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Details needed for a PureData Systems for Analytics Upgrade Request

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What environment details do I need to add in an upgrade request?


Need to upgrade current PureData Systems for Analytics environment


A PMR is needed per system per upgrade request, please open additional PMRs if multiple systems need to be upgraded and provide below information. In order to move forward with an upgrade we need the current versions of RHEL, NPS, FDT and HPF installed along with additional details. An additional PMR needs to be created if RHEL needs to be upgraded. This information can be obtained by running the following commands:

HPF version:
cat /nzlocal/scripts/version.txt

FDT version : (Use one of the following commands depending on version)
head -2 /opt/nz/fdt/version.txt
head -2 /opt/Netezza/FW/PSeries/version.txt
head -2 /opt/Netezza/FW/SSeries/version.txt

RedHat (RHEL) version:
lsb_release -i -r

As nz user:
NPS version: nzrev
Current System Stats: nzstats

As root user:
uname -n
dmidecode -t 1
cat /nz/data/config/callHome.txt

Also please confirm the address of the server to send the IBM technician to be on-site for the duration of the FDT upgrade. We need to provide on-site specialists a notice of at least 5 business days for systems in the United States/Canada and at least 10 business days for systems outside of the United States/Canada.

Please keep in mind we are available from 9pm to 5pm EDT for upgrade activity however there are a few restrictions for tentative schedules:
For scheduling a full upgrade for a weekday please provide desired date, start time including time zone and details above at least with a 2 week notice. For scheduling on the weekends please provide at least 4 to 8 weeks notice. For NPS only upgrades please provide at least 48 hours notice for a tentative schedule. We usually accept upgrades during two shifts, 8am to 5pm EDT and 9pm to 7am EDT.

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Modified date: 06 October 2016