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Administration agent may not collect prior data if the license log redirected prior to agent installation.

Technote (troubleshooting)


After installing the IBM Rational License Key Server (RLKS) Administration and Reporting Tool (ART) Agent on an RLKS host, the agent does not collect license usage from the time period prior to the agent installation.


The log file for the main license server process (lmgrd.log) does not currently record that the log was redirected, either through an options file or an lmswitch command.

Diagnosing the problem

  1. Check the ibmratl.opt file for a DEBUGLOG line. This file is generally located in the same directory as the license file. The default location is:
    • (Microsoft Windows) C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\IBM\RationalRLKS\common
    • (Unix) /opt/IBM/RationalRLKS/config

  2. Search the lmgrd log file for "(ibmratl) Logfile switching " this should point to the log file mentioned in step #1. There may be multiple "logfile switching" lines if the log file has been redirected multiple times.

If there is no "logfile switching" entry, the agent, which starts by processing the lmgrd log, will not be able to follow and look at the custom log file.

Resolving the problem

To have the agent collect the prior data, follow the below steps:

  1. In the ART web interface, perform a Remove reporting action for the server.

  2. Stop the agent.
    • (Unix) As root, run the agent shutdown script at


    • (Windows) If the agent is running as a service, run the following command:

      net stop "IBM RLKS Administration Agent"

    • (Windows) If the agent is not running as a service, run the shutdown script at
      C:\Program Files\IBM\RCL\RLKSAdminAgent\stopRCLAgent.bat

  3. Remove .ttl and .rdf from the agent install directory. The default location is:
    • (Windows) C:\Program Files\IBM\RCL\RLKSAdminAgent\servers\rclagent\apps\rclagent_resources

    • (Unix) /opt/IBM/RCL/RLKSAdminAgent/servers/rclagent/apps/rclagent_resources

  4. Remove any *.ser files from the agent resource backup directory. The default location is:
    • (Windows) C:\Program Files\IBM\RCL\RLKSAdminAgent\servers\rclagent\apps\rclagent_resources\backup

    • (Unix) /opt/IBM/RCL/RLKSAdminAgent/servers/rclagent/apps/rclagent_resources\backup

  5. Edit the lmgrd.log.backup file with a text editor and add a line in the format:

    hh:mm:ss (ibmratl) Logfile switching to _{log file path from options file}_

    to an appropriate location within the log file by comparing TIMESTAMP lines from both files.

    Note: This line must be positioned in such a way that the date and time stamp of the "... Logfile Switching ..." line should appear to have been logged before the first line in the log file pointed to by the options file.

  6. Start the agent:

    • (Unix) As root, run the agent startup script at


    • (Windows) If the agent is running as a service, run the following command:

      net start "IBM RLKS Administration Agent"

    • (Windows) If the agent is not running as a service, run the startup script at

      C:\Program Files\IBM\RCL\RLKSAdminAgent\startRCLAgent.bat

  7. In the ART web interface, start reporting on the server.

  8. Verify that data collection is running by verifying that ttl and rdf files are being collected again in the rclagent_resources directory.

  9. After approximately 1 to 2 hours, the ART console should have the data collected.

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Software version: 8.1.4,,,,,

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1695352

Modified date: 05 February 2015