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How to determine network latency between IBM Traveler and Domino Mail Servers

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How to determine network latency between IBM Traveler and Domino Mail Servers in the event of slow synchronization issues.

Resolving the problem

The bandwidth and speed of the network connection between the IBM Traveler server and the back-end Domino mail servers impacts the response time of synchronization with mobile devices. It is recommended that back-end mail servers be co-located with the IBM Traveler server or be accessible through a high bandwidth connection. Often this means providing IBM Traveler servers in each geography around the world where you have also positioned clusters of mail servers. In general, ping response times of 50 m/s or greater between IBM Traveler and a mail server will result in significant throughput delays with sync. Having a large number of users on a slow mail server can impact the performance of other users on the server as threads spend most of their time waiting on high-latency requests with the mail servers.
For additional information, please see the Capacity Planning Guidelines:

Starting with Traveler, additional network response times to the Mail Servers have been added to the SystemDump.

To check,

1.) Generate latest systemdump from the Traveler server.

tell traveler systemdump

2.) Open the systemdump and search for "##Mail Server". This will provide a list of mail servers connected to Traveler with their status, pingTimes and last update.

########## Mail Servers (Tue Jun 02 09:33:13 EDT 2015) ##########
-- MailServers --
Record Count (Tue Jun 02 09:33:13 EDT 2015): 3
ServerName=CN=MailServer01/O=IBM/C=US, Status=49de, pingTime=56878 mSec, LoadIndex=100, lastUpdated=2015-06-02 09:31:06.485
ServerName=CN=MailServer02/O=IBM/C=US, Status=0, pingTime=55 mSec, LoadIndex=19, lastUpdated=2015-06-02 09:31:06.392
ServerName=CN=MailServer03/O=IBM/C=US, Status=0, pingTime=0 mSec, LoadIndex=0, lastUpdated=2015-06-02 09:32:49.825

3.) Check the value of the pingTime (in milliseconds) and when it was last updated.

4.) If the value of pingTime is greater than 50ms, then this is an indication of network latency. Contact your resident Network Administrator to assist in the resolution of the network.

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