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Q&A about downloading Notes/Domino & Sametime files from Fix Central

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As of September 6, 2016, IBM has implemented hard entitlement validation on Fix Central for IBM Notes/Domino products. IBM Software Subscription and Support (S&S) will be validated through IBM ID association to IBM Customer Numbers. Starting March 13, 2017, this policy applies also to IBM Sametime products.


Q1. What is required to download Notes/Domino and Sametime files from Fix Central?

Q2. What Notes/Domino and Sametime products does this policy apply to?
    This policy applies to all Notes & Domino and Sametime products hosted on Fix Central, currently including, but not limited to, the following:
    • IBM Notes
    • IBM Domino
    • IBM iNotes
    • IBM Client Application Access
    • IBM Notes Browser Plug-in
    • Notes/Domino Java patches
    • IBM Sametime (Conference, Communicate, and Complete)

Q3. Does this policy apply only to certain versions of Notes/Domino and Sametime?
    No. This policy applies to all versions of Notes/Domino and Sametime postings on Fix Central.

Q4. Why is this policy being enforced at this time?
    As we prepare to shift to a new continuous delivery model, in which we will be providing new features as well as fixes going forward, we have chosen to enforce the policy that is stated in the License terms. For information on what's to come for Notes/Domino fixes and features, refer to the announcements in the following Social Business Spotlight Blog post, IBM Notes and Domino V9 Extends Support.

Q5. If I'm currently able to download files from Passport Advantage, does that mean I am also able to download from Fix Central? Is that the same entitlement?

    Your S&S subscription covers Fix Central and Passport Advantage access. However, to download from Fix Central, your IBM ID must be associated with your IBM Customer Number.

Q6. How do I link my IBM ID with my IBM Customer Number?

    1. Access IBM Service Request at:

    2. Click on "Sign in"

    3. Enter your IBM login ID and password

    If you do not have a login ID, click the "register now" link located just above the login box to create your login/password.

    4. Request access by entering your IBM customer number (ICN), selecting the country/region, your justification for accessing IBM Service Request, and clicking "Submit"

    5. Click the "Send verification email" button. This action will send you an email with a registration code.

    6. Enter the registration code that was sent to you via email into the Registration code field, and click "Submit."

Q7. How do I find out what my IBM Customer Number is?

    Contact your Site Technical Contact to obtain your organization's ICN. If you do not know who your Site Technical Contact is, contact the IBM eCustomer Care Team. When contacting this team, please include your full name, contact information and your company name in your request. For more information on Site Technical Contacts, click here.

Q8. What will happen if I attempt to download a Notes/Domino or Sametime file but I don't have the necessary entitlement?

    The download attempt will fail and the following highlighted messages will appear:

Q9. If I currently do not have active S&S, will I be able to download fixes for versions of Notes/Domino or Sametime that I purchased while my S&S was active?
    No. You must have active S&S to download Notes/Domino postings from Fix Central regardless of when you purchased the software.

Q10. Is this entitlement process new for IBM and Fix Central?
    No. IBM's policy has always been that we will provide fixes and downloads only where entitled under the applicable software warranty, IBM Software maintenance or Software Subscription and Support (S&S) agreement as stated on Fix Central. At this time we have chosen to fully enforce that rule by validating entitlement prior to allowing the download of Notes/Domino and Sametime postings on Fix Central.

Q11. Can IBM employees download Notes/Domino and Sametime entitled fixes through Fix Central?
    Yes. To do so, you must log in with your IBM intranet ID and password at the following link:
    Note: The above link can also be found in the "IBM Employee Access to Entitled Fixes in Fix Central" section of the Fix Central Site Assistance/Help topics page.

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