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IBM Integration Bus V10.0 - Fix Pack



This is Fix Pack for IBM Integration Bus Version 10

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Fix Pack is the eighth maintenance release for IBM Integration Bus Version 10. It is available for the following platforms:

HP-UX Itanium 
Linux on Intel x86-64 
Linux (Power) 
Linux on zSeries
Sun Solaris 
Solaris x86-64 
Windows 64-bit
z/OS (PTFs UI45560, UI45561, UI45563, UI45564)

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Embedded components in IBM Integration Bus and the versions shipped with this fix pack:

Embedded component Version shipped with this fix pack
Data Format Description Language iFix008
Graphical Data Mapper iFix010
WebSphere Adapters - JD Edwards
WebSphere Adapters - PeopleSoft
WebSphere Adapters - SAP (refer to note below this table)
WebSphere Adapters - Siebel
Java SE Runtime Environment 7.1 SR3 FP60 for AIX, Linux and Windows platforms
7.0 SR9 FP60 for Solaris and HP
IBM MQ Managed File Transfer
WAS thin client (used by SOAP and SCA nodes)
WSRR client 8.5.6
WebSphere eXtreme Scale
Tomcat 7.0.72
International Components for Unicode (ICU) 51.2
ICU Time Zones 2016j
DataDirect Drivers 7.1.6, (OpenSSL 1.0.2j)
jSch Library (used by file nodes for SFTP) 0.1.53
XML4C 5.8.5 + IT17046
IBM Node.js (Windows and Linux x64)

Note: SAP V7.5.0.5_IF32 introduced a higher minimum level requirement for the SAP JCo libraries and IDoc library of 3.0.15 and 3.0.12 respectively. Before upgrading your IBM Integration Bus fix pack, you must obtain the latest available SAP JCo and SAP IDOC libraries from the SAP Marketplace.

Download Package

Platform Release Date Fix Central Download
    HP Itanium
    Linux x86-64
    Linux PPC
    Linux PPCLE
    Linux 390x (z/Series)
    Solaris SPARC
    Solaris x86-64
    Windows 64 bit
17 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017
17 Mar 2017

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For more technical information and to learn about the features in this version, read blog posts written by the integration developers on the IBM developerWorks Integration Community and watch the tutorial video on the Integration YouTube Channel.

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More support for: IBM Integration Bus

Component: Maintenance

Software version: 10.0

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Reference #: 4043443

Modified date: 04 July 2018