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A focused compilation of links to documents and resources to help you plan and perform your migration to IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS.


    General Migration Planning Moving Applications to WebSphere on z/OS
      If you're considering moving an application from WebSphere on a distributed platform up to WebSphere on z/OS, this white paper, with its accompanying PowerPoint presentation and MP3 recording is intended to give you an understanding of the things you can do to help make that application move as successful as possible.

    z/OS - Planning for Test, Production, and Maintenance
      Whenever multiple WebSphere Application Server for z/OS environments are present, the need to isolate them from one another is also present. This is particularly true when the Application Server test environment needs to be completely isolated from the Application Server production environment. One activity that brings this issue to the forefront is maintenance. Here the desire is to isolate one Application Server cell from another and even isolate nodes within a cell from one another. The latter is necessary when "nondisruptive rolling maintenance" is the objective.
    WebSphere Application Server Version V8.5.5 Knowledge Center for z/OS
      With the Knowledge Center you can view, browse, and search on-line information about WebSphere Application Server in general as well as information specific to your migration tasks.

    Handling application deployment issues during migration
      This white paper describes potential problems and resolutions when installing some older applications on a newer version of the WebSphere Application Server.
Education and Tutorials
    WebSphere channel of the IBM MediaCenter
      Search the WebSphere channel of the IBM MediaCenter to view the many available IBM Education Assistant modules for a quick understanding of zOS WebSphere installation and migration.
APARs and Fixes
Troubleshooting and Support
    Knowledge Center V85 Troubleshooting for z/OS
      Helpful hints for troubleshooting your z/OS migrations.

    Solutions to migration problems for WebSphere Application Server
      Browse through common Application Server migration problems and solutions that are documented and published to the Web.

    Collecting Data
      When a solution cannot be found to your migration problem, you can begin collecting the following data before calling IBM support. This will help you familiarize yourself with the troubleshooting process and save you time.

    Exchanging information with IBM Technical Support
      To diagnose or identify a problem, it is sometimes necessary to provide Technical Support with data and information from your system. In addition, Technical Support might also need to provide you with tools or utilities to be used in problem determination.

    Instructions for handling certain Out of Memory conditions which occur during migration
      When running WASPreUpgrade or WASPostUpgrade, during the migration process from an earlier release of WebSphere Application Server, the heap might run out of memory for a complex environment. Either the execution of wsadmin to install the applications, or the migration of the configuration itself, throws java.lang.OutOfMemory errors.
Forums and Communities
    Migration Forum
      Search the forum or ask questions on version to version migration for traditional WebSphere and Liberty. Use the tag "wasmigration" for a quicker response from the IBM team.
      Get involved in the WebSphere community by participating in discussion forums and newsgroups

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