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IBM Tivoli Prerequisite Scanner (PRS) for Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition 4.2

Technote (troubleshooting)


Instructions on how to run the Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition 4.2 configuration file for IBM Prerequisite Scanner.

Resolving the problem

You must check system prerequisites before attempting to install Network Manager or related products. You can perform a preliminary check of the hardware and software on the server where you want to install Network Manager or related products, before downloading and installing the products, using the IBM Prerequisite Scanner (PRS). The IBM Prerequisite Scanner is a separate piece of software that performs this check. Performing this initial check allows you to upgrade hardware or configure the operating system before attempting to install the products.
Customized configuration files for Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition 4.2 check that hosts meet the following requirements:

  • Supported operating system
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disk space
  • OS libraries

To perform an automated check of system prerequisites, complete the following steps:
  1. Download the version of IBM Prerequisite Scanner Version for your platform from
  2. Extract the IBM prerequisite scanner to a preferred location, ex:/prereq dir, on each target system where you intend to install the product or component.
  3. Before running the IBM prerequisite scanner, you might need to set environment variables to indicate the components or features that are being installed on the target computer, and consequently, which prerequisites to check.
    • For the Network Manager GUI component, set the value for tnmGUI=True on the target system
    • For the Network Manager CORE component, set the value for tnmCORE=True on the target system
    • For a single server installation, set the value for both tnmGUI and tnmCORE to True.
  4. Run the IBM Prerequisite Scanner using the instructions in the Readme file. Use the Product_Code "TNM" and the Product_Version "04200000" For example:
      ./ "TNM 04200000" details outputDir="/tmp/ips"
    The results of the system prerequisites check are displayed, indicating whether the current server is suitable for installing your choice of components.

    Document information

    More support for: Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition

    Software version: 4.2

    Operating system(s): AIX, Linux

    Reference #: 1970155

    Modified date: 02 February 2016