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WebSphere Application Server 6.1 Test Environment Update

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IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1, Feature Pack for Web Services and Feature Pack for EJB 3.0 Fix Pack 47 ( for an installed test environment extension.

Download Description

This update includes:

  • Version IBM WebSphere Application Server, as well as Web Services Feature Pack Fix Pack 45 and EJB 3.0 Feature Pack Fix Pack 47 for the WebSphere Application Server 6.1 Test Environment extension included with Rational Software Delivery Platform products.

For details about this update, such as known issues, review the WebSphere Application Server readme.
  • WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Web 2.0
  • WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Web 2.0 and Mobile
    Note: This is available only when installing with version 8.0.x.

For more information on feature packs for WebSphere Application Server, see


You must have the WebSphere Application Server 6.1 Test Environment extension installed.

You need up to 3.85 GB of disk space to install the fix pack. To download and extract the compressed installation files, you need an additional 5.8 GB of disk space.

Installation Instructions

Important: By default, you do not need to download the compressed files that contain the update; the update is downloaded and installed by IBM Installation Manager directly from the IBM update repository.

For instructions on installing this update using Installation Manager, see the topic "Updating Installed Product Packages" in the information center for your product:

To download and install the update from the compressed files, complete the following steps:

  1. Download the update files from Fix Central by following the link listed in the download table below.

  2. Extract the compressed files in an appropriate directory. For example, choose to extract to C:\temp\update
  3. .
  4. Add the update's repository location in IBM Installation Manager:

    1. Start IBM Installation Manager.

    2. On the Start page of Installation Manager, click File > Preferences, and then click Repositories. The Repositories page opens.

    3. On the Repositories page, click Add Repository.

    4. In the Add repository window, browse to or enter the file path to the diskTag.inf file, which is located in the disk1 sub-directory in the directory where you extracted the compressed files and then click OK. For example, enter C:\temp\updates\disk1\diskTag.inf.

    5. Click OK to close the Preference page.

  5. Install the update as described in the the topic "Updating Installed Product Packages" in the information center for your product and version.

Download package

You can download the fix pack from Fix Central using either Download Director, HTTP or FTP.

  1. Click the link in the table that follows to access Fix Central.
  2. On the Select Fixes page, select Fix pack: (IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software, Version iFix001).
  3. Click Show contained fixes.
  4. From the list of contained fixed, select one of the following options:
    • (For 64-bit) (WebSphere Application Server 61 64bit Extension version update pack)
    • (For 32-bit) (WebSphere Application Server 61 Extension version update pack
  5. Click Continue and follow the prompts to download the update.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
Update 11 Oct 2013 English 1 FC

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