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Explore IBM's offers and assistance to make migrating to the latest versions of WebSphere Application Server easier and more cost effective. Take a look at the variety of offers and pick what suits you the best.


  • No-charge waiver
      Expand your WAS license entitlements for version-to-version migration with a no-charge waiver. Contact your IBM representative for details. 
  • Want help assessing the migration effort to WebSphere V9?
  • Need help moving from a third-party application server?
      The business case for the value, robustness, scalability, and enterprise grade attributes of IBM Middleware and Cloud solutions is compelling. Read more here. Find out how doable the migration is by contacting the Worldwide Competitive Migration Team ( The WebSphere Migration Discovery Tool also provides more information on this team and their services.
  • IBM Software Accelerated Value Program
      The program provides expertise in custom version-to-version migrations. The program is currently working with customers to assist in migration planning, avoiding pitfalls, and expediting movement off WAS V7.0 and V8.0. Here are the details of the program
  • Migration Assist (MA)
      Migration Assist is provided by the WAS Level 2 Support team to clients planning a release to v8.5 or v9.0 migration. The Level 2 MA Lead will provide migration guidance, best practices, lessons learned, and answer your migration questions. View the Migration Assist briefing for details and contact information.
  • IBM Support Assistant
      The IBM Support Assistant provides rich problem determination tools and functions to help you quickly troubleshooting complex software problems or automatically gather diagnostic data. Watch the overview video here to learn more about these free offerings.
  • WebSphere Application Server Migration Guide  

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