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Configuring result set display fields shown when searching for a CQ record over the OSLC delegated UI



How does one configure the result set display fields when searching for a CQ record over the OSLC delegated UI?


Beginning in ClearQuest version and, the CQ Web client provides the administrator a way to configure which fields per record type are shown in the search result set of an OSLC selection dialog as default display columns.


  1. Open the file located in: "...\<cqwebprofile>\installedApps\dfltCell\TeamEAR.ear\cqweb.war\WEB-INF\classes"
    For example:
  2. Take a backup of the file, and then edit the property as follows:
  3. The form is a comma delimited list of cq.field values:
    cq.field:<record type name>/<field name>@<dbset>/<user db>
    Note: Invalid fields will be ignored. If no fields are provided, default fields "id or name, headline or summary or title" will be used.
    For example:,cq.field:Defect/Headline@9.0.0/SAMPL,cq.field:Customer/Name@9.0.0/SAMPL
  4. Stop the WAS Server.
  5. Clean the temp directory.
    Navigate to "...\<cqwebprofile>\temp"
    Delete all contents in the temp folder.
  6. Restart the WAS server
  7. Clear the browser cache where CQWeb is being used prior to using configuration changes.

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