsc parser
IC61478 Collector does not keep properties.encoding from input message
IC61482 Enable delayed shutdown of httpconnector
IC61485 Scada qos 2 subscribers stop recieving messages
IC61514 Database exceptions in scadainput node cause abends
IC61820 Unable to successfully parse a time containing a two digit hour value when the format specifier is a single h character.
IC61838 Mqcics parser sets length incorrectly for a version 1 header
IC61907 Httpconnector re-starts on configmgr auto-discovery
IC61921 Guard for nullpointerexception on messageflowproxy.getkeywordvalue()
IC61923 Cmp keyword parsing problems and guard in cmp excerciser
IC61958 Xml root name check does not respect xmlname.
IC61975 Mqjmstransform/jmsmqtransform node - poor performance copying payload
IC61999 Wsrr governance changes with cache notifications does change cache
IC62026 Copying unparsed mrm tree into environment can use wrong bitstream
IC62030 Mrm-xml should strip leading whitespace from xsd:decimals
IC62050 Undeclared variables are not flagged as errors in the toolkit
IC62080 Intermittent jdbc XA failures when running with multiple XA flows
IC62084 File input node causes 100% cpu and stops reading remote server files
IC62103 6104 proxy servlet doesn't forward extra header information
IC62115 Datadirect driver manager crashes when odbc.ini is dos formatted (crlf)
IC62169 Data pattern example from samples gallery causes errors
IC62176 Xsl transform node cannot reference non-deployed stylesheets via relative paths
IC62194 Configurable service for event based nodes
IC62199 Tcpip node to show client ip address information
IC62260 Extended precision casting esql float to decimal.
IC62272 Filenode should set length after writing to cope with filesystemlatency
IC62276 BIP2080E on execution group startup due to lock wait in jdbc XA initialization
IC62293 Stream parser error when using tcpip nodes'
IC62325 Failure to write monitoring message causes eg to abend
IC62335 BIP2488 exception thrown when user has chosen to handle databaseexceptions
IC62363 Unable to use kill -3 to take a Java dump on AIX
IC62364 Fileinput node cannot read files greater than 64MEGS on hp
IC62371 Msgtype not preserved for mqreply
IC62397 Rfcprogramid should be ignored for outadapters.
IC62422 Monitoring event generates incorrect applicationdata structure for SOAP domain messages
IC62603 Broker with non-default workpath causes failure while deploying resources like policysets/policysetbindings/monitoringprofiles
IC62663 Policy set editor does not set keypass for data encryption initiator
IC62716 Streaming to large invalid offset can cause out of memory abend
IC62731 Facilitate auto connection retry in adapter component in the event of connection failure with backend eis system.
IC62776 BIP5344E for extraneous open defined elements at root level
IC62790 Soapparser should override virtual functions in imbparser
IC62888 Remove runtime dependancy from mqsireloadsecurity to provide a version which only requires configutil.jar
IC62991 The acl commands write trace.txt file in current directory
IC63020 Intermittent jdbc XA call failures if different egs with the same name updates db simultaneously.
IC63031 Mqsideploy core dumps if odbcini not set
IC63072 BIP4362E at broker startup if number of executiongroup started on the machine exceeds 500
IC63146 Adapterclassloading from broker classes dir causes jni failure
IC63237 Allow file input nodes in multiple processes to read from the same input directory
IC63296 Xml parser abend processing elements in the default namespace
IC63317 Mqheader node not setting correlid properly.
IC63321 JMS sessions are not closed when client_acknowledgement is enabled
IC63364 Wmb - fileinput node over ftp can hang if ftp server loses its network connection
IC63479 Hardcoded http timeout written to SOAP registration info
IC63564 Cmp API exerciser fails to load ICUUC32.DLL
IC63601 Multiple jcns in a single flow connecting to a single db with GETJDBCTYPE4CONNECTION experience a delay in connections
IC63681 Mqtt cleanstart does not clear inbound publish message state.
IC63702 Intermittent large memory usage increase using SQL server odbc driver
