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How to submit enhancement requests for IBM Security products

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How do you submit Request for Enhancement (RFE) for the IBM Security products in IBM Security Systems RFE Community ?


You can submit Request for Enhancement (RFE) for IBM Security products, such as for the AppScan products, via IBM Security Systems RFE Community.

How to create an RFE

Note: Use the RFE Community for submitting enhancement requests (RFE) for the IBM products, when it is clear the product is working as designed but additional functionality is desired. Do not use it for troubleshooting product issues or submitting defects.

  1. On the Security Systems RFE Community page, click Submit.

  2. If you are not logged into developerWorks, the Sign in window will be shown. Login with your IBM ID and password. If you do not have IBM ID, click Need an IBM ID? and follow the instruction to register.

    User name shown in Community is Display Name you specify in your developerWorks profile (it is not your First or Last Name). Is it recommended to avoid using personal information such as e-mail address in Display Name.

  3. Fill in the necessary information on the Submit a request for enhancement (RFE) page.

    Your Display Name
    Your company name (The contents of the field will not been shown outside of IBM)
    Headline: Title of the request
    Submitter's ranking of priority: Your priority for this request (You will find definition of each priority by clicking Priority definitions) 
    Product: Product name of the target product
    Component: Component name of the target product
    Operating system: Type of Operating System that your product is installed.
    PMR ID: The PMR number that you have raised to IBM support, and relevant to this request.

    Note: The Visibility for newly created Security RFEs will be set to Private by default. It means only the owner can see them.

    Description of the request
    Use Case: Use Case of the request
    Business justification: The effect for your business, which caused by the fact that the feature is not currently available. Demonstrate why IBM should implement this request. It is more effective to include actual man-hour, the numbers of user affected by the lack of feature (the contents of the field will not been shown outside of IBM).

    Attachments: You can upload attachment file by clicking Attach a new file

  4. Once completed, click Submit to send the form.

    The system will issue RFE ID for you.
    RFE submitted from RFE Community will be reviewed by product management. Status will be updated after the review.

How to view and edit the submitted RFE

You can view the submitted RFE by clicking My stuff, then My request.

How to search for an existing RFE

With Advanced search (click on the Search tab), you can search within all the RFE records by attributes, RFE ID, RATLC number or your own query previously saved ( My Searches). If you find the record of the same enhancement request for the same product, simply Vote ( Request actions > vote) and it will put more weight on the RFE.

Benefits of the RFE Community
  • Avoids the need to open a support ticket (PMR) with Technical Support for a simple enhancement request.
  • Avoids the need to call Technical Support to determine the status of a given RFE.
  • Comment on and provide workarounds for RFEs created by other clients - as well as see comments provided by other clients.

RFE Status

You can find the description of each RFE Status at RFE Community Definitions.

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Cross reference information
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Security IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On
Security IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile
Security IBM Security Access Manager for Web
Security IBM Security Directory Integrator
Security IBM Security Directory Server
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Security IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence
Security IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration
Security IBM Security Identity Manager
Security IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager
Security IBM Security Network Active Bypass
Security IBM Security Network Controller
Security IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System
Security IBM Security Network Protection
Security IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager
Security IBM Security QRadar SIEM
Security IBM Security SiteProtector System
Security IBM Security zSecure Admin
Security IBM Security zSecure Alert
Security IBM Security zSecure Audit
Security IBM Security Guardium
Security IBM BigFix family
Security IBM BigFix Inventory
Security IBM BigFix Lifecycle
Security IBM BigFix Patch
Security IBM BigFix Platform
Security IBM License Metric Tool

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Modified date: 30 September 2016