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The 'Open Gantt in New Window' button has no function in the new Gantt scheduler

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When you select the Open Gantt in New Window button in a Gantt chart, the error "Feature is not currently available. Contact your application administrator" occurs.


Starting in IBM® TRIRIGA® Application Platform 3.5.1, the Java applet based Gantt scheduler is replaced with a new Gantt scheduler, a JavaScript based DHTML component. Most current browsers no longer support Java. For more information, see Java Applet Support on the IBM TRIRIGA wiki.

The Open Gantt in New Window button was supported with the legacy Java applet based Gantt scheduler in IBM® TRIRIGA® Application Platform versions before 3.5.1. The button is not supported with the JavaScript based DHTML Gantt scheduler.

Resolving the problem

Similar to functionality that the Open Gantt in New Window button provided in the legacy Gantt scheduler, your application administrator can create a tab in the project form that displays only the Gantt scheduler.

1. Navigate to the form for the record type that you want to modify under Tools > Form Builder. Select the module, then select the form, and click Revise. For example, to add a tab for Capital projects, select triProject for the module and select triCapitalProject for the form.
2. Select the tab that contains a Gantt section. For example, the Gantt section in the Capital Project form is on the Schedule tab, so select the triSchedule tab.
3. Select the Copy Tab action.
4. Enter a name for the new tab, such as ‘GanttOnly’ and click Apply. No changes are needed for the Target Business Object or Target Form.
5. After clicking Apply, you might need to refresh the form by clicking the name of the form in the Navigation panel.
6. Expand the new tab in the Navigation panel. Select each section that you do not want to display in the new tab and delete them one at a time by using the Delete action.
7. Adjust the height of the Gantt section by selecting the section and editing the Height parameter.
8. Click Apply, then click Publish.

For more information about the JavaScript based DHTML component Gantt scheduler, see Gantt Scheduler on the TRIRIGA wiki.

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