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Notes/Domino Best Practices: Master Checklist

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The following document is a checklist for Domino Best Practices designed to provide Notes/Domino administrators, application developers. and IT managers with information needed to ensure a successful Notes/Domino environment. Ten major categories are covered, including Performance, Sizing, Administration, Security, Upgrade & Migration, Groups & Directories, DWA, C&S, Transactional Logging, and Testing Applications.


Intended Audience

This checklist is designed for Notes/Domino administrators, Notes/Domino application designers and IT managers with intermediate to advanced Domino experience who wish to better leverage Domino Best Practices within their environment. It is not possible to provide an all encompassing list of best practices that focus on the nuances of every environment. If you wish to pursue a more in-depth and/or tailored discussion regarding your specific environment, please engage ISSL Consulting Services .

Domino Best Practices Checklist
This checklist consists of a series of linked documents that contains high level considerations as well as additional links to Technotes, Developer Works articles, Redbooks and Redpapers. These articles encompasses existing Best Practices materials for Notes/Domino 6 and 7. This checklist is a living document, and will be updated as appropriate based on feedback and as future best practices become available.

Below is a list of articles that every Notes/Domino application designer, administrator, and IT manager should read, regardless of their responsibilities. In addition, the following links take you to different sections of the checklist depending on your area of interest:
Note: Throughout this checklist, there may be articles that are listed under multiple sections, as they include content that applies to more than one topic.
developerWorks Notes/Domino Articles Date Published
IBM Domino Documentation
The IBM Domino documentation pages list product documentation, white papers, Redbooks, Redpapers, Redpieces, and additional documentation for supported releases of IBM Domino.
March 2013
Upgrading to IBM Notes and Domino 10.x
This upgrade cookbook linked above provides recommended approaches for upgrading to IBM Notes and Domino 10.x. Within the cookbook you'll find best practices, lessons learned, and key information and instructions.
April 2019
Defining processes in your Notes/Domino environment
This article explains how you can develop good processes that help ensure reliability and availability in your Lotus Notes and Domino environment -- without turning you into a Borg!
05 Oct 2004
Recommended best practices to backup a Domino environment
This article describes different technologies/strategies which can be used for efficiently backing up a Lotus Domino server and avoiding headaches when you need to restore this data. We provide information on how to define a backup plan which can provide confidence that you can restore your Lotus Domino functions and recover critical data as fast as possible.
31 Jan 2011

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