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How do I build, deploy, and run Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1 in an IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty environment ?




IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty support for Maximo Asset Management version 7.6.1

Maximo® Asset Management 7.6.1 has a new set of configuration and command line tools to create bundles from the Maximo Asset Management that can be easily deployed into a WebSphere® Application Server Liberty environment.

To deploy Maximo Asset Management to WebSphere Application Server Liberty, it is recommended that the workload is split into the following bundles:

Table 1. Maximo Asset Management application bundles.

Bundle Folder Description
Maximo User Interface maximo-ui The UI code and supporting code. Required because it is the primary interface for accessing Maximo Asset Management.
Maximo-X maximo-x Bundle contains the static UI code for the Work Center UI. Required.
Maximo Cron maximo cron Contains the code that is needed to run Maximo cron jobs. Required.
Maximo Application Programming Interface maximo api Contains the older REST API and the new REST API code. Optional. Used only if the API needs to be available separately. By default, the REST API is bundled with the Maximo UI bundle.
Maximo JMS Consumer maximo jms consumer Used to continuously process the integration messages available on JMS Queues by using message driven beans (MDB). Optional. Used only if messages need to be processed.
Maximo Enterprise Adapter maximo mea This bundle exposes the enterprise web services API. Optional. Used only if the web services API is used.
Maximo Report maximo report Contains the code that is needed to enable BIRT Report Only Server (BROS). Optional. Used to separate out the work load that is related to execution of reports that are submitted from the Maximo UI. The report engine is also bundled with the Maximo UI bundle and the BROS server is only used if the BROS server URL is setup by using the Maximo

Each bundle is deployed onto its own server except for the Maximo-UI and Maximo-X bundles, which are deployed onto a single server.

WebSphere Application Server Liberty support includes the following limitations:

  • The use of Java RMI is no longer supported in the Liberty environment. Any RMI client tools that are used for communicating with the server do not work.
  • By default the WebSphere Liberty provided JMS Server does not offer support for highly available JMS messaging. WebSphere Liberty servers can be integrated with the IBM® WebSphere Application Server Network Deploymenttraditional or the IBM MQ System, which supports a highly available JMS server.
  • You can configure each WebSphere Application Server Liberty server by editing the server.xml file that is associated with that server. You can install extra features in WebSphere Application Server Liberty by using the InstallUtility command that is provided by WebSphere Liberty.
  • When a load balancer is configured to distribute the load across multiple WebSphere Application Server Liberty servers, the use of a sticky session is still required to achieve server affinity.
  • The IBM HTTP Server can be used to distribute the load across a cluster of WebSphere Application Server Liberty servers by using the plug-in configuration file. For more information, refer to the WebSphere Application Server Liberty documentation.
  • WebSphere Application Server Liberty supports LDAP authentication and federated LDAP repositories. Due to the virtual member manager (VMM) API not being available, Maximo Asset Management is not able to synchronize the users and groups that use the VMMSync cron job.
  • The use of E-Sig is not yet supported.


Building, deploying, and running Maximo Asset Management version 7.6.1 in a IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty environment

You can use configuration and command line tools to create bundles that can be easily deployed into a WebSphere® Application Server Liberty environment.

Before you begin

Ensure that you installed WebSphere Application Server Liberty. Install all the required features that are needed to run various Maximo Asset Management version 7.6.1 bundles into the WebSphere Liberty environment by using the InstallUtility command that is provided by WebSphere Liberty.

You can install some of the basic required features that include the Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) API, JavaMail API, and Secure Sockets Layer, by using the following command from the WebSphere Liberty bin folder: installUtility install --acceptLicense jdbc-4.1 javaMail-1.5 ssl-1.0


  1. In the deployment/was-liberty-default folder, run the commands for the bundles you want to deploy. The maximo-ui, maximo-x, and maximo-cron bundles are always required. For example, running the buildmaximoui-war.cmd command builds the maximoui.war bundle into the deployment/was-liberty-default/deployment/maximo-ui/maximo-ui-server/apps folder for the maximo-ui server.
  2. Create a separate WebSphere Application Server Liberty server for each workload. For example, maximo-ui-server, maximo-cron-server.
  3. Copy the generated files from the deployment folder into the appropriate WebSphere Application Server Liberty server folder. For example, for the maximo-ui-server, take the files from the deployment/was-liberty-default/deployment/maximo-ui/maximo-ui-server folder and copy them to the WebSphere Application Server Liberty wlp\usr\servers\maximo-ui-server folder.
  4. Start the WebSphere Application Server Liberty servers. Refer to the server.xml files for the ports and the context paths that are defined to connect and access Maximo Asset Management from a browser.

What to do next

Refer to the WebSphere Application Server Liberty documentation for configuring the LDAP user registry for authenticating users. Modify the server.xml files to match the LDAP server configuration that is required for WebSphere Application Server Liberty. Make sure to apply the role to group mapping and use the default role name. By default, the deployment descriptor files reference maximouser as the role name.

Where applicable, you can configure Maximo Asset Management for application server security by modifying the deployment descriptor files that are located in the deployment/was-liberty-default/config-deployment/descriptorsfolder for each bundle, in addition to setting the Maximo property mxe.useAppServerSecurity setting to 1:

  • Uncomment the security-constraint sections in the web.xml files.
  • Ensure the useAppServerSecurity in the web.xml files is set to true.
  • Enable the webAppSessionFactoryClassName environment entry in the web.xml files.

Configuring JMS Queues

Refer to the WebSphere Application Server Liberty documentation for configuring JMS Queues. The WebSphere Application Server Liberty does not support a highly available native JMS Server and use of WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment or IBM® MQ is required. Make sure that queues are configured in the server.xml files correctly depending on the workload.

Contents of the deployment/was-liberty-default folder

The deployment/was-liberty-default folder contains subfolders of the configuration files and output from the command line tools. It is recommended that you can copy and save this folder using a different name, because its contents are overwritten each time a new fix pack or release is installed.

Table 2. Subfolders of the deployment/was-liberty-default folder

Subfolder name Description
config-servers Contains the default configuration files that are used by command line interface programs to copy the configurations into the deployment subfolder. Subfolders that represent the different servers and the type of configuration that is needed for each server.
config-deployment-descriptor Contains the default deployment descriptors that are used for creating the different bundles. These files are copies of similar files that are located in the applications\maximo folder, but the files are changed to ensure that the bundles that are created work correctly. The original files in the applications\maximo folder cannot be used to provide these different types of bundles. You can modify the contents of these files.
deployment Contains the output from running various command line tools. This folder has subfolders that are created for each server.

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