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DB2 Version 9.8 Fix Pack 5 for AIX and Linux

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This fix pack is for DB2 Version 9.8 installations of the DB2® pureScale™ Feature.

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Contains links to download DB2® 9.8 Fix Pack 5, from Fix Central for AIX and Linux platforms.


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Platform PTF Release Date Build Level Signature Fix Central
AIX 64-bit IP23343 June 12 2012 s120605 Download
Linux 64-bit IP23344 June 12 2012 s120605 Download

DB2 9.8 Fix Pack 5 Summary
DB2 9.8 APAR Fix List
DB2 9.8 Hiper & Security APAR list
Release Notes
Download other DB2 fix packs using the DB2 Fix Packs by Version page.

Technical support

In the United States and Canada dial 1-800-IBM-SERV
View the support contacts for other countries outside of the United States.
Electronically open a Service Request with DB2 Technical Support.

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC81404, IC79552, IC83439, IC78853, IC78533, IC83797, IC83800, IC81851, IC82530, IC83352, IC81922, IC81849, IC77566, IC79036, IC81496, IC80426, IC78145, IC83443, IC82728, IC83438, IC81086, IC73860, IC82646, IC82662, IC81773, IC81405, IC78895, IC82426, IC79663, IC82360, IC80670, IC82472, IC82000, IC82907, IC82650, IC82540, IC81467, IC82748, IC83329, IC82593, IC78609, IC78359, IC80507, IC81749, IC81825, IC80068, IC78998, IC81166, IC78629, IC78819, IC78358, IC78361, IC80806, IC83130, IC81699, IC81210, IC81777, IC79204, IC81219, IC79870, IC78785, IC83377, IC82815, IC82225, IC82610, IC82516, IC79927, IC82515, IC83137, IC82747, IC82958, IC82076, IC82364, IC82804, IC82043, IC83436, IC72605, IC83464, IC79680, IC73615, IC80359, IC83445, IC70473, IC83403, IC83437, IC83571, IC82587, IC68915, IC69806, IC69262, IC69698, IC77517, IC74871, IC74467, IC75477, IC69109, IC69967, IC71080, IC68736, IC76458, IC68345, IC77343, IC69320, IC69857, IC77527, IC68519, IC71323, IC68787, IC67355, IC68375, IC68586, IC68710, IC77520, IC69669, IC69931, IC68483, IC69228, IC69970, IC70402, IC70084, IC71239, IC67579, IC69281, IC68796, IC69626, IC68233, IC68947, IC77550, IC69568, IC71114, IC71175, IC69671, IC69279, IC69700, IC70442, IC68542, IC69022, IC71195, IC68447, IC69539, IC67533, IC67670, IC67867, IC68800, IC76633, IC69249, IC68445, IC77545, IC68789, IC68464, IC68269, IC69055, IC77247, IC68329, IC68621, IC77558, IC77120, IC68283, IC76637, IC69140, IC68404, IC69709, IC69397, IC69628, IC68180, IC67663, IC67718, IC69675, IC67779, IC69079, IC69168, IC69375, IC68079, IC72450, IC77548, IC69888, IC71392, IC68053, IC77552, IC67965, IC68206, IC69581, IC67634, IC69178, IC68208, IC68553, IC68222, IC68252, IC68612, IC68138, IC67452, IC69784, IC68011, IC70318, IC67990, IC68731, IC68273, IC68369, IC75131, IC68510, IC75132, IC68439, IC67761, IC68116, IC70665, IC69134, IC69548, IC77555, IC68213, IC68488, IC66430, IC68414, IC68725, IC69627, IC77544, IC68142, IC69112, IC68158, IC69202, IC68426, IC66953, IC67930, IC67877, IC67872, IC67968, IC67878, IC68900, IC77547, IC68048, IC69641, IC70050, IC68884, IC68378, IC77539, IC67725, IC67828, IC77557, IC69812, IC69801, IC76856, IC77559, IC76723, IC68607, IC70119, IC68937, IC76506, IC69316, IC66620, IC68832, IC69898, IC69778, IC68141, IC68775, IC68270, IC68726, IC70421, IC71440, IC69789, IC67724, IC69807, IC76441, IC69631, IC77521, IC69495, IC68721, IC69173, IC68429, IC69632, IC68349, IC69655, IC68326, IC68