IC63716 In aggregatereply node, timeout thread does not release its idledatabase connections
IC63742 Wmb incorrect multicast interface cannot be rectified without deleting broker
IC63770 Jdbcprovider type 4 connections for teradata database
IC63781 BIP7366S when starting an already started real-timeoptimizedflownode.
IC63907 Httpheader node does not correctly add a http request/reply header
IC63908 Dataflowengine abends when using mod function with zero modulus in esql
IC64126 Root parser of final message in aggregation changes to mqroot parser
IC64128 Mqheader node does not call clearmessage
IC64130 Sybase odbc V5.3 driver returns incorrect sqlstate HY000 for constraint violation
IC64205 Jdbc does not expose Oracle error codes to the user
IC64290 ORA-22295 when ianaappcodepage is bad match for Oracle database character set
IC64292 Odbc V5.3 driver for Sybase fails to commit if any database operation failed in the transaction.
IC64362 Esql query with where clause and and operator does not evaluate the expression correctly
IC64372 Wsa:action set to default value when soapaction value is specified
IC64486 Wmb - message broker fails to find Oracle stored procedures withno parameters
IC64489 SAP idocs are not processed completely by the sapinput node
IC64506 Proxyservlet ignores trace location on UNIX
IC64510 Wmb - parsing/validation error caught by flow debugger is not reported
IC64537 The timeoutnotification node's browse queue handle becomes invalid
IC64628 Message flow with wtx node results in eg abends due to XML4C scanner class returning wrong offset.
IC64814 should not be set to mqsi_jarpath
IC64935 Allow mqsisetdbparms command to run while broker is running
IC64954 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on multiplatforms
IC65014 Native static initialisation locks jvm classloader
IC65016 BIP5354E occurs after parsing a message using folderbitstream
IC65024 Extra delimiters are included in the data returned via ftp from an iseries box.
IC65072 Users are unable to override timeout values on tcpip nodes on a message by message basis.
IC65147 Additional sapconnection properties for SAP load balancing
IC65211 Can not insert large integer values into Oracle db due to incorrect binding
IC65243 Memory leak when data location is specified
IC65256 Mqsireportflowmonitoring abends using -p option if no event sources set
IZ50789 Mrm validation of opendefined complex types
IZ51158 Datadirect V5.3 64-BIT wireprotocol driver omit tab-spaces of SQL query
IZ51584 Cast of esql timestamp to esql character field using timezone and date prior to 01 jan 1970 can give incorrect dst indication
IZ54475 SQL insert to SQL server hangs if statement contains tabs
IZ55260 Record detection fails when the delimiter location is multiple of 4096
IZ57331 Backport IC60247 to S600
IZ57510 Allow multiple keystore access from message broker toolkit
IZ60262 Doc. correction for soapenvelope node: remove SOAP domain from the supported list of parsers
IZ62406 Shared row variables caused high cpu or aretruncated
IZ65823 Exception when tds length reference value is zero
IZ66556 BIP2275 can occur when loading the flows from the database.
PK89575 Abend occurs when using stats due to invalid semaphore
PK94772 Improve error handling if we fail to open a namedmutex file.
PK94862 The rmlocks step in bipbrkp is incorrectly placed.
PK96507 Report the depth of soapinput node in-memory queue
PK96849 Stack overflow if the c stack is larger than than the Java stack- unexpected exception in the Java API framework with Java udns
PK98896 Bigint support for stored procedures required on z/OS.
PK99047 Swift decimal parsing is disrcarding white spaces
PM00411 Improve the performance of thread management
PM00441 Increase in mqsideploy time as a result of restricted objects.
PM00450 Mqsicreatebroker support for MQ 7.0.1 on z/OS
PM00780 Mqsireadlog fails with BIP8217S due to corrupt trace log file.
PM02572 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM02585 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM02586 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM02592 for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PM04630 Bigint stored procedure parameters fail with esql integers on z/OS

