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Remedial actions for Verse On-Premises after install of Domino 901FP8

Technote (troubleshooting)


Verse On-Premises will not load in a Web browser after Domino 9.0.1FP8 has been installed.


There are two separate issues that impact Verse On-Premises once Domino 901FP8 is installed.

Issue #1. The mail9.ntf provided with 901FP8 does not include the views required for Verse On-Premises. If the views required for Verse On-Premises are not reapplied prior to updating the server with the 901FP8 mail9.ntf. they will be removed when the Design task applies the 901FP8 template.

Issue #2.  The 901FP8 installer removes and recreates the data\osgi\shared folder on the Domino server.  The recreated version of the folder does not contain the files included with the Verse On-Premises unzip process.

Resolving the problem

Solution for Issue #1
The solution is to copy the five views from the VOPDesign.nsf database into the new 901FP8 mail9.ntf before the design. This process is described in step 15 of the following Help topic in the Verse On-Premises administrator documentation. (Note: The solution for issue 1 is also applicable if you have already installed 901FP8 and applied the design.)

Solution for Issue #2
The solution is to shut down the server and re-run the Verse On-Premises unzip process to put the needed files back in place. This process is described in steps 9 and 10 at the following link.

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