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Cannot complete a command line RIT-Agent installation on AIX

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to install IBM Rational Integration Tester Agent (RIT-Agent) using imcl on AIX fail.


You are using the IBM Installation Manager (IM) imcl program to install RIT-Agent without a GUI.

You have installed IM and downloaded and extracted the necessary RIT-Agent package.

When you proceed through the text menus past configuring the languages, you get stuck at the following point:

=====> IBM Installation Manager> Install> Licenses> Shared Directory>
Location> Translations> Features

IBM Rational Integration Tester Agent
1. [ ] service.install.feature

B. Back, C. Cancel
-----> [C]

You are unable to enter option 1.


This is caused by a defect and will be corrected in a future release.

Resolving the problem

You can install RIT-Agent successfully by not requiring any user input.

You can also install a fix release in a single operation. For this you need to download the main version and the fix version.
In the following example RIT-Agent version is installed.

Pass the necessary parameters to the imcl program as follows:

  1. Download and extract the packages such as RIT-Agent 8.6.0 and

  2. Navigate to the IM tools folder. Typically this is /opt/IBM/IM/eclipse/tools.

  3. Use the IM imcl command to verify that you have your installation packages extracted correctly.

    ./imcl listAvailablePackages -repositories /tmp/RITA_SETUP86/disk1/diskTag.inf,/tmp/8603/RITA_SETUP/disk1/diskTag.inf

    The packages and versions are listed.

    Note that the main installation and fix packages will look the same apart from timestamps.

  4. Decide on the parameters to use for the installation such as the RTCP URL and the license option This is set as follows:

    Rational Test Virtualization Server (PVU mode) - rtvs
    Rational Performance Test Server (PVU mode) - rpts
    Rational Test Virtualization Server (Agent mode) - rtvs_agent
    Rational Performance Test Server (Agent mode) - rpts_agent
    Probes only - probes

  5. Perform the installation. Here is an example

    ./imcl install -repositories /tmp/RITA_SETUP86/disk1/diskTag.inf,/tmp/8603/RITA_SETUP/disk1/diskTag.inf -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/RIT-Agent -acceptLicense -showVerboseProgress -properties user.licenseOption,,,user.RTCP_url=http://localhost:7819/RTCP

  6. Verify the installation.

    ./imcl listInstalledPackages

See also Command-line arguments for the imcl command in the IBM Installation Manager Knowledge Center.

Document information

More support for: Rational Test Virtualization Server

Software version: 8.5, 8.6

Operating system(s): AIX

Reference #: 1694105

Modified date: 17 February 2015