Fix Pack V6.1.0.5
Fix release date: 11 September 2009
Last modified: 11 September 2009
Status: Available

Download information

APAR Description
IC56735 Fileoutput node ftp writing incomplete target file
IC59425 Support for urowid in Oracle wire protocol drivers
IC59685 Soapinput node fails with transfer-encoding: chunked
IC59800 "migrating broker to V6.1 doesn't copy busername table from the previous version"
IC60163 BIP3385 when multiple execution groups listen on a common folder
IC60206 Monitoring event payload is not parsed when payload is non-xml header
IC60245 Mqsicreatedb fails with DB2 connect V9.X
IC60359 Addheader option in jmsheader node sets null values
IC60487 Resource names set by mqsisetdbparms should be case insensitive on Windows.
IC60506 Deleting execution group fails to delete eg directory on UNIX
IC60625 GETJDBCTYPE4CONNECTION doesn't reconnect after network failure or database restart
IC60767 Complexcontent name not consistent for exceptionlist,localenvironment and environment
IC61001 Mrm tds incorrectly throws BIP5421 on negative packed decimal
IC61011 Mqsibrowse truncates brmphysicalres data
IC61093 Jboss throws malformedurlexceptions if space in brokers classpath
IC61108 Setting jvm debug port disables JIT compiler
IC61139 Initialisation db cant cope with passwords over 30 characters
IC61201 Wsrr cache update listener invalidates preload cache
IC61224 JMS nodes : allow batch acknowledgment for non transactional messages
IC61311 BIP5025E error in xlxpc parser while computing the length of data that has multi-byte characters
IC61317 Broker support for DB2 9.5 xml data columns with stored procedures
IC61366 BIP8018E while doing pre-migration check on a running component
IC61400 Monitoring events not emitted by downstream nodes of c plugin nodes
IC61406 Non-group messages are not committed by the mqinput node
IC61411 Mqsicreatebroker abend when odbc tracefile setting includes "~"
IC61512 Property syntax element initialization incomplete
IC61550 SOAP attachment processing may cause java.lang.exceptionininitializererror
IC61579 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on multiplatforms
IC61691 STRTRANSFROM10 element generated outside algorithm policy
IC61823 VARCHAR2 stored procedure problems in data direct drivers for Oracle
IC62045 Problem using substring in xpath query
IC62049 Tolerate jms_byte as a payload name on initialization only
IZ35332 Mqadmin format field removed when using the PCF parser in V6006
IZ39421 File resource manager should not abend with an empty rollback file
IZ43219 Nullpointer exception from endpoint lookup node while retrieving SOAP1.2 address
IZ43578 User defined extensions still trace when usertrace is not enabled
IZ43896 Include mqget's return code inside BIP2651
IZ48029 Memory leak when subscribing to multicast enabled topic
IZ48208 BIP7366S jmsrealtimeinputnode port open after deploy/flow stop
IZ49611 Setting MQSI_DB2_CONVERSION=UNICODE prevents broker startup
IZ50188 Database connection not released after Oracle rac FAILOVER(ORA-22922)
IZ52173 Abend after lost database connection with continue handler.
PK81657 0C4 due to invalid connection when call to sqlprocedures fails.
PK82421 Add an option to change Java stack size to mqsichangeproperties.
PK82745 Svcdumps should include symptom records to enable dae suppression
PK84890 Nodes missing from statistics report on z/OS
PK85209 Support for the national characters $, #, @ in the started task name of the broker
PK87625 Invalid use of unsupported c type sql_c_rowid
PK87806 Broker abends when database error encountered reading mrm dictionary from database.
PK89046 DB2 returns SQLSTATE=HY003 when selecting from a bigint column.
PK89363 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK89695 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK89696 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK89697 MDV for WebSphere message broker V6.1 on z/OS

Fix Pack V6.1.0.4
Fix release date: 11 June 2009
Last modified: 08 June 2009
Status: Available

