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Some iNotes operations fail to work correctly in Chrome browsers upgraded to Chrome version 37

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Starting with Google Chrome version 37, support of the showModalDialog API is deprecated. Loss of this API negatively impacts IBM iNotes users.


The showModalDialog API offers a way to open a separate browser window, which displays a web-based dialog and prevents the user from interacting with the main page until that Web page within the dialog is completed or cancelled. As a result of showModalDialog being deprecated starting with Chrome 37, key pieces of IBM iNotes functionality, including those listed below, fail to function correctly:

      • Create/Edit Mail rule
      • Contacts Form and the Print action
      • Calendar view and results window displayed when using the "Import Holidays" action (off the "More" menu)
      • Preferences (Select default folder, Preferred rooms/resources site, Change HTTP password error, Security/Show ID info)
      • Validation of entered names/address from certain input forms where "Ambiguous Name", "Name not found" and "Certificate error" dialog might occur (Preferences, To Do, Group Calendar, Group, Phone Message)
Resolving the issue
iNotes Development is updating iNotes to remove all dependency of the showModalDialog API. These enhancements are tracked under the following SPRs, all of which currently are addressed starting with iNotes versions 9.0.1 Fix Pack 3 ( release notes) and planned for 9.0.2. See the following sections for two other possible interim workarounds.

      • SPR# MLAT9MZ4R6 - Chrome 37 (showModalDialog removal) - Group 1
      • SPR# MLAT9NF8T2 - Chrome 37 (showModalDialog removal) - Group 2
      • SPR# KMOA9M4AM3 - Chrome 37 - Eliminate usage of window.showModalDialog - Groups 3 & 6
      • SPR# JFOR9NVNCD - Chrome37 - Calendar dialog after SSL redirect and STLinks dialogs- Group 4
      • SPR# KMOA9NKKY2 - Chrome 37 (showModalDialog removal) - Group 5

Workaround #1 - Temporarily re-enable the API in Chrome via group policy
In the short term, Chrome is offering a mechanism which will revert to the prior behavior and provide this API until May 1, 2015 (for details, see EnableDeprecatedWebPlatformFeatures)
Workaround #2 - Redirect Chrome users to iNotes Ultra-light mode
As an alternate workaround, if you are using the iNotes Redirection database, you can force all Web users reporting Google Chrome as their browser user agent to be redirected to iNotes Ultra-light mode. While a much smaller feature set than iNotes Full mode, iNotes Ultra-light mode, being largely basic HTML, eliminates most of the JavaScript issues users would otherwise see.

    NOTE: For a comparison of features between the two modes, see technote 7040248 - Comparison tables of features between IBM Notes, IBM iNotes & IBM SmartCloud Notes web

    In the iNotes Redirection database (iwaredir.ntf), click the Ultra-light/ Mobile Settings button.

    2. Edit the document to add "chrome" to the list of Mobile Device User Agent Keywords
    3. Save and close the database
    4. Restart Domino HTTP by issuing restart task http

    5. Now when a Chrome user accesses the iNotes Redirection database, instead of Full mode they will be redirected instead to Ultra-light mode.

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