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Installation of ClearTeam Explorer into an existing IDE (such as Eclipse SDK)

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This document provides steps and download files for installing IBM Rational ClearTeam Explorer (CTE) when an existing ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC) WAN Server is not available.

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If you wish to use ClearTeam Explorer with dynamic views, and you do not have an existing CCRC WAN Server, this document will assist you.

This document will outline the steps needed to install the IBM Rational ClearTeam Explorer into an Eclipse IDE (Eclipse SDK 3.6 will be used for this example).

This scenario covers the installation for dynamic view usage where a CCRC WAN Server (formerly called Change Management (CM) Server) is not available.

Note: If you have a CCRC WAN Server, an Eclipse update site will be provided. See
http://CCRCWanServerHost/ccrc/update/ on your CCRC WAN Server for installation instructions.


To enable ClearTeam Explorer to work with dynamic views, you must first install the ClearCase native client. This would install a stand-alone RCP (Rich Client Platform) version of ClearTeam Explorer which could be used to test and validate your environment.

Before installing the Rational ClearTeam Explorer for Eclipse, you must install the GEF (Graphical Editing Framework) package to your Eclipse environment. If you have an existing Eclipse instance, you can use the Eclipse GEF update site to install GEF (This link will return "404 not found" if you open it in a browser... it is only valid in the Eclipse software update mechanism).

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract the file at the bottom of this document to a local path such as c:\temp or /tmp. An alternative would be to make the extracted files available view an HTTP internal site so additional users could perform this install on other systems.

  2. Go to Help>Install New Software

  3. Click Add...

    Repositories can either be local (disk or share) or an HTTP:// format. For example, if you had a CCRC WAN Server in your environment, you could use the path http://CCRCWanServerHost/ccrc/update/ for installation.

    Name the Repository something helpful, such as "ClearTeamExplorer 8.0".

    For this example we will use a local repository C:\Software\ClearTeam (this is where we unzipped

    Notice the format file:/C:/Software/ClearTeam/

    Click OK

  4. Expand to select ClearTeam Explorer for Eclipse.

    De-select Contact all update sites during install to find required software.

    Click Next

  5. Confirm the version being installed and click Next.

  6. Accept the license agreement for this software and click Finish.

  7. Click Restart Now **

    ** it is always recommended to restart the workbench to ensure proper installation.

  8. Confirm the installation version by going to Help>About and then click on one of the ClearTeam Explorer icons:

    This will allow you to confirm the version and build ID:

    After the restart, dynamic views are now accessible in the ClearTeam Explorer perspective by locating started views under My Views.

    Installation is now complete.

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options 20 Oct 2011 English 149594779 FTP

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