Download information

APAR Description
IC54781 Clarity on accounting and statistics cpu time usage
IC55513 "using bigint parameters inside stored procedure cause exception: CLI0111E numeric value out of range"
IC57088 Wsrr preload cache does not occur on node initialisation
IC57219 Abend in mrm validation when using nested parsers
IC57560 In-order delivery of messages not preserved while using the option order mode ='by user id'
IC58217 Reassigning the standard output and error output streams using setout() and seterr() in xmlt node causes other flows to hang
IC58247 Procarchitecure not set correctly for migrated V2.1 and V5 brokers
IC58363 Allow configurable environment properties for jndi in JMS nodes
IC58455 Xlxp compiler outofmemory error
IC58467 Datadirect V5.2 and V5.3 Oracle odbc driver performance issue
IC58607 Unable to get a jdbc type 4 connection with Informix
IC58621 Fileinput node: failure in ftp-ing remote file results zero byte file in local directory
IC58716 Access violation abend when cnibufferpointer is called downstream fromxmlt node.
IC58786 Mqsimanagexalinks with parameter DB28 fails on AIX
IC58866 Enable support for wsrr 6.2
IC58890 Commit database resource before MQ resource in non-xa mode
IC58935 A message alias look-up does not need to match on the namespace for nested message.
IC58943 Context classloader not initialised in jni node
IC58946 Hang in xslt node when styesheet calls Java
IC58951 Use of substring in passthru causes eg to abend during deploy
IC58961 Execution group hangs when using monitoring with SOAP flows
IC59034 It is not possible to suppress the content-length: 0 header.
IC59051 Jmsinput node: fails to back out message if connection factory type=mqconnectionfactory
IC59058 Jcn translates bip message output to log
IC59090 Jndi error handling can lose msgs at jmsoutput node
IC59107 Allow Oracle stored procedure to return more than 4000 bytes fora VARCHAR2 datatype.
IC59116 Default SOAP envelope can result in axisfault if body is not in UTF-8
IC59128 Unknown datatypes not handled by jmsinputnode
IC59142 Enhancements for registrylookup and endpointlookup nodes
IC59164 Incorrect msg tree formed for blob domain in jmsinput node
IC59190 Imports in wsdl documents that use relative paths are not resolved
IC59197 SAP nodes : provide support for string to bytes conversion in getbytes()
IC59201 Mqoutput/blob parser include contents from a previous existence of the blob folder.
IC59217 Lookupdestinationinjndi does not use additional jndi env params
IC59229 Emailoutput node does not obey ccsid & encoding
IC59250 Httplistener abends when trying to create the working path on Windows when using a network drive
IC59260 Difference in behaviour between V5 and V6.1 for tlog hexbinary elements
IC59303 Ftpnode should use nlist when polling
IC59320 Mqheader node doesnt handle timestamps in MQMD expiry.
IC59398 Dynamic XA registration for Oracle 64BIT AIX
IC59402 Jmstransform nodes unable to build messages in UTF-8 with xmlnsc
IC59417 SAP connection only re-established on execution group restart.
IC59467 Configmgr hangs when deploying xml files with no encoding information
IC59618 BIP1107S checkcallingthread error during synchronisation
IC59641 Unable to set additional DB2 jdbc type 4 properties
IC59642 Jdbc/xa support in WebSphere Message Broker V6.1
IC59644 Http listener start may fail if restarted too quickly
IC59672 SOAP attachment sequence changes unexpectedly
IC59673 SOAP 1.2 message returns SOAP 1.1 fault on timeout
IC59717 File handle leak + memory corruption with failed socket connects
IC59818 Improve locking operation in configuration manager cuuidlocks table
IC59851 Empty elements may acquire the value of a preceding element
IC59897 Defect in the xlxp parser used by xmlnsc leading to BIP5025E xml schema validation errors
IC59899 Mqsistart fails if user issuing command not in mqm group
IC59900 Monitoring incorrectly throws BIP6094E with events that include application data for complex elements.
IC59901 Httpinput/request nodes should allow two connection headers
IC59933 The launchpad does not find toolkit installs on non native englishwindows systems.
IC60078 'acquired' misspelt in BIP3572 error message
IC60103 SOAP domain does not preserve content-transfer-encoding for swa attachments
IC60118 Memory leak when failing to connect to secure was for wsrr cacheupdates
IC60152 Sftp support for file nodes
IC60154 Http query string enhanced support
IC60237 Adapters enhancements
IC60238 Sapconnection configurable service does not allow rfcprogramid to be set
IC60247 JMS connection is not reestablished after provider restart when flow has additional instances running
