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QRadar: Case status and Duty Managers



How do QRadar cases typically work and what if I feel I need additional assistance or need to get support management involved?


Customers should review the case status before requesting additional assistance. Cases with a status of 'Waiting on Client' might not be able to proceed if new logs or an information request is required by IBM. If you are unsure how to proceed, you can update your case to request additional assistance. If the status is 'Waiting on IBM', then customers can contact the Duty Manager to get an update on your existing case.

QRadar Support 101 and how case status evolves. Users can get assistance from duty managers to elevate issues within the support organization.
Fig 1: A typical case cycle will fluctuate between IBM and the user as we investigate and attempt to determine root cause.

In the example above, as IBM requests information the status will be assigned to "Waiting on Customer". In most situations there is more changes in status as information is exchanged between support and the customer. The status may change while we review logs, work to investigate the issue, and schedule WebEx sessions. During this process, a customer has the right at any time to request additional assistance from QRadar Support Management. We refer to this process as requesting a "Duty Manager". The Duty Manager is a 24x7 on-call QRadar Support Manager who can assist with any issue you have. Duty Managers are resources intended to help resolve issues between customers and QRadar Support and can elevate your issue within the QRadar Support Team or reassign workload as required to assist on your case.

Common reasons that customers contact a duty manager:

  1. Your case is not moving forward appropriately.
  2. The situation has changed in your case or the issue has worsened.
  3. You have a business case that requires immediate attention. 
  4. You have an issue with your support representative.

To involve a Duty Manager in your case within the QRadar Support organization:

  1. Be certain to explain the business impact or your problem to the QRadar Support representative.
  2. Raise the Severity Level and include a comment on your existing case. and ensure you have a contact phone number if different than
    For example, "I am increasing the severity for my case and am requesting additional assistance. Please contact me with an update at 555-123-4567".
  3. If you continue to have issues or lack of response, you can contact a Duty Manager. To request a Duty Manager, call in to QRadar Support and inform the support representative, "I require a duty manager for case #TSxxxxxx. The duty manager can contact me at 555-123-4567."
    1. The Duty Manager will work with our technical staff to ensure your request is being handled appropriately.
    2. If your issue includes multiple cases, include the relevant information found in My Open Cases .
    3. Should your issue still be delayed. Contact the Duty Manager again.
  4. Optional. If you continue to have issues resolving your case, you can contact your IBM Client Team to provide assistance. The IBM Sales or Client Team can use internal IBM channels to ensure that your issue is resolved within the QRadar Support organization.


Phone numbers for IBM Support

QRadar users or administrators who need to request a duty manager can do so by calling in to an IBM Support line and requesting the "Duty Manager". Below you will find a list of technical support contact numbers for IBM Security Support.

  • United States & Canada: 1-800-426-7378
  • Mexico: 01-800-0032500
  • United Kingdom: 03705 500 900
  • France: 33 810 631 213
  • Germany: 0800 5 253553
  • Italy: 800-820-094
  • India: 1 800 425 6666
  • Brazil: 0800-728-7378
  • China: 8008101818-5200
  • Japan: 0120-34-0000
  • Russia: 7-800-200-6300
  • South Africa: 0860 700 777
  • Singapore: 1 800-3172-888 or 800-6012-02
  • U.A.E: 8004704
  • Find the IBM support phone number for your region:

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