786, IC67424, IC69218, IC68066, IC67788, IC68118, IC74776, IC75328, IC68419, IC67765, IC68732, IC71333, IC74790, IC71254, IC71669, IC68256, IC73582, IC67911, IC66819, IC70047, IC72816, IC77508, IC68261, IC69834, IC68278, IC67789, IC68772, IC68630, IC69071, IC68993, IC69861, IC68287, IC68492, IC69825, IC70344, IC69331, IC68001, IC66876, IC77537, IC69478, IC68346, IC69872, IC77526, IC67537, IC68766, IC67776, IC70090, IC68451, IC69696, IC75609, IC68503, IC69032, IC69847, IC77524, IC68774, IC68477, IC68061, IC68559, IC69679, IC67520, IC68455, IC66191, IC70337, IC69695, IC69289, IC68660, IC68983, IC68219, IC68801, IC68033, IC68702, IC69650, IC68527, IC69731, IC69720, IC69386, IC69647, IC69283, IC68328, IC67732, IC68972, IC69142, IC69444, IC69280, IC68468, IC69543, IC68120, IC67426, IC69680, IC70184, IC69743, IC69854, IC68332, IC69504, IC69390, IC68471, IC68331, IC69454, IC77560, IC67091, IC71226, IC69217, IC77509, IC76902, IC68481, IC68243, IC69127, IC69198, IC68300, IC69019, IC77546, IC67991, IC70186, IC70689, IC69725, IC66954, IC66486, IC66592, IC66651, IZ68271, IC66849, IC68087, IC67125, IC66309, IC66628, IC66809, IC67696, IC66974, IC67123, IC66682, IC66593, IC66448, IC66589, IC71217, IC67433, IC67539, IC69210, IC67541, IC66444, IC66663, IC67352, IC71211, IC66408, IC67124, IC66631, IC66438, IC66496, IC67005, IC66840, IC66519, IC67972, IC66835, IC66406, IC66403, IC67250, IC66394, IC67903, IC67205, IC66964, IC66582, IC66465, IC66977, IC66640, IC66770, IC66517, IC67016, IC66488, IC66504, IC66823, IC66627, IC67241, IC66884, IC66851, IC67002, IC66948, IC66873, IC66503, IC66676, IC66483, IC66572, IC67467, IC67391, IC67479, IC72223, IC72099, IC66132, IC66760, IC67471, IC66852, IC66117, IC66476, IC66428, IC71279, IC67157, IC66897, IC68006, IC67452, IC66896, IC68297, IZ66828, IC66908, IC66321, IC67253, IC66587, IC67602, IC67549, IC66522, IC66423, IC66507, IC66418, IC67222, IC66093, IC67134, IC68214, IC67128, IC67042, IC66523, IC67173, IC67138, IC68201, IC66532, LI75002, IC66534, IC66597, IC68082, IC66426, IC66955, IC66696, IC67196, IC67535, IC67757, IC66579, IC72336, IC66569, IC67078, IC66724, IC66736, IC67149, IC67386, IC67521, IC67249, IC68398, IC70199, IC67314, IC69907, IC67175, IC68104, IC68392, IC66843, IC68253, IC68584, IC67943, IC66988, IC66969, IC67132, IC67212, IC69502, IZ68053, IZ67999, IC66518, IC67131, IC67114, IC66933, IC66473, IC68293, IC68429, IC66647, IC66991, IC66588, IC67209, IC67894, IC66714, IC66994, IC67151, IC67896, IC66311, IC66888, IC67297, IC67532, IC67263, IC66601, IC71236, IC66653, IC67552, IC67983, IC67557, IC66783, IC68316, IC68058, IC67332, IC68031, IC67155, IC67271, IC66641, IC67992, IC66945, IC66574, IC67966, IC67895, IZ67166, IC67860, IC67678, IC66906, IC67248, IC66886, IC66926, IC66443, IC67684, IC67187, IC66315, IC67458, IC70399, IC67850, IC67213, IC67153, IC66405, IC68239, IC67475, IC66831, IC70026, IC69555, IC67162, IC69319, IC66514, IZ62796, IC67959, IC68468, IZ67926, IZ68314, IC67716, IC67034, IC66478, IC67523, IC66477, IC67049, IZ69153, IC67091, IC72242, IC67907, IC68516, IC66304, IC66825, IC67730, IC67728, IC67059, IC67563, IC66983, IC67350, IC66521, IC67201, IC67171, IC67204, IC66524, IC66735, IC67170, IC69734

Document information

More support for: DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
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Software version: 9.8

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux

Reference #: 4032798

Modified date: 21 June 2012