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Migrating and exploiting Assembler with Language Environment

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Presentation materials from SHARE session 8214.

When migrating applications that include a mix of Assembler and High Level Languages (HLL) to Language Environment (LE), you might have to make changes to your Assembler code. The presentation materials below from this SHARE session explain what works as is, what might need to be changed, and why you might choose to make other changes to your Assembler applications. The presentation includes sample code that shows how to make these changes.

When you are running under Language Environment, you can make other changes to your Assembler routines in order to optimize the applications and exploit the benefits of Language Environment. The presentation materials below explain how and why to make your Assembler applications LE-conforming, and how and why to bring up LE in a non-LE-conforming application.

If your mixed HLL and Assembler applications have AMODE 24 dependencies, the application can take advantage of Language Environment's Favor-31 enhancements. A strategy for converting AMODE 24 assembler routines to AMODE 31 will be discussed in detail.

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