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This page is created to host useful resources for customers of IBM Rational Method Composer. Resources can include, but are not limited to, skins, examples, demo materials.

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Table of contents:

1. Simple Skin

2. Dutch Skin

3. New skin for beta testing (for testing on RMC


1. Simple Skin (for RMC only)

*** Note: An updated version of the Simple Skin now ships with RMC This version of the skin is provided for those customers still on RMC***

The Simple Skin is a customized version of the standard Compact Skin that comes with Rational Method Composer. When selected during publishing, the Simple Skin generates web pages with a very simple look and feel. Much visual distraction is removed: dividers, unnecessary section headers, and collapsible sections. For a detailed comparison of the Simple Skin to the Compact Skin, see this Microsoft PowerPoint presentation:


To install this skin, download the "" file from the link below, and follow the instructions for "How to install a skin" below.

Details of how this skin differs from the Compact Skin are described in the enclosed readme.rtf file.

2. Dutch Skins (for RMC

Dutch is not one of the languages supported via the "-nl" parameter (see Rational Method Composer command line options ). However, you can create a Dutch website if you populate method elements with Dutch text and publish using a Dutch skin.

To install Dutch skins, download the "" file from the link below, and follow the instructions for "How to install a skin" below.

Note: Some generated tree nodes under "Practice" elements are not translated (nodes named Work Products, Tasks, Roles, and Guidance that group elements associated with the practice element). The workaround is to associate one or more custom categories to the practice, and use these to group work products, tasks, roles and guidance. Each custom category can have a Dutch name.

3. New Skin for Beta Testing (Test on RMC

This new skin, planned for the next release of RMC, has the following characteristics:

1. Replaces the search applet with a search application (to support current browsers that do not support applets)

2. Has optional dropdown navigation menus

3. Uses a newer version of dojo (new look and feel for the treebrowser).

Note that this new skin is based on the RMC Simple skin.

Install the beta skin

To install the beta skin, skins, download the "" file from the link below, and follow the instructions for "How to install a skin" below.

You can experiment with some new publishing options by editing the following file in the skin folder:

Publish a Website with the beta skin

The following steps describe how to use the new skin for beta testing with RMC (Windows platform only).

1. Launch RMC7.5.2.4
2. Open a method library
3. Go to Configuration -> Publish -> select desired publishing options for the selected configuration
4. In "Select publishing options" window, under "Look and feel" -> Skin -> select the new skin ("beta_skin")
5. Publish the configuration (as "Java EE web application" or "Static web site")

6. If published as "Java EE web application" :-

    a. Deploy the war on server
    b. Copy the following files from the skin ( <userhome>\RMC\Skins\beta_skin) to the published website:
      i. search_web/SearchMain.jnlp to folder: <directory_on_server>/scripts/jws
      ii. content_script/jws/epf-web.jar to folder: <directory_on_server>/WEB-INF/lib
      iii. content_script/jws/epf-web-search.jar to folder: <directory_on_server>/WEB-INF/lib
    c. Edit <directory_on_server>/scripts/jws /SearchMain.jnlp to change codebase property to codebase=”<application_context>/scripts/jws” (eg. codebase=”http://localhost:8080/rmcwebsite/scripts/jws”;)

7. If published as "Static web site" :-
    a. Copy <userhome>\RMC\Skins\beta_skin\search_static\SearchMain.jnlp to location directory_location/scripts/jws
    b. Edit =”<published_directory_location>/scripts/jws/SearchMain.jnlp to change codebase property to codebase=”<published_directory_location>/scripts/jws” (eg. Codebase=”file:/// D:/Users/RMC/staticpublish/scripts/jws”)

8. Ensure jnlp type is enabled in the webserver.

To enable on IIS:

%SystemRoot%\windows\system32\inetsrv\appcmd set config /section:staticContent /+[fileExtension='jnlp',mimeType='application/x-java-jnlp-file']

To enable on Liberty jazz server, edit \server\liberty\servers\clm\server.xml and add:

Browse a website generated using the beta skin

1. If using Google Chrome to browse using file:// protocol, then you must launch chrome with the switch "--allow-file-access-from-files".

2. Browse the website.

3. Click the "search" icon to bring up the search application, and accept prompts.

Experiment with skin modifications

1. Edit <userhome>\RMC\Skins\beta_skin\app_script\appSkinSettings.json
if you would like to try turning off the breadcrumbs, top navigation bar, or hide the treebrowser by default.
(To avoid republishing, you can edit theme\appSkinSettings.json in the published website.)

2. See Customizing with Skins to learn more about skin modifications.

Installation Instructions

How to install a Skin:

Download and extract the zip file that contains the skin.

Copy the unzipped contents to the user_home\RMC\Skins\<skin name> directory.

Default locations for the user_home folder are as follows:

Operating system Default location of the user_home folder
Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 C:\Users\user_name
Microsoft Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\user_name
Linux /home/user_name

Note that the user_home\RMC\Skins folder is created the first time that you publish or browse a configuration by using Rational Method Composer. The folder is initially populated with the skin that is used to publish or browse. Adding a new skin folder to this location makes the new skin available in the publishing options. See publishing configurations as websites.
Simple Skin English 143321
Dutch Skins Dutch 287765
Beta skin for RMC English 37206809

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Modified date: 01 October 2013