IC60311 Configuration manager repository .dat file size increasing
IC60316 Support for stored procedures with Informix
IC60332 Translation problem while populating exceptionlist with Chinese characters
IC60333 BIP2328E when jmsmqtransform node parses blob message with unknownparsername
IC60401 Emailoutput node throws exception when duplicate copy of MAIL-1.4.JAR exists in classpath
IC60428 Scada node could produce a duplicate QOS2 if a duplicate publisharrives at the same time as a publish release
IC60449 Httplistener throws arrayindexoutofboundsexception when maxthreads in httpconnector is set greater than 200
IC60454 BIP2310E when copying xmlnsc message body to output in javacompute node
IC60626 Update Data Direct drivers.
IC60916 Soapreply node throws BIP3702E with fatal Java exceptions
IZ22756 Incorrect behaviour if type composition message specified in mrmcwf
IZ28848 Starttime and endtime are wrongly updated in statistics data
IZ30043 Allow mime parser to accommodate faulty mime messages from dif system
IZ31895 Memory leak in httpinput node after failed MQ connection
IZ32333 Db connections are not released after thread idle time if the flow has additional instances.
IZ33918 Memory leak while registering/unregisgtering subscribers
IZ34287 Datadirect 64-BIT driver returns incorrect local timezone
IZ35449 Sr 8 improves memory leak on class unloading in derby
IZ35623 Provide field type constant xmlnsc.element
IZ35853 Manual parsing of messages from same dictionary causes abend.
IZ36932 Add a configurable range of ports for multicast rmm
IZ37666 Intermittent execution group startup failure
IZ38636 User name server changes are not propagated to the non-default execution groups
IZ38978 Idle jni input nodes leak memory with accounting and stats turned on
IZ39246 Correct publish subscribe sequence number processing
IZ39312 Creationtime in properties folder not updated for non-mq transports
IZ39419 Delayed commit when using order mode=by user ID
IZ40853 Odbc statement is unusable after ORA-01003 failure
IZ40999 Deploy abend can occur when using shared variables
IZ42616 Add option to commit MQ last in local transactions
IZ42696 Queue cache not cleared for additional instances of the message flow
IZ43211 Mime content type header is written out of order in output message
IZ43892 Abend when stopping configuration manager
IZ44450 Broker fails to load one subscriptions for each batch of 2500 subscriptions
IZ44920 Subscribe memory leak when stopping a JMS app in an abnormal way
IZ46862 Aggregatereply node doesn't recover from poison messages
PK72883 Need to specify char for bit when creating broker tables on z/OS
PK73212 Set le storage default values for broker to reduce broker virtual memory footprint.
PK74382 Temporary files used for AXIS2 are not being removed oncefinished.
PK74968 Create mqsireportbroker and mqsireportconfigmgr commands
PK76235 Intermittent abends whilst debugging message flows
PK77862 Acls defined for non-primary groups results in BIP1711W.
PK81096 The *prof members within sbipsamp make an incorrect path reference to configmanagerproxysamples.jar
PK81355 A deploy via the z/OS console command results in BIP8865E.
PK81837 Excessive BIP1205E errors as a result of 'no current connecton'
PK81907 Not padded on z/OS create index only needs to be specified for certain DB2 versions
PK81924 2C1 svcdumps should include omvs address and dataspaces
PK82423 Unable to convert Java exception if Java stack limit reached.
PK82443 Missing externalresources registry key for migrated V5 brokers
PK82545 Configmgr proxy API fails on z/OS when called from wsadmin
PK83041 Not all configmgr commands support the -v option
PK83232 Access violation validating a null element and derived type
PK84635 New node attributes with default values are incorrectly reported on message flow store.
PK85152 Mqsiformatlog incorrectly formats trace records that have hex inserts.
IC60394 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on multiplatforms
IC60397 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker with rules and formatter extension V6.1 on multiplatforms
PK82489 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK82500 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK82509 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK82517 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK82585 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension V6.1 on z/OS
PK82576 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension V6.1 on z/OS
PK82587 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension V6.1 on z/OS

