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Breaking Changes introduced in MS SQL 2016, make this database incompatible with LMT/BFI lower than 9.2.13



Prior to release 9.2.13, using  MSSQL 2016 could lead to data corruption in LMT/BFI databases.

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Utilizing this database engine may cause serious data loss in BFI/ILMT which can significantly impact its licensing audit capabilities. This may eventually lead to difficulties in proving  sub-capacity licensing compliance.
Due to the above, in 9.2.13 we have modified the LMT/BFI database interaction to prevent such situations.

Resolving The Problem

Upgrade to version 9.2.13 to start using MS SQL 2016.

In case you were already using MS SQL 2016 on releases lower than 9.2.13,  we will not be able to recover the lost data, however starting from the day of the upgrade, your data will be correctly populated. To make sure that valid data is populated,  you must perform the following steps after you complete the upgrade (once Schema Update completes):

1. Log in to the BigFix console and select the Run Capacity Scan and Upload Results fixlet.

2. In the lower pane, click Take Action and select the second option - Click here to run a single capacity scan and force upload of results. This is a one-off action, which does neither require stopping of the already running  scans nor can be used instead of the regular capacity scans.

3. Open the Target tab and select all computers. Then, click OK.

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Modified date: 09 October 2018