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How do I enable multi-party audio/video for Connections Meetings Cloud users?

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On June 30th, 2015, a new capability, multi-party audio/video (A/V), became available in Connections Meetings Cloud. What is the process to enable users in my organization for multi-party A/V in Meetings?


IBM is delighted to announce the availability of multi-party audio/video capabilities in Connections Meetings. IBM is providing tools for administrators to selectively choose which subscribers have access to these capabilities. You can use policies to control which users have access to audio and video features. When enabling A/V for users in your organization, consider performance implications for your network.
By default, audio and video services are disabled in Meetings. A best practice is to begin with a group of pilot users.

Follow the process below to selectively enable users in your organization for A/V in Connections Meetings:

1) Set up to use the Integration Server
If you are not already enabled on the integration server, you will need to request enablement which may take a few days.

2) Prepare a .csv to upload to the integration server
Policy assignments change files must be properly named to be recognized and processed. Use the following naming convention when you create a policy assignments change file: customerId_ department_ST_ seqNum.csv
Your .csv file will have 3 columns with column headers: emailAddress, action, policies
(For more information refer to Creating policy assignments change files)

For selective enablement of A/V, an entry will need to be created for each user. You will modify the 3rd column (policies) for each user.

                  For the A/V service, use one of the following policies:
                  A/V Policy (policy identifiers are not case-sensitive)
                  Audio/video is disabled for meetings.
                  Audio/video is enabled for meetings.
                  Only audio is enabled for meetings.
Sample: This file sets the parameters for the users that you specify. All other users will maintain the policy that is already set for them.


3) Upload the .csv file to the Integration server

After uploading the .csv file, A/V policy assignments may take up to 24 hours, but can occur sooner. To determine its availability, a moderator with A/V enabled should log in, host a meeting and check the functionality -- look for a blue phone icon in the Meetings banner. The blue phone may take 30-60 seconds to appear the first time the plug-in initializes. 

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