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IBM Rational License Key Server version 8.1.2

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This document describes how to download and install IBM® Rational License Key Server, version 8.1.2.

Download Description

In order to use most IBM Rational software products, a specific license key is required. Product licenses are acquired through the IBM License Key Center and installed on one or more Rational License Key Servers to serve and manage licenses in the enterprise.

The Rational License Key Server includes an administration tool called License Key Administrator or LKAD (available for Windows only) to enter or import license keys, and change your license configuration. On Unix, a set of system administration commands are available to perform similar administrative tasks. Details on LKAD and system administration commands are also available in the Rational Common Licensing Information Center.


For up to date information about using IBM Rational License Key Server, see the Rational Common Licensing Information Center .

Installation Instructions

For instructions on how to configure the Rational License Key Server and install it on Windows or Unix platforms, see Configure The Rational License Key Server, in the Rational Common Licensing Information Center.

IMPORTANT: In Fix Central you can select a download mode (Download Director, FTP or HTTP). If you use Download Director to download the files, you will receive bits for all of the platforms. If you want to download specific platforms, select FTP or HTTP to download the files. You will be directed to individual links to each platform.

IBM Rational License Key Server version 8.1.2 Download Packages
Platform Filename Size in Bytes Fix Central Link
AIX ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_AIX.tar 136294400 FC
HP Itanium ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_HP_IA.tar 156712960 FC
HP PA RISC ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_HPUX.tar 163676160 FC
RHEL PPC ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_RHEL_ppc.tar 116275200 FC
RHEL x86 IPv4 ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_RHEL_x86.tar 91371520 FC
RHEL x86 IPv6 ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_RHEL_IPv6_x86.tar 91371520 FC
Suse PPC ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_Suse_ppc.tar 116172800 FC
Suse x86 IPv4 ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_Suse_x86.tar 90808320 FC
Suse x86 IPv6 ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_Suse_IPv6_x86.tar 90808320 FC
Solaris Sparc IPv4 ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_Sol_Sparc.tar 107059200 FC
Solaris Sparc IPv6 ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_Sol_Sparc_IPv6.tar 110725120 FC
Solaris x86 ratlLicenseKeyServer-8-1-2_Sol_x86.tar 101877760 FC
Windows server iso 218705920 FC
LKAD iso 241788928 FC

Technical support

IBM Rational Software Support provides you with technical assistance. For contact information, guidelines and reference materials, see the IBM Software Support Handbook at :

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More support for: Rational License Key Server

Software version: 8.1.2

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4032006

Modified date: 02 March 2012