Fix Pack V6.1.0.3
Fix release date: 28 Nov 2008
Last modified: 08 June 2009
Status: Available

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APAR Description
IC54769 Icu time zone data version 2007K
IC55028 Exception_access_violation abends may occur when using the xmlnsc parser with validation turned on.
IC55033 Registry key lilpath is not migrated from broker V6.0 to V6.1
IC55502 Unable to set MQ context while using fileinput nodes
IC55513 "using bigint parameters inside stored procedure cause exception: CLI0111E numeric value out of range"
IC55514 Error in PCF parsers while parsing the struclength field
IC55871 Toolkit shows migrated execution group on 64-BIT platform as 32-BIT
IC55987 Database retrieval using incorrect codepage on Informix
IC56239 Selecting bigint parameters from passthru SQL, causes EXCEPTION:CLI0111E numeric value out of range
IC56296 Java.util.hashmap$entry incompatible with java.lang.string while capturing missingdataexception thrown by adapter
IC56349 Mqsirestoreconfigmgr command fails on platforms that support 32 and 64 bit execution groups
IC56457 Mqoutput node fails to set context on non-mq source messages
IC56497 BIP8893E on broker startup/malloc error causes BIP2227E on AIX 5.3
IC56525 The documented odbc configuration for HP-UX pa-risc platform is incorrect.
IC56531 Mqsirestoreconfigmgr fails on Solaris loading LIBMTMALLOC.SO.1
IC56566 Parser exception causes an abend when using a row variable
IC56790 The tcpipclientinput node creates too many connections
IC56793 Parsing fails when tcpip nodes use mrm tds to detect the end of records.
IC56802 Soapinput node ignores value set for keystorefile at execution group httpsconnector level
IC56847 Mqsicreatebroker -w option does not create shared-classes directory.
IC56853 SAP idoc values in repeating structures set incorrectly
IC56898 Wsrr preload cache fails
IC56912 BIP3708E incorrectly thrown for input/output operation.
IC56916 2ND soapreply node abend after 1ST one has failure
IC56918 Scada node intermittantly abends when using qos 2 messages
IC57012 Jmsreply node fails to send reply when using jboss
IC57021 Soapinput node failures to catch terminal property mismatch
IC57022 Missing namespace constant in mbxmlnsc class
IC57057 Poor deploy performance when using a large amont of esql on one node
IC57105 Integration of IE01 into V6.1
IC57159 Rediscovered execution groups after broker put to admin queue failure
IC57319 Emailoutputnode receives authenticationfailedexception when sendingmultipart mime messages on FP2
IC57327 Mqsistart fails component verification check when Java options set
IC57335 Null pointer exception occurs when mqheader node processes a message without both properties and MQMD
IC57375 Unable to delete an acl from a configmgr which was migrated FROMV5
IC57451 Httpinput message flows are not globally coordinated
IC57469 Mqsicreatebroker command fails with BIP8223E when using LDAP authentication
IC57476 Collector node does not identify the absence of MQMD in message
IC57534 Failure when multiple entries specified on mqsi_console_nlspath
IC57572 Allow broker to configure the resend interval in scada QOS2
IC57573 Xmlnsc parser uses more memory than necessary.
IC57587 Fileinput node fails to recognize Windows ftp server
IC57599 Fileinput node : stringindexoutofboundsexception exception when no file in the remote Windows ftp server directory
IC57602 Select from Informix database table causes execution group abend
IC57689 Null pointer exception deploying a message set created by the siebel adapterwizard
IC57705 Jmsmqtransform node does not set mqmd.useridentifier from jmsxuserid
IC57834 Mqsichangebroker does not set the lilpath and user exit for 64 bit execution groups
IC57886 Configuration manager has high cpu usage following a deploy
IC57946 Mqsi commands coredump if odbcini env variable is not set when using datadirect driver version V5.3
IC58134 SOAP http listener does not obey address property when set
IC58202 Files larger than 100MB can't be processed when running in wholefile mode.
IC58205 Memory leak running high workloads on tcpip nodes
IC58241 Broker toolkit takes a long time to connect to configuration manager
IC58260 Informix 10 odbc drivers for HP-UX Itanium
IC58261 SQL server 2005 odbc drivers for broker V6.1 on HP-UX Itanium
IC58286 DB2 stored procedure output parameter length or value incorrect in 64BIT execution groups.
IC58542 Message flow monitoring throws error BIP6094 when selecting non-character/binary field from MQMD in the monitoring profile
IC58785 Size of synchronisation messages can cause resource issues
IC59016 Message broker monitor sample doesn't work with wbm 6.1.2 security on
IZ15874 Duplicate biphttplistener process on admin agent startup
IZ18000 Jmsinput node does not reconnect to weblogic after a weblogic restart
IZ18492 MQGet node getbycorrelationid switching off for all zero correlid
IZ18912 Exception_access_violation while assigning reference variables
IZ20361 Jmsoutput node ignores the send to destination list attribute
IZ20680 Httprequest failing with eintr on Linux for large number of requests
IZ20708 Acl entries are not updated when the eg gets deleted/renamed
IZ21068 Wsrr node fails when processing soapbinding/address objects
IZ22174 Format incorrectly set on generated MQMD
IZ22782 Subscription fails with nullpointerexception after BIP7025W warning
IZ22999 Missing externalresource registry key on brokers migrated from a version less than V6 FP4 to V6.1
IZ23135 Fileoutputnode: unhandled message parsing exceptions while writing file, will leave the mqsitransit folder files undeleted
IZ23315 Empty shorthand xml element interpreted as null on V6 CSD07
IZ25616 Error while committing local transaction for JMS session not written to the native log
IZ26492 Rows not removed from brokerresources when execution group deleted
IZ27860 Mqsistop reports - unable to stop process
IZ27873 Dataflowengine thread may not release all resources when flow isredeployed
IZ33255 Soapreply node sends reply to wrong client after timeout
PK63949 During create broker create index on z/OS needs to specify not padded
PK67146 Mqsideploy command does not report all errors returned by the config manager.
PK69088 Correct errors with checking status of jvmdebug port at startup
PK70138 Mqsicvp does not cater for trailing slash in file names
PK70374 Bipchme and biprpme are not included in sbipproc
PK72103 The z/OS broker does not honour the new correlation ID option.
PK73298 Multiple egs abend on startup while MQ is unavailable
IC57836 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on multiplatforms
PK71665 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK71666 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK71669 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK71705 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS

