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Some iNotes operations fail to work in Firefox browsers after upgrading to Firefox 45.0

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After updating Firefox to version 45.0, certain operations in iNotes may fail to work as expected and the following error may be returned: "A problem has occurred which may have caused the current operation to fail."


As a result of the jar: protocol preference being disabled by default starting in Firefox 45.0 (per this Mozilla article), some iNotes mail and calendar functionality fail to function correctly in Firefox 45.0. This includes creating and sending calendar invitations, and composing, replying to, and forwarding mail messages. This issue is tracked as SPR# KMOAA6LDVX (APAR# LO88282) and is addressed in 9.0.1 Fix Pack 6

Workaround #1
Set iNotes_WA_FirefoxSignedScript=0 in notes.ini on the Domino server.

The jar: protocol was being used to load signed scripts which were used in several features in iNotes. The notes.ini setting above was introduced in iNotes 8.5.3 to disable the usage of signed script manually. Starting from iNotes 9.0 iNotes can automatically disable signed script usage if it is no longer available, but loading of signed script has been remaining. The notes.ini setting completely shuts down signed script usage and avoids the issue.

Step 1. Add iNotes_WA_FirefoxSignedScript=0 in notes.ini on the Domino server.

Step 2. Restart the HTTP task on the Domino server using the console command "restart task http"

Workaround #2

Disable the jar: protocol in the Firefox browser configuration.

Step 1. Type about: config in the Firefox address bar to access Advance settings. Read the warning presented, and then click the "I'll be careful, I promise" prompt to accept and proceed.

Step 2. Scroll down to (or search for) network.jar.block-remote-files and double-click to toggle its value from true to false (or, right-click on it and select Toggle)

Additional Information
In addition to the error mentioned above, the message "NS_ERROR_UNSAFE_CONTENT_TYPE:" appears on the iNotes console.

Related information

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More support for: IBM iNotes

Software version: 9.0.1

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Modified date: 13 May 2016