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When running queries against records within the application, expected record results are not displayed. Why do queries that could be expected to display data show nothing at all?


Within the application, we have a variety of different settings that can restrict a users access to record data. The users Security group can restrict access to records at the module and business object level, but this use case is slightly different.
Within every user facing record, on the System tab, there are fields for System Organization, System Location and System Geography. These values operate in conjunction with similar fields on the Security Group and the User's People record to allow/restrict access to records.

The key is that as soon as the user is given a defined Organization, Location, and Geography, the fields on the System tab of their People record are populated. Once that happens, each record they create will be seeded with that information as well. So far all well and good, but those users who lack similar settings are now unable to see those newly created records, unless their System fields are the same as or located at a higher point in the hierarchy.

Another area to consider is the Security Group settings for Organization and Geography. If a user has no values set on their people record, the application can still restrict access by using the Security group values. This can cause a problem as the Organization and Geography Security is defaulted to null in the as-shipped application. This essentially gives the security code no starting point for determining access and will not display records.

To recap, if the record data does not align with the data in the users People record, or the data in the users security group, the record will not be displayed.


There are a couple of things to look for. As an Admin user, compare the users record data with record that should be displayed, and correct any misaligned data.. Also, in the Security Group. set Organization and Geography to the root of each hierarchy by default. For additional details, please review the associated linked URL.

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