Fix Pack V6.1.0.2a
Fix release date: 03 Sep 2008
Last modified: 08 June 2009
Status: Available

Download information

This Fix Pack is only required for z/OS customers and replaces Fix Pack which was marked PE.

APAR Description
PK70837 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS 08/09/02 ptf pechange
PK70839 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS 08/09/02 ptf pechange
PK70869 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS 08/09/02 ptf pechange
PK70884 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS 08/09/02 ptf pechange

Fix Pack V6.1.0.2
Fix release date: 30 May 2008
Last modified: 08 June 2009
Status: Available

Download information

APAR Description
IC53957 Ccigetnodeattribute returns cci_exceptionwith unknown attribute
IC53997 Abend while creating additional instance of jcn
IC54097 Esql nonreserved keyword nan maps to null
IC54202 Xalan increments ns prefix in xsltc mode
IC54484 JMS input node discards exception lists when propagating to catch terminal
IC54524 Copymessageheaders does not overwrite excplicitly set properties
IC54633 Xpath parser error when expression starts with characters of logical operators
IC54698 Message validation with xsi attributes in the message can cause broker abends
IC54737 User defined messages cache not refreshed while redeploy
IC54749 Configmgr abends when starting the configmgr after changing thejvm heap size
IC54755 Enddpoint lookup node fails to deploy with classifcation property populated
IC54784 Dcw fails with BIP9842S if sqllib\bin is not found in the path
IC54958 Broker does not rollback the earlier bapi transactions by saprequest node.
IC54963 The usernameserver terminates unexpectedly immediately on startup
IC54985 Bipbroker abend on startup due to memory allocation failure
IC55034 File output node does not throw recoverable exceptions in the ftp mode
IC55146 Execution group fails to respond to deploys on startup
IC55254 Incompatibleclasschangeerror caused due to ibmjsse.jar at brokerstartup if using Java udn with JRE15 on CSD06
IC55257 Config manager checkcallingthread error during delta deploy
IC55271 Broker fails to start in V6.1 if Windows domain name is in lower case
IC55298 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IC55311 Parser exception - cpi internal error occurs when validating an mrm message
IC55424 MQJMS1006 encountered when converting namespace enabled messages to JMS
IC55507 Jmsmqtransform node does not set receive time causing mqmd.expiry to be incorrect if set to expire
IC55521 V5 eg created by V6X cm will generate a BIP2210
IC55578 Http response header contains transfer-encoding:character:chunked
IC55608 Descriptive email addresses are not parsed correctly by emailoutput node
IC55613 Realtime node fails with null pointer exception due to a timing issue
IC55689 Clash of clases between the JAR files in the shared-classes CAUSESTHREAD-11" java.lang.exceptionininitializererror
IC55997 Mqsicreateconfigmgr command fails with BIP8223E when using LDAP authentication
IC56013 Mqsimigratecomponents check fails for the configuration manager
IC56113 Jcn with getlastchild does not return the correct value when using the blob parser
IC56190 The broker makes additional jdbc connections without releasing which leads to the memory issue
IC56236 Empty elements parsed by the xmlnsc parser appear to be missing.
IY89266 Tree copy from mrm to xml fails to copy all self defined elements
IY94881 Mrm flow outputs RFH2 mcd folder without type,set&fmt field values
IY97796 V6 tds writer writes out an extra delimiter at the end
IZ02427 Broker fails to match Sybase stored procedure when "as" keyword is usedin comments
IZ02657 XML4C duplicate attribute map not cleaned
