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How to determine the version of Verse On-Premises being used



How can a user determine which version of IBM Verse On-Premises is being used when accessing their mail database in a browser?


To determine which version of the Verse On-Premises is being used, you can examine the "build-number" in Verse. The "build-number" tag is an identifier that is unique to each Verse On-Premises version.

To view the "build-number" number you should:

1) Open your Verse in your browser and right click on mouse to select the option: "Inspect"

2) Go to the "Console" tab and find the line that includes the word "Current Build".

3) Use the table below to determine which Verse On-Premise version are currently in use.

Build Verse On-premises version
12812-252 IF1
13853-325 1.0.1
14893-342 1.0.2
14893-344 1.0.2 IF1
15909-376 1.0.3
16368-410 1.0.4
16368-439 1.0.4 IF1
16838-458 1.0.5

*Note this is the same as 1.0.5 as the client code has not been updated*

1.0.5 IF1

17009-489 1.0.6
17394-506 1.0.7

This procedure was done using Chrome Browser, the menu option may change depending of the browser in use, in general you can also use the option to view page source and search for "build-number" information

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