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Central Processor Unit (CPU) Architectural Design Flaws

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IBM Security X-Force is aware of the CPU vulnerability disclosed by Google. In response to the disclosure of vulnerabilities, the IBM X-Force has raised the current internet threat level to AlertCon 2.


IBM has been made aware of the CPU vulnerability disclosed by Google and is working across the ecosystem on remediations. The most immediate action you can take to protect yourself is to prevent execution of unauthorized software on any system that handles sensitive data and to continue to monitor the PSIRT blog for continuous updates as they become available.

We have the industry's most extensive capabilities, expertise and technologies to mitigate vulnerabilities, from chips, to operating systems, encryption, databases and applications, to one of the world's largest commercial cybersecurity businesses, which monitors 35B events per day for clients, and the industry's preeminent Research team. All are available to help you manage this situation.

In response to the disclosure of vulnerabilities in CPU Architecture disclosed by Google’s Project Zero team, the IBM X-Force has raised the current internet threat level to AlertCon 2.

The vulnerabilities, CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5754, involve an architectural feature built into CPUs to enhance system performance.

An X-Force Exchange collection has been created to track this situation and additional information will be provided as X-Force continues to research these vulnerabilities. The current threat level will also continue to be evaluated and will be updated as the situation plays out.

You may use the dW Answers forum for any other questions related to this vulnerability. Post your question using the tag CPUVulnerability at

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