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TM1Web Fails to Start if JVM Max Heap Size is More Than 32 GB



Although the steps in this document are correct, it is NOT recommended to have a Java Heap set to larger than 24GB for Planning Analytics 2.0.5 and lower (which uses JRE 7).  As of Planning Analytics 2.0.6 and higher (JRE 8), the limit may be increased but not recommend to be set larger than 56GB.  The max Java Heap allowed while also maintaining -Xcompressedrefs is 24GB (2.0.5 and lower) or 56GB (2.0.6 and higher).

Disabling -Xcompressedrefs (by using -Xnocompressedrefs) results in additional memory consumption in the JVM.  It is instead recommended to have multiple JVMs (TM1 Web Tier installs), than to have one large JVM.

This document will remain online however, as it is possible a customer may encounter the scenario described within (unable to start the service) if unaware what increasing the JVM may do, Planning Analytics Local 2.0 uses WebSphere Liberty Profile to run TM1Web, pmpsvc, and the pmhub web applications. Previously, in TM1 10.2 and 10.2.2 Tomcat was used to run these same web applications. Using Tomcat the JVM maximum heap size could be set to 32 GB or higher with no additional configurations changed required.

With WebSphere Liberty Profile an additional change is required to allow the Java process to start with a larger heap size if it exceeds the Xcompressedrefs restriction above. If the additional configuration change is not made the Java process will fail to start and the TM1 Web applications will not be accessible. Cognos Configuration and the Windows services list will still show the IBM Cognos TM1 services as being started.


Edit the <Planning Analytics install>\bin64\bootstrap_wlp_tm1_winx64.xml (e.g C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\bin64\bootstrap_wlp_tm1_winx64.xml).

Find the following line:

<param condName1="${java_vendor}" condValue1="IBM" condName2="${java_version}" condValue2="1.6.0" condOp2="gteq">-Xcompressedrefs</param>

And update it as follows:

<param condName1="${java_vendor}" condValue1="IBM" condName2="${java_version}" condValue2="1.6.0" condOp2="gteq">-Xnocompressedrefs</param>

Restart the IBM Cognos TM1 service from either Cognos Configuration or the Windows services list.

Document information

More support for: IBM Planning Analytics Local

Component: Planning Analytics v2.0 - TM1 Application Web

Software version: 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 2008559

Modified date: 25 June 2019