IZ04441 Xmlns parser does not reset after trying to parse bad xml.
IZ05008 Esql time functions occasionally return 60 in the seconds field
IZ06546 Xalan 2.6.12 causes eg to hang when stylesheet cache >0 using a large xsl file
IZ06738 Aggregatereply msg validation settings default to on
IZ06984 Same parser exception thrown a second time down the failure path
IZ07456 Broker ignores users umask
IZ08644 Deploying a bar file which includes an xml file that has no encoding attribute in the xml declaration causes deploy failure
IZ08787 Error inserting more than 999 characters into Oracle database.
IZ09066 Scada client does not get disconnected if it does not send a connection packet
IZ10043 Failure while converting null string '' to double
IZ12481 JMS input node incorrectly creates JMS expiration as a double (R8)
IZ13223 Httprequest node hang on Linux
IZ13831 JMS transform does not set the RFH2 format to mqstr for a jms_text message
IZ13992 Cast to gmttimestamp with format option fails if the source string contains gmt (upper or lower case
IZ14327 Memory leak caused by statement cache not being cleared when idle database connections are deleted
IZ14470 Application ID and accounting token is not published when using the non-default execution group
IZ15182 Imbdfws.lil can fail to load on some AIX machines
IZ15371 Stringindexoutofboundsexception on the publication when using subscription topic in the form */topic or #/topic
IZ15987 Unable to create parser for jms_transport message type
IZ16570 JMS durable subscriptions fails with 3073 when using a topic with a wild card character in it
IZ17454 JMS sessions are not closed on weblogic restart if transaction mode islocal
IZ17623 Message build up on aggr.reply queue and aggregation replies incomplete.
IZ19550 Subscribers not receiving publications when using the non- default execution group
PK53829 Add env var to free parsers at the end of message processing
PK55676 Messageflow not removed from list of flows on manager deletion
PK59124 Close open file handles on z/OS after error writing to file in trace node
PK59650 Ccsid not set for PCF messages.
PK61664 Update bipcvp on z/OS to check sysibm.sysdummy tables for entries.
PK63922 Config manager resync functionality leaks MQ connections
PK64389 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK64390 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK64391 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK64397 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS
PK65847 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 on z/OS

Fix Pack V6.1.0.1
Fix release date: 14 Dec 2007
Last modified: 08 June 2009
Status: Available

Download information

APAR Description
IC54505 Various problems encountered in the broker late in the final test cycle. fix needed for stability
IC54555 Odbc connect to Oracle using sample odbcini causes broker abend
PK54892 Mesage broker interaction with JMS in an rrs environment is not functioning correctly"
PK59269 Mqsimigratecomponents on z/OS fails to clear the queues during the MQ phase
IC54662 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker on multiplatforms
PK57973 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker on z/OS
PK57974 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker on z/OS
PK57975 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker on z/OS
PK57976 MDV for WebSphere Message Broker on z/OS

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WMB MB WebSphere Message Broker MQ Integrator WBIMB WBI-MB MQSI WMQI

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Message Broker

Software version: 6.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Reference #: 7015978

Modified date: 13 December 2013