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Accessing documents in IBM TRIRIGA product via Document Manager

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Can I access documents stored in the IBM TRIRIGA database via URL address?


Need to get some documents out of IBM TRIRIGA valid session.


See that IBM TRIRIGA Platform stores documents in BLOB fields. They are not available in Operating System's folder/directory structures.

For accessing these documents, you do need to log in to IBM TRIRIGA and have access to them via Document Manager application.

There is no direct URL you can use for going into the BLOB field, it is stored in a way it cannot be read for a regular Internet Browser, for instance.

You need to use Document Manager application for reading the documents stored on these BLOB fields. Some forms may have links to Document Manager areas for loading specific documents from BLOB fields.

If the company uses an ECM that supports CMIS, such as Documentum or IBM FileNet Content Manager, you can enable the CMIS in the TRIRIGA Application Platform so that files and folders can be managed by using the TRIRIGA Document Manager and then stored in the ECM. You enable CMIS by setting the CMIS properties in the file, either on the server or in the IBM TRIRIGA Administrator Console. You must restart the server for the changes to the file to take effect. After CMIS is enabled, the ECM administrator can proceed to configure the ECM settings as necessary.

Refer to the Document Manager application guide for more information.

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