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Fix list for IBM IPARS V2.4.1



This document contains a table of APARs for the IPARS sample application provided with IBM Airline Control System V2.4.1

Download Description

To download an APAR or PTF click on the link, enter your userid and password to sign in to the server, then click on the name with the left mouse button to save locally.


 Add Display ECB fields user exit. Requires ALCS APAR AI13194.
 Add CRYPC processing user exit. Requires ALCS APAR AM81677.
 Add ZLOGN audit exit. Requires ALCS APAR AM81804.
 Sample user exit USRWSTR for control of Debug Tool.
 Correct sample code return code in DXCUCOM2. 
 Inhibit scrolling user exit. APAR AM46746 updates ALCS. 
 WAS bridge management exits. APAR AM46740 updates ALCS. 
 Allow user to set PUT options in MQ bridge. APAR AM31300 updates ALCS. 
 Do not copy SLC messages to the message switching TCC. 
 Large email user exit. APAR AM37819 updates ALCS. 
 ALCS online message trace facility. APAR AM21912 updates ALCS. 
 Remove sequence numbers from headers to allow compilation. 
 HOOKC exits for third party debugging software. APAR AM15972 updates ALCS. 
 Add pool dispense array ECB exit APDR. APAR AM02171 updates ALCS.
 Updated USRCOM5 with additional comments.
 Add installation-wide monitor exit USRTCP8. APAR AM07527 updates ALCS.
 IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) for z/OS optimized local adapters (OLA) support.

Installation Instructions

All APARs and PTFs from the website consist of a package of files compacted into a single ZIP file.

Unpacking the downloaded file

To extract the contents run the downloaded file on your PC (double click on it). The fixes themselves are binary files that will need to be transferred as a binary file to your ALCS host. The supporting files are ascii files that can be read on the PC or transferred to the host as ascii files.

Files you may find in the downloaded package

Each APAR package contains a NOTES file (an ascii file with a file name of the APAR file and an extension name NTX) describing the problem and the APAR fix file. The APAR fix file (a binary file with extension name FIX) is a copy of the SMP format APAR fix. Some APAR fix packages contain additional files.

Each PTF package contains a PTF file (a binary file with a file name of the PTF and an extension name PTF) which is a copy of the SMP format PTF fix. They also to contain the NOTES file which relates to the APAR which the PTF supersedes, so this file will have the file name of the APAR, not the PTF. Some PTF fix packages contain additional files.

The possible files are :

.fix - The APAR binary file

.ptf - The PTF binary file
.ntx - The notes file
.rtx - An optional README file
.dtx - An optional installation file
.itx - An optional installation file

Document information

More support for: Airline Control System (ALCS)

Component: Maintenance

Software version: 2.4.1

Operating system(s): z/OS

Software edition: Enterprise

Reference #: 4044169

Modified date: 06 July 2018